Bitcoin, Fintech and Blockchain Events (2018)

Bitcoin has become quite the hot topic and has left many people yearning to learn more and be involved. If you are one of those people with a desire to fully explore the cryptocurrency world, then it’s high time you delve into the community. 

We have compiled a complete and accurate list of all the bitcoin cryptocurrency and blockchain events happening around the world in 2018. There truly is something for everyone no matter your experience, interest, or even your physical location.

Table of Contents

  1. Crypto Finance Conference USA 18 – January
  2. Blockchain Summit Crypto Valley  – April
  3. BlockShow Europe Meetups -April
  4. Global Blockchain Forum  – April
  5. Fintech World Euro Summit – April
  6. CryptoBlockCon – April
  7. BLOCK 2 The Future – April
  8. ICO Summit and $10k Competition, Kazan  – April
  9. University of Texas Blockchain Conference  – April
  10. BlockYard Conference 2018  – April
  11. BlockchainExpo Global 2018  – April
  12. Global Blockchain Summit -April
  13. Oslo Blockchain Day 2018 – April
  14. Blockchain in Supply Chain 2018  – April
  15. BlockShow Europe 2018  – May
  16. Blockchain Essentials in Education  – May
  17. Blockchain, IoT & Machine Learning in Oil & Gas Europe  – May
  18. Blockchain Masters 2018  – May
  19. Global Blockchain Conference & Awards  – May
  20. Blockchain Summit LATAM 2018  – May
  21. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investment Summit – June
  22. BLOCFEST – A Blockchain Festival & Conference  – August
  23. Maharashtra – Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Crypto Currency  – August
  24. CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise Mediterranean – September
  25. Blockchain and Crypto Conference –  September
  26. Block Seoul Summit – September
  27. BLOCFEST – September
  28. Decoding Blockchain Qatar –  October
  29. DELTA Summit – October
  30. The London Family Office & High Net Worth Blockchain Conference – October
  31. Money 20/20 USA – October
  32. The East Coast Family Office & High Net Worth Annual Conference – October
  33. The Dallas Family Office & High Net Worth Annual Conference – October
  34. Malta Blockchain Summit – November
  35. The Toronto Family Office & Wealth Management Conference – November
  36. Empire Startups FINTECH Conference -November
  37. Money 20/20 China – November
  38. Blockchain Leadership Summit – November
  39. The Florida Family Office and High Net Worth Annual Conference – December

1.  Crypto Finance Conference USA 18

The CFC brings together the best minds of the crypto and blockchain universe. That’s a major reason why it’s touted as the world’s most exclusive investor conference on blockchain and cryptocurrency investments. It’s held over the course of 3 days and there’s plenty of room to learn; there are speeches by high profile investors, representatives of ICOs and startups about the advancements in the industry ruled by virtual currencies. In short, make every use of the opportunity to network with the brightest minds.

2. Blockchain Summit Crypto Valley  

The Blockchain Summit Crypto Valley is back for its second year. The full-day conference focuses on the link between enterprise and startup approaches to building new things with distributed ledger technology. Don’t miss out on this year’s edition set to take place in the heart of Switzerland’s Crypto Valley where blockchain and crypto rule.

3. BlockShow Europe Meetups

BlockShow Meetups bring together unique and cool startup projects, investors, business owners, and blockchain enthusiasts. There have already been three meetups this year and there are five more scheduled. These include Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Zurich, and London. For the exact dates and locations of each of these meetups head to the Meetups website. If you have any interest in this realm and want to be surrounded by like-minded people, a BlockSHow Meetup is the perfect place to go.

4. Global Blockchain Forum  

The Global Blockchain Forum is two days featuring over 70 speakers, 50 companies, 110 partners, and 2000 attendees. Those headed to sunny Santa Clara California for this forum can look forward to two incredible days of insightful panels. The panels will be separated into three categories: investment, industries, and tech panels. Some fun panels to keep an eye out for include Crypto State of the Union, Healthcare, and Augmented Reality.

5. Fintech World Euro Summit

Fintech World is an online platform covering news and events in the financial technology industry. This year they are hitting the road to bring these topics to people around the world. The 2018 Fintech World tour kicks off in London on April 4. Featured covered topics will include distributed ledger applications, developing and scaling blockchain applications in the P2P ecosystem, tokenized revenue, smart token, and governance, ICOs and crypto finance/crowdfunding models, and applied cryptography.

6. CryptoBlockCon

CryptoBlockCon is a cryptocurrency and blockchain conference coming to Los Angeles April 4 and 5. This conference is ideal for people already in the blockchain technology field and those looking to join the industry. Attendees will hear from top speaks and experts as well as network with top investors, advisors, founders, and thought leaders. Conference goers will also learn how to leverage blockchain technology in their business and meet startups using blockchain to innovate.

7. BLOCK 2 The Future

Block 2 The Future is an event for the whole family. It is a blockchain festival and token conference. Festival-goers will have the opportunity to hear from a wide variety of speakers as well as enjoy food and beer. Kids get free entry and are eligible for free fractional bitcoin. Blockchain has never been so much fun.

8. ICO Summit and $10k Competition, Kazan  

Russia is one of the leaders in ICO and cryptocurrency adoption. A two-day conference located in Kazan, Russia will cover a wide range of ICO topics including legal and regulatory, token sale economy and mechanics, investing, risks, and even more. There will be panel discussion and sessions about opportunities of ICO’s in public and private sectors. A special section will be devoted to blockchain in HealthCare.

9. University of Texas Blockchain Conference  

The McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin is set to host the first McCombs Blockchain Conference on April 13th. There will be research academics, industry experts, and regulators to discuss a wide variety of topics. This is a conference for everyone whether you are new to blockchain or an expert working on blockchain applications. Attendees will meet and mingle with some of the world’s pioneers in blockchain to learn more about this new wave of business.

10. BlockYard Conference 2018  

BlockYard is a mashup of international flare and blockchain technology. People from all around the world are invited to open a space for the free exchange of information and experience. This conference is perfect for developers, startups, FinTech specialists, miner, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and many others. BlockYard is directed at both veteran blockchain aficionados and complete beginners taking their very first steps in the field.

11. BlockchainExpo Global 2018  

Blockchain Expo is popping up at London’s Olympia April 18-19, bringing together industry leaders during two days of keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and solution-based case studies. The expo will explore the industries expected to be disrupted by this new technology. These industries include legal sectors, financial services, healthcare, insurance, energy, music, government, and real estate.  

12. Global Blockchain Summit

Now is the time to get your tickets for Global Blockchain Summit located in Denver, Colorado. Join fellow experts to discuss the latest trends in the data world. Attendees will hear amazing presentations and hear from award-winning experts. Blockchain summit is all about learning about the blockchain industry and having fun while doing it.

13. Oslo Blockchain Day 2018

Oslo Blockchain Day is back and bigger than ever for another year of stands, speakers, panel discussions, and workshops. This annual event is Northern Europe’s largest blockchain conference. This year will be double the size and is quickly becoming the largest blockchain conference in Europe. The speakers and program will be announced as the event date approaches.

14. Blockchain in Supply Chain 2018  

Blockchain in Supply Chain is the only conference to focus on the application of blockchain technology to the supply chain. Blockchain has the potential to become the universal supply chain operating system and this conference is set to help bridge the knowledge gap. After following the success of blockchain in oil and gas and blockchain in healthcare, the same team is back and better than ever.

15. BlockShow Europe 2018  

BlockShow Europe is a major international event showcasing establish blockchain solutions. The BlockShow team’s hope is to showcase the industry’s most groundbreaking solutions and bring business together with blockchain. It is designed to provide an exclusive look into existing projects and initiatives, as well as continue to introduce blockchain to the world. The 3000 participants will hear from 80 speakers from 50 different countries.

16. Blockchain Essentials in Education  

Are you an educational professional seeking to understand how blockchain technology is and will continue to transform your sector? The blockchain Essentials in Education conference will answer all your questions. The blockchain is the future business model of the supply chain and can be applied to the entire education value chain.

 17. Blockchain, IoT & Machine Learning in Oil & Gas Europe  

At the upcoming 3rd Annual Blockchain, IoT & Machine Learning in Oil & Gas Europe Conference, you will have the chance to network with industry leaders and interact with panelists in insightful discussions on important IoT topics. Participants are able to see new technology, meet with like-minded individuals, and hear what the oil and gas sector needs in the way of technologies.

18. Blockchain Masters 2018  

Blockchain Masters 2018 is the internet industry’s business and innovation conference on the blockchain trends of today and tomorrow. Attendees will find answers to all their blockchain questions such as where they can already find blockchains in love operations today and in the future. There will also be reports on the do’s and don’ts for the use and operation of the blockchain.

19. Global Blockchain Conference & Awards  

The Global Blockchain Conference is all about bringing together experts from around the world sharing knowledge, tips, trends, and insights about blockchain. Although there will be a wide range of experts, this is also a place for beginners to learn the history and basics of this new technology. The format will be less traditional than other conferences and will instead feature large group presentation, small group lectures, lightning round discussions, and time to interact.

20. Blockchain Summit LATAM 2018  

The blockchain is a worldwide technology and Blockchain Summit LATAM 2018 hopes to bring the use of this technology closer to the people of Latin America. The conference is all about explaining the origin, adoption, and potential for Latin America. Regulators and industry leaders will shed light on the connection between developers and promoters of blockchain at a Latin American level.

21. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investment Summit

blockchain events

This event is designed to educate both institutional and individual investors on safe and strategic cryptocurrency investing. Some of the main topics expected to be covered at BCI Summit include valuation techniques, pricing, diversifying, hedging, reporting, and safety. Attendees will get an in-depth, yet simple to understand perspective on the various topics. Whether you are interested in bitcoin or a different cryptocurrency, there is something for everyone at BCI Summit.

22. BLOCFEST – A Blockchain Festival & Conference  

Blocfest is Malaysia’s very first inaugural blockchain event. It aims to be a regional game changer in Southeast Asia by education through experts, raising awareness, and by creating a stronger blockchain community. This two-day conference will be packed with 20 speakers and 2000 participants. Come & learn how blockchain is disrupting your industry.

23. Maharashtra – Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Crypto Currency  

The MAHAbfic is the only platform in the “State of Maharashtra” able to promote investment at the ideal destination for investment in the blockchain, Fintech, ICO, and cryptocurrency. If you’re located in India, this is the perfect event to network with industry experts. Attendees will range from business leaders, community leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, angel investors, students, and government officials.

24. CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise Mediterranean

This conference feels like going on a vacation and I’m not even kidding. The 3rd edition of CoinsBank will take the attendees on a cruise through the exotic party destinations including Barcelona, Monte Carlo, and Ibiza. Don’t expect to see Avicii there but you can surely find hundreds of renowned crypto enthusiasts and innovators from over 55 countries. They’ll share insights on how to accelerate the growth of the cryptocurrency community. So, relax and watch the sunset as you lend your ears to John McAfee who promised to eat his manhood on live television if Bitcoin doesn’t rise to $1mn by 2020, and many others.

25. Blockchain and Crypto Conference

A one-day conference on an exclusive charter ship in the cold lakes of Austria. There will be crypto themed speeches from 20+ blockchain experts. The room will also be filled with sponsors and exhibitors displaying their innovative projects to the attendees. There are expected to be around 200 investors, enthusiasts, professors etc from all walks of life who are attending with the intention of connecting with each other and expand their knowledge.

26. Block Seoul Summit

An event spanning 3 days, in the floating island in the heart of South Korea which focuses heavily on a range of ICOs, investors, financial institutions and venture capitalists. To put it simply, it’s a hub for innovators and investors from around the world in an integrated, dynamic environment. There will be over 1500 attendees and elite influencers like Jimmy Wales and Michael Hayden are among them. It’s the networker’s dream.


Being strategically hosted in Kuala Lumpur to quench the thirst of South Asian crypto investors, developers and influencers and attract other enthusiasts from the region, Blocfest is divided into three ‘tracks’ – regulatory, academic and enterprise. The regulatory track talks about the present state as well as the future of blockchain technology. Similarly, the academic track dwells into the academic concepts and their social impact of the blockchain. Finally, the enterprise is all about discussions revolving around the technological aspects and use-cases of this revolutionary technology.

28. Decoding Blockchain Qatar

Decoding Blockchain is officially the first blockchain event to be held in Qatar. The main agenda is about how blockchain can influence most of the industries and disrupt the future. Being the richest country in the world, this event would change the perspective of its citizens and investors alike. It’s an ideal platform for enthusiasts of different knowledge levels to gain exposure to the unparalleled potential of Blockchain technology that is set to dominate every industry. The industries covered in order are- banking & insurance, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, government, energy & utilities, retail, supply chain management, transport.

29. DELTA Summit

Maltese organizations have comprehended the intense power of cryptocurrencies and the potential to cause disruption in every industry. It’s a strategic move which is based on the thought, ‘if you can’t beat em’, join ‘em’, and the best part- it’s being held in partnership with the Government of Malta; the prime minister is set to inaugurate the first of the four conferences. Now, there’s a country that adapts to the change and identifies the future of technology. The event will attract some of the biggies in the cryptocurrency world, like Binance and Evercoin, marketers, investors and developers.

30. The London Family Office & High Net Worth Blockchain Conference

The peculiarity of this event is the fact that it’s hosted by DC Finance which is the only group that originates from the family office space. It takes a stroll through the future of cryptocurrencies and its influence on many companies from various sectors such as media, gaming, Fintech, hardware etc. Other discussions include the characteristic properties of ICOs and what investors should steer clear of, before diving head first into a new ICO that looks promising. It also discusses the perspectives of different sets of people namely, regulators, lawmakers, leading investors, experts, and advisers.

31. Money 20/20 USA

This isn’t for the crypto noobs. It covers unrivaled topics such as AI & Deep Learning, Cybersecurity & Fraud, Payments & Platforms, The Fintech Revolution etc. with over 450 speakers. At the end of the event, the attendees will be able to go home with a load of knowledge.

32. The East Coast Family Office & High Net Worth Annual Conference

You would be gobsmacked when you realize that the net worth of all the individual attendees’ grosses over $100 Billion! They’ve reached that milestone with consistent efforts to manage wealth in a smart way. It’s the 6th conference and topics range from investments in food & beverage, sports & entertainment, direct and impact investing, co-investment of families, high tech, security, cybersecurity threats etc. The panel is comprised of distinguished experts and that creates an avenue for some neat networking.

33. The Dallas Family Office & High Net Worth Annual Conference

A similar agenda to the East Coast conference hosting 100 families with a net worth of around $50 Billion. Build connections, find new investment partners, and meet other families from across the city, and from other parts of the world too.

34. Malta Blockchain Summit

Dubbed as the ‘Blockchain island’, Malta is expecting a buzzing flock of entrepreneurs and innovators to fly/sail there and talk about applications of the Blockchain ecosystem, including other innovative technologies such as AI, Big Data, Quantum, and IoT. What’s even cooler is that there’ll be two huge contests – a Hackathon and an ICO pitch with hundreds of investors. There’s also an award shoe to incentivize the hard-workers who have been putting in extra hours to make every second count.

35. The Toronto Family Office & Wealth Management Conference

Yet another event hosted by DC Finance’s global network. For the session, the topics covered are investments, asset protection, family business, real estate planning and strategizing, arts etc. It will host 100 family executives with high net worth.

36. Empire Startups FINTECH Conference

You can find hundreds of Fintech entrepreneurs amidst the crowd if you were to attend this event. Just how the name reads, the peculiarity of this conference is that most of these millionaires are startup accelerators who help small innovative businesses grow investors and service providers. In return, the investors would be bombarded with the latest tech innovations. So, it’s a win-win platform for startups and the investors. This event is held in San Francisco, the hub of the blockchain, insurance tech, real estate etc.

37. Money 20/20 China

The primary agenda is to “create the future of money” and that’s what exactly this is all about. The best minds in the financial world put on their networking caps for three whole days. It’s a great expo to build brand awareness, showcase your ideas and forge partnerships with global leaders. There will be 300 speakers from the financial services and global payment ecosystem to sprinkle the drops of knowledge. What’s even better is you’ll get to meet the innovators and entrepreneurs who are changing the entire ecosystem itself.

38. Blockchain Leadership Summit

This is the second round of the event conducted earlier this year, with a deeper dive into even newer technological innovations. The purpose involves uniting the crypto “whales” with the brightest minds of the crypto land. It creates a sense of general awareness on how influencers (politicians, businesses and powerful individuals) have the power to scale the growth of altcoins and other ICOs by leaving positive reviews or spreading the word around; it also mentions the importance of their influence for implementation of cryptocurrency into real-world applications.

39. The Florida Family Office and High Net Worth Annual Conference

There will be many art and lifestyle events as part of the Art Basel week in Florida. Hosted for 150 ultra high net-worth individuals by a variety of speakers, wealth management and family-related topics are covered alongside art and pleasure to add a fun element to it. There will be fairs, yacht parties and cocktail nights throughout the entire week. It’s going to be massive!

This is a comprehensive list of crypto or blockchain events being held around the world. This is your chance to hear from some of the biggest and best in the industry. Don’t miss out on learning more about some of the most significant technology in the 21st century.

Did you attend one of these events or do you plan on attending one? Do you know of any other events or conferences we can add to this list? Let us know!

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