A Greece Startup Helping Syrian Refugees Earn Livelihood is Now Accepting Bitcoin

NotAFactory is a Greece-based brand new startup that makes t-shirts. But you would be dead wrong if you take it for just another online t-shirt shop.

NotAFactory is, by design, an empowering platform for refugees from war-torn Syria who took shelter in Greece but have been forced to live in, let’s say, less-than-ideal conditions of refugee camps since. Because these refugees haven’t been given permanent Greek residency yet (and also because the refugee camps are usually far away from cities and towns), the vast majority of the people living there do not have any employment.

It’s founder Maarten Hunink has announced that the company is beginning to accept Bitcoin payments for its forthcoming batches of t-shirts. He released a video announcement on April 1, 2018, confirming that the company paid heed to the suggestions coming from the community to add Bitcoin to the list of payment options.

A Noble Endeavor that Hasn’t Gone Unnoticed

Although the government gives them food, living space, and €120 per month in allowance, that’s far from being the ideal solution that all parties involved are currently looking for. And that’s precisely where NotAFactory is currently trying to make a change.

The startup, which still has some difficulties to navigate before being fully operational, aims to provide livelihood and a sense of belonging to the less fortunate people who had to flee their home country in search of a safe and better life.

The company is calling its supporters from around the world to help it raise €34,000, of which nearly 61.3 percent has already been raised with two more months to go till the campaign wraps up.

How Bitcoin Will Make a Difference

Hunink’s push to make NotAFactory cosy with cryptocurrencies fits the prevailing trend of more and more businesses embracing the idea of accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other forms of crypto as payment. Among other perks, the decision is likely to help the company adjust better in the fast-moving e-commerce industry.

Bitcoin payments will also be helpful for overseas customers who can directly send money to NotAFactory independently without having to worry about any additional charges or complications typically associated with international transactions. Apart from the high fees levied on credit and debit card transactions, there is also the risk of fraudulent cards, which can cost the recipient in bank charges when the money is returned.

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