About us and our vision

We’re a small group of crypto enthusiasts, developers, illustrators, designers, and bloggers who decided to join forces and create an independent, unbiased resource to help new comers to the space learn about the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and the crypto community at large.


“All-time-highs attract new people who buy and then get spooked by price dips. Help them to first invest in education about the technology, instead of speculation.”- Andreas Antonopoulus

The team


Catalin is a design geek, an ecommerce fanatic, a big fan of hot jazz and sour soup, and very passionate about mindfulness, mental health. With this blog he’s exploring the question: could blockchains help us save the planet?



Anca is a writer and journalist with a strong weakness for old films, new theater, walking, and everything London. Currently glued to a vintage mp3 that still ‘sings’ like in the prime of its life. One day she will donate it to a museum.



Raj is our lead developer and occasional guardian angel. He’s using his magic to make everything work well (and fix!), from coding the website in WordPress, to optimising website speed, fine-tuning our AWS server and so on.



Bogdan is a founding member of Inspired Mag, having accumulated almost 6 years of experience over this period. In his spare time he likes to study classical music and explore visual arts. He’s quite obsessed with fixies as well. He owns 5 already.



Anna’s first grown-up job was in journalism, she was writing articles on economic issues. then she became a financial consultant, and after that she worked in radio, tv, and public relations. “I’m just a normal person with a few friends, who travels, watches movies and reads good books.”

What to expect from us ✨

We’re working on more detailed guides, tutorials, videos and interactive infographics to help people understand the internet of money and the new technologies, philosophies and challenges we need to be aware of sooner rather than later in order to achieve something meaningful for society.

How to contribute

We’re trying to keep this website free of advertising and of spammy “press releases” or nasty affiliate links for as long as possible, as we rely on our day jobs to cover the time and resources that go into the site. Any contribution from the community is highly appreciated:

  • share our guides on social media if you consider them useful, and with your non-technical friends when they ask you about crypto
  • improve an existing article or a guide (please email hello@unblock.net with suggestions)
  • write a new article or guide for us (same as above)
  • please support our work and help us create more valuable content aimed at new comers. all donations are extremely appreciated and will be used wisely.
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Thank you!