A Complete Avalon6 Bitcoin Miner Review

While there’s no doubt that Bitmain rules the cryptocurrency mining space both as a mining pool and manufacturer of ASIC mining equipment, there are other players in the field who also strive to achieve the same level of success with their cutting-edge solutions.

One such name is Avalon, which was a project started by Bitcoin community members Yifu Guo and Zhang Nan Geng, who came together through popular community forum BitcoinTalk and initiated the Avalon organization which was intended to push for technological advances for Bitcoin.

Starting in 2012, Avalon went on to launch a few of its ASIC powered Bitcoin miners before Yifu left the project, leaving its reins on the hands of Zhang, who founded Canaan and started managing Avalon through the platform.

Since then, Avalon has grown to be one of the most popular Bitcoin miner manufacturers in China. Zhang has expanded the company to hold more than 100 engineers on its front who keep pushing the envelope to strive for new products that could meet the standards set by the increasing requirements of the Bitcoin network.

So far, Canaan has launched over a dozen miners under the Avalon brand name, out of which we are going to review Avalon6 from Block C, which is popular within the cryptocurrency community due to its affordability and overall efficiency in its offered price point.

Avalon6 Review: Does Avalon6 Work Well for its Users?

At the current price of $299, Avalon6 brings an SHA-256 mining package that is suitable in its pricing.

Packing a hash rate of 3.5 TH/s, Avalon6 is meant to be used in sets of multiple units if users are to derive any beneficial results from utilizing the miner at all, because while it can run at 1100 Watts of power consumption, it is recommended that it is operated on a power supply unit (PSU) of more than 1200 Watts for maximum efficiency.

With that being said, a platinum-rated PSU will have Avalon6 consume only 1050 Watts of power – which will lead to slightly lower power consumption and in turn, electricity bills.

The unit boasts of housing 80 of Avalon’s 18nm A3218 ASIC chips, and has a processor of 500 MHz that allows it to leverage the efficiency that all those chips have to offer for a smooth experience of Bitcoin mining.

Avalon6 Review: Quiet But Bulky

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While this allows for a quieter operation even if you have multiple Avalon6 installed on a mining rig, you need a more sturdy space than you usually would. Expect to prepare a bit more while housing a miner at this price point as the Avalon6 actually weighs more than 10 pounds.

Therefore, if you are going to house about 3 or 4 Avalon6 rigs at the same time, then you will need more than a plain desk to hold it all up.

Avalon6 Review: Built in Frequency Control

The Avalon6 comes with built-in frequency control, which means that users are able to adjust the frequency on which the unit gets to run. Since the preset frequency is 500 MHz, users can adjust it according to their performance requirements.

If they have multiple units for a rig, then they can use the same function for them and it would allow for an optimal balance between productivity and sustainability if the user gets to strike a clear balance between the two aspects

Avalon6 Review: What About the Temperature?

The ambient temperature for the Avalon6 has been said to be reported as being around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. As per industry standards, it has a built-in fan that helps maintain the temperature quite adeptly, but users are still advised to keep an eye on the unit while using it so that they do not run into any problems with overheating.

How to Set Up Avalon6?

Since the equipment would be used by advanced users of computers, it is not as much of a hassle that it seems to be through the defined process.

The Avalon6 can be set up by using a Raspberry Pi system or a TP-Link TL-WR703N, which are used as the unit’s controller. By using DHCP, the unit searches for IP addresses and then it is just a matter of following the steps to installation. This makes Avalon6 a breeze to use, especially if you are to utilize multiple units at once.

Avalon6 Review: Is Avalon Worth It?

Once again, with Avalon, what you are paying is what you are getting as a result. Since the unit is less than half a price of more popular and efficient miners such as the Antminer S9, it does not get to reach the same heights as its competitors.

What the Avalon6 does achieve is an efficient mix of performance, but that is only when you consider its current price point. With that being said, even if you get multiple units installed on your rig, with Bitcoin’s current price fluctuating around $6,500, it does not seem to be making a profit for its users at all.

To determine Avalon6’s performance, we used a Bitcoin mining calculator with the average U.S. electricity pricing. Pricing can be low or high depending upon the region in which you live, but the Bitcoin calculator does give you an idea of what could you expect from the product while using it firsthand to ensure that you get optimal return-on-investment (ROI) while using a Bitcoin mining solution.

As outlined above, at the current Bitcoin pricing, the unit is not even letting its owners break even and we have not even included a pool fee percentage into the mix yet.

As of this moment, Avalon6 remains as a good option to be used in combination with multiple mining units, but as a single unit to mine Bitcoin, its hash rate leaves a lot to be desired.

Once again, while this is all about the notion of “you get what you pay for”, unfortunately, what you are paying is not enough in any means, so it’s better to save up and invest the same money in another pricier unit but which comes with a higher hash rate.

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