Ethereum Can be the New Apple Says, Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak, the Apple co-founder is a huge crypto and blockchain enthusiast. Despite suffering at the hands of suspected Bitcoin thieves at the start of the year, his belief in the emerging technology has dampened. Speaking at the “WeAreDevelopers” World Congress in Vienna, Austria, the man affectionately named “Woz” declared that Ethereum could be like Apple in terms of driving a new age of innovation.

Apple co-founder: Steve Wozniak, Source: Youtube

Ethereum Could be the Future

Wozniak has admitted to being fortunate to have caught the crypto bug early on. During his 45-minute speech, he spoke about divesting his crypto holdings a few months prior. However, he still owns one Bitcoin and two Ether. According to him, he has held on to that amount to play around within the crypto world.

As far as the future is concerned, Wozniak is placing his bet on Ethereum. He described Ethereum as sharing similarities with Apple and just like the tech giant, Wozniak believes the second-ranked crypto regarding market cap holds the key to future innovations. He predicted that Ethereum might become a significant an influence in the future, as Apple currently is. Much of Wozniak’s confidence comes from the fact that Ethereum is a platform which means that it is capable of supporting a multitude of exciting applications. Already, Ethereum hosts the majority of the blockchain DApps in existence today. It is the preferred platform for most blockchain developers.

Bitcoin is Better than Gold and Fiat

This isn’t Woz’s first positive declaration about blockchain. In 2017, he agreed with John McAfee that Bitcoin is indeed better than gold. The number one cryptocurrency is often compared with gold and experts have even gone as far as to call it “digital gold.” However, Wozniak believes Bitcoin’s finite supply and mathematical foundation sets is apart from the precious metal. According to him, people will continue to mine gold, but there will only ever be 21 million BTC.

Crypto and Blockchain will Reach Full Potential Within the Next Decade

Wozniak also predicted that Bitcoin and blockchain technology would reach its full potential within the next decade. He called blockchain a great idea and the catalyst for the impending IT revolution. Wozniak based his positive outlook on the many areas in which the technology can be applied. The consensus has always been that blockchain will disrupt many aspects of the global business process and Wozniak agrees wholeheartedly. He also agreed with Twitter and Square CEO, Jack Dorsey that Bitcoin can become the global internet currency of the future.

Critics of Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain point to the anonymity and security issues that surround the technology. There have been numerous hacks, crypto thefts, and fraudulent crypto investment schemes. Even Wozniak hasn’t been spared as he fell victim to suspected crypto crooks earlier in the year. The Apple co-founder was robbed of seven Bitcoins while trying to sell his coins online.

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