PoR – Proof of Research

What does PoR/Proof of Research mean?

A concept related in many ways to Proof of Work. However, unlike Proof of Work where the value associated with the production of a cryptocurrency is reliant on an arbitrary process of hashing, which despite its provable input cost has no other value output other than the creation of a cryptocurrency, Proof of Research aims to put the hash power of the decentralized network to work on problems that have demonstrable, real world value.

There exists a number of companies that are attempting to build globally networked supercomputers, that harness the spare computing power of ordinary, non-technical users, and reward them in cryptocurrency for solving problems on their machines. These problems can range from analysis of weather systems and astronomy, to research into new drugs and artificial intelligence. By offsetting the spare hash power of their computers, participants in the network can benefit from the receipt of a publicly tradable asset, and scientific research teams can access an ad hoc network of computers. For the latter party, this is usually cheaper and easier to access than a traditional, centralized supercomputer, and arguably more dynamic in the ways in which hash power can be managed, making it possible for multiple research teams to use the network simultaneously.