While Adults Struggle to Understand Crypto, 11-year-old Middle-schooler Writes Book on Bitcoin

Andrew Courey an 11-year-old Middle-schooler from Massachusetts has written a book on bitcoin. The sixth grader wrote a 57-page book on the popular cryptocurrency titled “Early Bird Gets the Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide to Everything about Bitcoin”. The book was self-published on the Amazon Kindle platform in January 2018.

The book is the result of an extensive research carried out by Andrew over the course of 3 months with the help of parents. The e-Book costs $2.99 on Amazon. The paper copy of the book has also been released as well and it sells for $9.99.

Andrew is a bit of a tech-enthusiast who enjoys math and likes to tinker with mobile apps. He came across bitcoin was not initially interested in it as a viable investment vehicle. He did, however, purchase about $23 worth of bitcoin around the Christmas period of 2017.

He also owns some ether but has expressed a desire to invest in more traditional asset classes like Amazon shares. However, at the prompting of his father, Jeff Courey, Andrew decided to write a book about bitcoin.

Jeff, aware of his son’s desire to earn some considerable passive income told him that selling a book that contained easy to understand information about bitcoin was a good idea.

Details About the Book

The book is 57-pages long and contains chapters about a number of core bitcoin and blockchain concepts. Some of these core concepts include the history of bitcoin, information about wallets, ICOs, mining, and even a portion dedicated to the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Andrew relied on the bulk of the knowledge he had acquired from watching YouTube videos about bitcoin experts as well as stories he had read on the web about early bitcoin adopters who had made a lot of money.

All of this influenced the title of the book which alludes to how early bitcoin adopters had made a fortune from the cryptocurrency.

Throughout the book, Andrew tried to simplify many of the sometimes complex and confusing concepts that abound in the cryptocurrency space. He also tried to explain many of these concepts using real-world analogies that would make them easier for people to understand.

Writing in the book, he explains the concept of a Distributed Ledger as being akin to Google document file that is shared with many people and a bitcoin wallet as being like a mailbox where the mailman has a public key but only the owner of the box can access the emails using his/her private key.

At the end of each chapter, Andrew provides a bit of trivia information related to the chapter. For example, at the end of the bitcoin mining chapter, he included the fact that the current amount of electricity used up during bitcoin mining is more than that of about 159 countries.

A Budding Investment Mogul

Andrew has big plans, he wants to make up to $20 million by the time he turns 14 so that he can drop out of school. This is part of an arrangement he has with his parents. He spent the better part of 2017 examining various investment opportunities.

His father, Jeff, has been investing in stocks for about 16 years. Andrew is currently trying to develop a mobile app for math flashcards which he hopes than fetch him his $20 million targets.

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