Blockchain Templates For HyperLedger and Ethereum Now Available from AWS

Leading the way in anticipating clients’ blockchain needs, Amazon Web Services has joined companies like IBM and Oracle who already offer blockchain templates for user application and launched a new blockchain template package. Anticipating the massive impact blockchain will have on business, Amazon last week launched Blockchain Templates, ready-made blockchain solutions for the enterprises.
Amazon Web Services VP and principal proponent Jeff Barr posted an explanatory article in which he outlined the rationale behind the new offer.

Blockchain Build now a Piece of Cake

Commentators note that the new offer from AWS is a nod to the looming global impact that the blockchain construct will have on business. Companies like Amazon, IBM and Oracle are uniquely positioned to anticipate global business shifts, and the latest offering from AWS shows how keen some of the bigger players are to position themselves ahead of the pending blockchain application storm.

As enterprise is still often only beginning the process of investigating blockchain and its possible benefits to business, service providers like AWS are staking a claim to be a major facilitator of decentralized ledger ambitions the world over. As investor sentiment grows a new, the blockchain is experiencing a massive appreciation by enterprises.

Going into details about how the templates can be applied, Barr mentioned the frequent confusion clients still have around blockchain and what it all means and can do for them. Poking a bit of fun at daily experiences of conversation, he referenced a Saturday Night Live skit from the 1970s about Shimmer Floor Wax – a household floor polish that also doubles as a non-dairy dessert topping.

“Some of the people that I talk to see blockchains as the foundation of a new monetary system and a way to facilitate international payments. Others see blockchains as a distributed ledger and immutable data source that can be applied to logistics, supply chain, land registration, crowdfunding and other use cases,”. “Either way, it’s clear that there are a lot of intriguing possibilities and we are working to help our customers use this technology more effectively.”

There are other players that have already built app-ready blockchain templates centred on the Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric networks, as is AWS’ offer. Other competitors in the BaaS (Backend as a Service) market include Huawei, which launched its Hyperledger-based Blockchain Service at a Shenzen conference, Tencent and Baidu, all Chinese giants with ambitions of enabling the new way of doing business for all comers. On October 2, 2017, Oracle launched Its cloud service blockchain offer and a year prior, IBM had already announced its blockchain service offering, also centred on Hyperledger.

Blockchain Applications Aided With the Use of a Template

Employing the popular open source frameworks, developers can now apply AWS Blockchain Templates to build and deploy tight blockchain networks quicker and easier than ever before. It also enables clients to focus on the purpose and other business imperatives behind the build, rather than on the mechanical construct.

With a pricing and presentation model geared towards rapid, easy uptake, the AWS offer holds a number of potential benefits for clients. Rapid deployment is facilitated by skipping over the preliminary fundamental assembly and developers can be tailoring the blockchain build they desire within minutes of accessing an AWS template. The pay-as-you-go offer also enables the choice of the two principal networks – Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum – and comes with management tools that enable users to monitor, browse and comprehensively manage their blockchain constructs.

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