Regen Network Review – Blockchain Platform for Soil Regeneration

regen network review

The blockchain space is rife with projects that only focus on making profits or allowing others to do so. While this is most certainly the biggest appeal of cryptocurrencies, we believe that most startups are not using the technology to its fullest potential. Decentralization can bring incredible benefits to humankind, but currently, money seems to be the driving force in this space.

As such, we don’t often see blockchain startups that consolidate their efforts on employing the technology for the greater good. It’s for this reason that we bring you this Regen Network review, which will give you an overview of a blockchain project that focuses on ecological data.

This article will delve deep into the tech behind Regen Network, and its scientific methods for gathering eco data. Moreover, we will assess whether the use of blockchain for this goal is warranted and what benefits it brings in the long term. However, to understand the core of this Regen Network review, let’s first introduce you to the concept of soil regeneration and why it matters.

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The Rise of Ethical DAOs for a Sustainable Blockchain Future

ethical daos

This article is the perfect place to learn about DAOs, their operational processes, and their pros and cons compared to traditional, centralized organizations. More importantly, we delve deep into the proliferation of DAOs as a tool to fight for a sustainable future. To this end, we will take a look at some of these organizations that want to create a better tomorrow for upcoming generations.

But before you are able to understand why DAOs can become an essential device at fighting climate change, let’s first demystify the concept of decentralization.

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Using NFT in eCommerce: Here’s What the Future May Look Like

How NFTs Can Change eCommerce

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become the latest obsession of the internet. Whether you are extremely online or rarely browse a social media site, it’s practically impossible to go through a whole day without the word NFT somehow making its presence known.

But NFTs are actually more than an internet meme or an overblown craze from the world of technology. When used correctly, they can give value to otherwise unappreciated digital content and smoothen out the problems in complex financial transactions.

In fact, they also hold the power to change the world of eCommerce as we know it. It’s all due to their highly secure technology and inherent qualities, which make these assets ideal for this extremely popular subset of online transactions.

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MyEtherWallet vs MetaMask – Everything You Need to Know

If you have been spending time in and around the cryptocurrency industry for a while, especially in the Ethereum sub sector, then you most likely have heard about the names of MyEtherWallet and MetaMask. It is quite possible that you may have also used their services as well.

To summarize, MyEtherWallet and MetaMask are two of the most popular ways to store and access Ether (ETH) as well as other Ethereum-based tokens and cryptocurrencies, such as those created on its ERC-20 standard.

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Engiven Review – The Perfect Platform to Accept Cryptocurrency Donations?

engiven review

James Lawrence founded Engiven in 2018. Ever since its launch, the platform has grown unexpectedly.

From partnering with the Central Pacific Bank Foundation to facilitating a crypto donation worth $10 million – the largest in history, Engiven has achieved a lot in just 3 years.

At the end of this Engiven Review, you will know what exactly the platform is capable of and if it’s a good one for your non-profit to accept crypto donations.

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GiveCrypto Review – An Online Cryptocurrency Donation Platform

With the continuing progression of technology, we have reached a fascinating age where the digital world has enabled us to better serve the physical one. The ability to crowdfund online has led to projects obtaining funding that otherwise would have been dead in the water, showing the world that when we care about a dream, we find ways to make it come to fruition.

From a kitten card game to a movie production, the success stories of internet crowdfunding are far too many to count. However, the popularity of crowdfunding does not only apply to commercial fundraisers but even to charitable causes, as noticed with the website On users can propose a cause which other users can donate to – be it a personal emergency or a non-profit in need of support.

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The Complete Guide to Solana (SOL)

the ultimate guide to solana

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, it is common for tens and even hundreds of new projects to come and go without a trace. But in the midst of these fleeting entities, it is also not unusual for some real success stories to make their presence known.

One such cryptocurrency platform is Solana, which has established itself as the next big project of the industry. With the project’s scalability, speed, and overall capability being touted as some of its selling points, it is not unusual for anyone to take an interest in it.

So exactly what is Solana and what does it do? Fortunately, the answers are not hard to find. To help you hold a firm grasp over this rising star of blockchain, here’s a lowdown on everything about Solana.

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Navalism – Quotes & Perceptions by Naval Ravikant

More than just a businessman, entrepreneur, and investor, we consider Naval Ravikant to be a sort of a modern philosopher. As an influential thinker, he has changed the way people perceive their surroundings and the business world. His famous tweet thread on “How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)” contains some of the great pieces of wisdom on how to succeed in the cutthroat business world, without compromising on your ethics.

Generally speaking, his content is an invaluable resource to enlighten yourself on a wide variety of subjects, including business, money, society, spirituality, just to name a few. Every time you see him participating in a discussion, podcast, or interview, you simply know that you will be learning something new and valuable.

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A Look at Some Coinbase Alternatives

Coinbase, the most popular bitcoin exchange in the United States has banned the Wikileaks Shop account from using its services. The ban was issued due to an alleged breach of the platform’s terms of service although no specifics were given.

In response, Wikileaks has called for a global blockade of Coinbase citing the non-specificity of the allegations and the suspected involvement of U.S. government interference. According to Greg Barns, a part of the Julian Assange legal team, the move symbolizes an attempt to block free speech.

Barns also went on to say that the situation with Coinbase is symptomatic of the opposition that Wikileaks faces in the mainstream financial scene.

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How Does a VC Invest in the Blockchain?

It is an established fact that the investments from initial coin offerings (ICOs) are known to be more popular and prominent in the blockchain community.

In fact, despite the many controversies and the numerous dead projects that have resulted from ICOs in the past, the number of ICOs conducted in 2018 so far has already surpassed the total number of ICOs conducted in the year of 2017.

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