Two Reasons Why Bitcoin Above $7,000 Could Become A ‘Norm’

Bitcoin’s unexpected price jump saw the cryptocurrency jump almost $600 in just over thirty minutes of trading on Tuesday, July 17, 2018. By Wednesday morning, the price settled at $7,370, with signs of continued upward movement.

Naturally, many investors are worried about a potential pump-and-dump cycle, while others throw caution to the wind and dive into the market head first. Is this a sustainable price leap, or merely a short-term jump before crashing back into bear market territory?

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Centralized and Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges

If you’re just getting into cryptocurrency trading, or even if you’re highly experienced, there’s no doubt you could be overwhelmed by the over 1,600 digital currencies and more than 200 exchanges you can trade them on. And while there are similarities, each exchange is different. The one similarity that does distinguish the exchanges though is whether they are centralized exchanges or decentralized exchanges.

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What is a DAICO: How does a DAICO work?

By far the most popular way to date to fund new blockchain projects has been the initial coin offering (ICO). It’s so popular that in 2017 nearly $4 billion was raised through ICOs, but so far in the first half of 2018 (through June 30, 2018) over $12 billion has been raised through ICOs. The problem with the ICO process is that it is fraught with hackers, frauds and mediocre projects.

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Cryptocurrency Regulation in the European Union

Cryptocurrency regulation in the European Union is still in its early stages. While the EU is working on the general guidelines regarding crypto regulation, individual member states have undertaken different regulatory approaches according to their specific legal traditions and practices. This article is focused on the legal documents directly regulating, or otherwise affecting cryptocurrencies in the European Union at the “federal” level – without examining the different approaches undertaken by all 28 member states.

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The Best ICOS to Watch Out for in Q3 2018

best ico 2018

If you are an adept cryptocurrency enthusiast, then you would know that ICOs provide one of the best avenues to make a good amount of money within a very short time span. Established projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top altcoins are only attractive for long-term investment.

The proliferation of initial coin offering projects in 2018 led to the rise of scam deals resulting in many people losing their money.

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The rise of Blockchain

With billions of investments being pumped in the blockchain industry, it seems to be growing rapidly day-by-day and is expanding on to new horizons.

Those horizons include humanitarian causes, such as combating child trafficking or introducing cheaper electricity. Others focus solely on the creation of cryptocurrencies, while some deal with copyright protection. The innovation seems to be never-ending.

One of these innovations comes to you from Decentraland, the company that shocked us all when in 2017 it attracted investments in the amount of $26 million in just 30 seconds, The New York Times writes.

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How Anonymous is the Use and Purchase of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has hit a big goal – wide-spread media attention. Mass awareness, which most investors are hoping is just the precursor to mass adoption. Convincing people to ditch their traditional banks for a digital wallet however is a whole new hurdle. One of the biggest topics that most potential newcomers raise is ‘anonymity’. Here, I am going to give a beginner’s introduction to the anonymous nature of cryptocurrency.

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25 Under-the-Radar Crypto Enthusiasts You Should Follow

The age of cryptocurrencies brought to light some of the most bright minded individuals-usually traders, programmers, hedge fund managers, and designers worth following.

While most of us rush to follow the likes of Satoshi Nakamoto (whoever that is), Don and Lex Tapscott, Andreas Antonopoulos, Charlee Lee and other key members, there are small-time but effective crypto enthusiasts that could be worth following.

One of the benefits of following under the radar cryptocurrency enthusiasts is a faster response to queries. These individuals have fewer followers and can get back to you within a day or less.

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