The rise of Blockchain

With billions of investments being pumped in the blockchain industry, it seems to be growing rapidly day-by-day and is expanding on to new horizons.

Those horizons include humanitarian causes, such as combating child trafficking or introducing cheaper electricity. Others focus solely on the creation of cryptocurrencies, while some deal with copyright protection. The innovation seems to be never-ending.

One of these innovations comes to you from Decentraland, the company that shocked us all when in 2017 it attracted investments in the amount of $26 million in just 30 seconds, The New York Times writes.

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Blockchain Week Got – Lambos, Snoop Dogg & Jack Dorsey

After the persistent lull around Bitcoin through 2018 to date, a New York event is trumpeting cryptocurrency again in a manner reminiscent of December 2017. Although the Bitcoin price still far from its heyday at just under $20,000, celebrity Bitcoin is but one aspect of a cryptosphere event like Blockchain Week.

A three-day blockchain bonanza started on May 10, 2018 and attendees can expect to see young technology enthusiasts debating the future of digital currencies with some big names in fintech. Startups will also be pitching their concepts to anyone who passes by. The New York City Economic Development Corporation is a principal partner in Blockchain Week, launched as a showcase that presents the city as a great destination for blockchain companies. A concurrent job fair has been scheduled for May 16, 2018.

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Dominik Schiener – The Cryptocurrency Prodigy

The twenty-two-year-old technology wizard is not a new face in the cryptocurrency scene. Often referred to as the “golden boy”, he earned his first millions when he was just seventeen years old. He is a co-founder of IOTA, a revolutionary new next-generation public distributed ledger that utilizes a novel convention called the “Tangle” at its core. At his young age, he is one of the most experienced blockchain entrepreneurs. Other founders include David Sonstebo, Sergey Ivancheglo, and Dr. Serguei Popov. Dominik has always been fascinated by new technologies and always wanting try something new, which led to his early adoption of the blockchain technology. He strongly believes and advocates that developing blockchain should not be for the sole purpose of getting rich, but developers should primarily focus on how to use this technology to solve problems.

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Blockchain On Roll: Companies, Cities & Countries Are Launching Their Own Cryptocurrencies

Corporations and governments around the world are implementing blockchain technology to create their own cryptocurrency. No more is the technology the exclusive playground of young startup entrepreneurs and crypto hobbyists. In the past, corporate organizations and government bodies saw cryptocurrency as a bubble and took steps to either disassociate themselves or outrightly place a ban. The narrative has changed as cryptocurrency has begun to win the hearts of these corporate bodies and governments. Some big companies and countries who have wasted no time in issuing and launching their own cryptocurrency coins, while some others have it on their bucket list. With this move, the fight to oust cryptocurrency is gradually waning, although, some countries are still adamant and believe everything is just a sham.

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Germany’s Second Largest Stock Exchange Launches Crypto Trading Platform

Sowa Labs, a subsidiary of Börse Stuttgart, the second-largest stock exchange in Germany has developed its own cryptocurrency trading app called Bison. This was made known via a press release on Friday, April 13, 2018. Börse Stuttgart acquired a 100 percent stake in the Ulm-based Sowa Labs in December 2018. Exact details of the deal remain unknown but there are reports that put the acquisition in millions of euros. Sowa Labs now functions as the fintech arm of Börse Stuttgart.

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The Life and Times of the “Immortal” Bitcoin

For almost ten years, Bitcoin has survived many tragedies and withstood a wide range of negative factors that would have otherwise made it extinct. Since its subtle entrance in 2009, it has been besieged with bad reviews, derogatory remarks, and death sentences. But despite all of the negativity that Bitcoin has had to deal with, nine years later, it has grown to be the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.

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Tim Draper: The Quintessential Crypto Venture Capitalist

Tim Draper is a man who needs no introduction in the world of finance as he is a colossal figure responsible for a number of companies that span many business niches. He is also one of the few mainstream finance magnates who has shown open support for Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general. His support for the crypto revolution hasn’t just been in words only but he has also demonstrated this support by investing in a number of blockchain-based startups.

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