Who is Gavin Andresen – Complete Profile

Gavin Andresen is one of the most influential Bitcoin developers and “an all-around geek”. One of the household names in the Bitcoin community and the successor of Satoshi Nakamoto as lead maintainer of Bitcoin Core – Gavin has been with the project since its early days.

This article isn’t your traditional, emotionally charged opinion piece; it is, rather, a fact-based, coherent chronology that aims to provide you with the most notable events in Gavin’s involvement with Bitcoin. What you take of it is entirely up to you. Let’s dive right in!

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Dominik Schiener – The Cryptocurrency Prodigy

The twenty-two-year-old technology wizard is not a new face in the cryptocurrency scene. Often referred to as the “golden boy”, he earned his first millions when he was just seventeen years old. He is a co-founder of IOTA, a revolutionary new next-generation public distributed ledger that utilizes a novel convention called the “Tangle” at its core. At his young age, he is one of the most experienced blockchain entrepreneurs. Other founders include David Sonstebo, Sergey Ivancheglo, and Dr. Serguei Popov. Dominik has always been fascinated by new technologies and always wanting try something new, which led to his early adoption of the blockchain technology. He strongly believes and advocates that developing blockchain should not be for the sole purpose of getting rich, but developers should primarily focus on how to use this technology to solve problems.

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Naval Ravikant: Complete Profile and Meta List of All Things @Naval

The Silicon Valley legend Naval Ravikant is an Indian-born, self-made multi-millionaire, entrepreneur, investor, adviser, influencer, and a passionate cryptocurrency enthusiast. He’s widely known as the CEO and co-founder of AngelList, a U.S based platform where startups meet angel investors and job-seekers find work at startups.

During his lifetime (he’s 44 at the time of writing this article) he has invested in more than 100 companies including Uber, FourSquare, Twitter, SnapLogic, Yammer, and many others. Although he has attained massive success and reputation as an angel investor, this article won’t bore you to death with all of his financial achievements, but instead it’ll focus on Naval’s extraordinary mind, his contribution to the start-up community and, of course, his importance in the crypto industry.

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Tim Draper: The Quintessential Crypto Venture Capitalist

Tim Draper is a man who needs no introduction in the world of finance as he is a colossal figure responsible for a number of companies that span many business niches. He is also one of the few mainstream finance magnates who has shown open support for Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general. His support for the crypto revolution hasn’t just been in words only but he has also demonstrated this support by investing in a number of blockchain-based startups.

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Hal Finney – Bitcoin Pioneer Cryptographic Legend

Bitcoin cannot be mentioned without Hal Finney. One of the earliest Bitcoin pioneers, he was the first person to receive the world’s first Bitcoin transaction and he has often times been identified as Satoshi Nakamoto. In the world of cryptography, Finney is a key figure and a grandmaster. He always had a keen interest in cryptography payment schemes, and when Satoshi Nakamoto brought Bitcoin to the limelight, he felt positive and convinced, while many cryptographers were sceptical about the cryptocurrency. Hal Finney and Phil Zimmermann worked together at PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Corporation which Zimmermann started.

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Who Is Elizabeth Stark – a Bolt of Lightning!?

Elizabeth Stark is the co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs, a company that “scales blockchains” based in San Francisco.

She is also a fellow at Coin Center, a non-profit research center for advocating and developing sound government policy regarding Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other decentralized technologies; an advisor at Comma.ai, a company that develops a self-driving kit for cars.

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Who Is Charlee Lee, the Creator of Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold?

Charlie Lee

As one of the first founders of a truly viable Litecoin, Charlie Lee is somewhat of an internet sensation. After discovering Bitcoin from an online article whilst working at Google, Charlie embarked on a multi-year journey to create the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. In this time, the prince of cryptocurrency forged alliances with other early-adopters, developers, and enthusiasts to create what many consider to be the second most successful cryptocurrency to date. Without any further ado, let’s delve into who is Charlie Lee, the internet sensation and creator of Litecoin.​

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