GiveCrypto Review – An Online Cryptocurrency Donation Platform

With the continuing progression of technology, we have reached a fascinating age where the digital world has enabled us to better serve the physical one. The ability to crowdfund online has led to projects obtaining funding that otherwise would have been dead in the water, showing the world that when we care about a dream, we find ways to make it come to fruition.

From a kitten card game to a movie production, the success stories of internet crowdfunding are far too many to count. However, the popularity of crowdfunding does not only apply to commercial fundraisers but even to charitable causes, as noticed with the website On users can propose a cause which other users can donate to – be it a personal emergency or a non-profit in need of support.

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The Complete Guide to Solana (SOL)

the ultimate guide to solana

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, it is common for tens and even hundreds of new projects to come and go without a trace. But in the midst of these fleeting entities, it is also not unusual for some real success stories to make their presence known.

One such cryptocurrency platform is Solana, which has established itself as the next big project of the industry. With the project’s scalability, speed, and overall capability being touted as some of its selling points, it is not unusual for anyone to take an interest in it.

So exactly what is Solana and what does it do? Fortunately, the answers are not hard to find. To help you hold a firm grasp over this rising star of blockchain, here’s a lowdown on everything about Solana.

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What Drives the Price of NFTs?

what drives the price of nfts

Unless you live under a rock, you have likely observed how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the internet by storm. Whether you spend your time scrolling Twitter or browsing through Facebook, it’s not uncommon to see a news article or a random comment mentioning NFT at least once a week.

But there are many reasons behind this popularity. For starters, these digital assets can represent any property, allow the easy transfer of ownership, and give you bragging rights for owning creations on the web.

Due to these factors, it’s not difficult to determine why NFTs have become such a powerhouse phenomenon across the web. But what still remains a mystery to many people is exactly how do you value an NFT after its creation.

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What is Ethereum Governance? Complete Beginner’s Guide

Whether you have recently ventured into the world of blockchain or have been camping around this space for a while, you would certainly agree with one thing: Ethereum is one name that simply does not need any introduction.

As a home to Ether (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, and with the distinction of being the world’s largest public blockchain platform, Ethereum has quite a few feathers in its cap.

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