100 Companies That Accept Bitcoin Payments

companies that accept bitcoin

Have you wondered how easy it would have been if you could book a flight with just a few clicks? I’m not talking about an online booking feature which directs you to a payment gateway. It’s 2018 and the Internet is ever expanding.

Super responsive designs, AI, and virtual reality have made a mark and many websites are adapting to these technologies. But one major phenomenon that jolted the whole world was cryptocurrencies and more importantly, the most famous one – Bitcoin.

Did you know that hundreds of famous or companies accept Bitcoin payments, either as one of the different forms of payment or as the only way to exchange goods? And the fact is some of these websites have been doing so for quite a while.

Whether they be non-profit or profit generating, these institutions still view Bitcoin as legitimate legal tender and show no signs of stopping.

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Bitcoin Price Predictions From the World’s Leading Speculators

bitcoin price predictions

Bitcoin is the single grandest financial experiment of the 21st century. A decentralized, global digital currency backed by cryptography; created and owned by the people, for the people, giving access to a global financial market to millions of unbanked people around the globe. Bitcoin price predictions are pretty interesting too!

“What percentage of your wealth should be tied up in bitcoin? A percentage that is equivalent to your understanding of how the technology works and your ability to absorb the risks it entails, which for most people is a small percentage”- A. Antonopoulos

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