A Complete Public Market Protocol Review

There’s a new effort to move ecommerce to the blockchain, taking back the marketplace functionality in a decentralized environment that is of greater benefit to small merchants and customers alike. This is the Public Market Protocol, which will alleviate the need for private marketplaces, letting merchants engage directly with their customers, and ridding the entire process of the monopolistic corporations that have interfered in the process with unnecessary fees and commission.

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Beginner’s Guide to XAPO: Complete Review

With so many start-ups and new projects in the blockchain space, not to mention the lack of regulation, it’s hard to decide where to go to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. You want to, but aren’t sure who to trust among the dozens of cryptocurrencies exchanges and peer-to-peer marketplaces. Where can you go to learn which companies are reputable and secure.

If you’re reading this review then you’ve found one source of information. I can tell you that XAPO has been in business for quite some time (in blockchain terms), and while there have been some online complaints, overall they are considered to be trustable. In fact, they have been able to raise $40 million from investors, so this at least shows their legitimacy and the trust they have from the business world.

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A Beginner’s Guide to CoinTracking.info: Complete Review

While the most difficult part of cryptocurrency trading is making profits, there’s another aspect that both experts and beginners struggle with, and that’s portfolio tracking. If you can’t manage your coins and the changing prices of them on a daily basis, there’s no question that the whole thing will soon get away from you, leaving you with bags full of coins that could be worthless or not – you simply won’t know because you haven’t used the tools to track the changes in your portfolio.

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What is ItBit: Complete Review

ItBit was launched back in 2013, and as a U.S. financial services company that acts as both a Bitcoin exchange and an over-the-counter trading desk it could have been a major competitor to Coinbase, but it didn’t turn out to be that way at all. ItBit also has the distinction of being the very first U.S. regulated Bitcoin exchange, having received that status all the way back in 2015. In addition to its headquarters in New York, it also has an international office in Singapore.

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Top 100 Cryptocurrency Blogs You Need To Follow

Just 5 short years ago it was fairly difficult to find cryptocurrency and blockchain resources. Oh, they existed, but only a handful, and some of the sites were very primitive and not user friendly. Jump forward to 2018 and we are spoiled for choice, with literally hundreds of blogs, vlogs, podcasts, tools and resources in the cryptocurrency space, with even more being added every week.

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A Complete GreenAddress Wallet Review

The GreenAddress wallet is a Bitcoin only HD wallet with security as its main focus. It is primarily used as a desktop wallet, but only through a Chrome extension. That was done by design to provide additional security. There are also mobile versions available for both iOS and Android operation systems.

Multi-signature is available to add security, and there are four different types of 2-factor authentication available, and there are additional features that have been developed to appeal to experienced Bitcoiners. Those new to Bitcoin might find the wallet a bit overwhelming, and a simpler Bitcoin wallet might be a better choice for your very first wallet.

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A Complete Edge Wallet (formerly Airbitz) Review

Airbitz has been well known in cryptocurrency circles since its inception, thanks to a unique and incredibly private approach to security in it mobile wallet. While other Bitcoin wallets decided to go with a more centralized approach that requires users to give up their privacy through allowing a third party – the wallet company – access to private information and even the private keys to their assets, Airbitz took a novel approach that avoided server side security in favor of client side security.

This has made it a popular choice among seasoned Bitcoin users and newbies alike since 2013.

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A Complete Exodus Wallet Review

The Exodus wallet is one of the newer cryptocurrency wallets to come on the scene, having been launched in July 2016, but it has rapidly gained a loyal following thanks to its focus on ease of use and beautiful interface, not to mention the dedication of the developers in listening to the community and making improvements to the wallet. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux and a mobile version is planned for future release.

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How Many Bitcoins are Left: What Happens When All the Bitcoins are Mined?

2Already 80% of all Bitcoins have been mined (as of January 15, 2018) so let’s see  how many Bitcoins are left. The Bitcoin blockchain was designed to only ever produce 21 million Bitcoins. Once all of these are produced and mined there won’t ever be another Bitcoin produced. This is known as controlled supply and is in direct contrast with the way national currencies are handled by central banks.

National, or fiat, currencies have an ever expanding supply. This has several reasons, one of which is that it creates inflation, which global governments encourage as a way to grow the economy. Unfortunately it also leads to the devaluation of the currencies, and in many cases this also leads to a reduction of wealth for citizens.

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