Mystery Bitcoin Philanthropist Makes Donations to a Couple of Non-profit Organizations in Chattanooga

We have already covered Pineapple Fund in our previous post.

Two months ago, a Reddit user by the name of PineappleFund posted a message announcing his/her intention to give away a considerable portion of his/her bitcoin holdings to charity organisations around the world.

It now appears that the mystery bitcoin philanthropist is already making good on the promise with donations being made to a couple of non-profit organizations in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In the message posted on Reddit, the anonymous bitcoin philanthropist had promised to give away up 5,057 BTC to various charitable organisations and causes around the globe. This sum amounted to over $86 million at the time of the announcement.

Details About the Donations

The two Chattanooga-based non-profit organizations that received bitcoin donations from the anonymous donor were Green Steps and the Tennessee River Gorge Trust.

The latter immediately converted the donation yielding about $250,000 while Green Trust received 6 bitcoin which is worth about $57,000 based on the current bitcoin price. Commenting on the development, executive director of the Tennessee River Gorge Trust, Rick Huffines said that the donor acted for the betterment of the community.

He commended the donor for his selfless act that did not solicit for any praise or recognition, calling it the form of altruism that is always wished for but hardly seen.

Apart from making the donations, the anonymous donor also played a vital role in making sure both organisations were able to receive the bitcoin donations. The mystery donor was in contact communication with both organisations in the period leading up to the receipt of the donations, explaining to them how to go about receiving bitcoin.

According to Rick Huffines, the mystery donor was helpful throughout the process, providing easy to clear, concise, and easy to follow instructions.

He admitted that his organization didn’t really understand the mechanics of accepting bitcoin and that the donor helped them with vital information that enabled them to create a bitcoin wallet to receive the donation.

For her part, Alyssa Grizenko, the founder of Green Steps found the experience “exhilarating” and “life-changing.” The Green Steps non-profit organization run by Alyssa and her husband Chris Sullivan focus on environmental preservation efforts.

They place trash collection bins at major areas within the Chattanooga metropolis as part of their efforts to keep the city clean. They also participate in community engagement efforts that are geared towards encouraging local residents to take part in the clean-up efforts of the organization.

As part of the Green Steps mission to preserve the environment, the organization reward participants with ice cream treats and gift cards for every 10 points that they earn. Points are earned by collecting litter.

The organization says that it will use the donation to buy more litter stations (1 litter station costs $250), as well as other materials and prizes for participants. The Tennessee River Gorge Trust plans to use their donation to facilitate their water quality monitoring activities.

They also plan to use part of the money to fund their after-school program at Dalewood Middle School.

Feature image by Fredrik Andresen


4 Responses

  1. It’s awesome to see this person actually keeping his word and giving BTC to organizations that try to improve their communities! I hope to see many more people with means doing the same. And we, the general public should also take this to heart and do something to improve the place around us. We don’t need BTC to do this and we don’t need to be rich to do something that improves the lives of all of us.

    1. There are plenty of people doing this around the world, but most don’t advertise it. They just do it. It’s good to see some making this known as it attracts attention and people remember they can make a difference and that there are people who just give away their earnings to help others.

  2. I wonder how many BTC this person actually has if he/she is willing to part with 5, 057 of them? It’s great he/she does this and I just wonder how many he bought when the price was almost nothing.

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