Nouns DAO Review – A Virtuous Circle of NFTs

nouns dao review

Ethereum and smart contracts enabled the concept of the decentralized autonomous organization. These for-and-non profit organizations without apparent hierarchy have become a major disruptive instrument in the current economic narrative.

The upcoming Web3 revolution is heavily leaning towards decentralized finance and NFTs as a new paradigm to leverage the mass adoption of new tech. And in the last two years, the results have been nothing short of stunning. DeFi grew into a $70 billion industry while some of the biggest NFT marketplaces like OpenSea are raking in over $5 billion in monthly volumes.

Consequently, a wide range of ethical DAOs have emerged on the market, jumping on the bandwagon of popularity. What’s more, many of them genuinely try to make the world a better place. In this Nouns DAO review, we take a look at one of those organizations that use NFTs’ utility to empower artists and communities. To this end, we thoroughly analyze how the Nouns DAO functions and what benefit it brings to the crypto ecosystem as a whole.

Before we delve deeper into our Nouns DAO review, let’s have a quick overview of DAOs and their applications.

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How to Mint NFTs

how to mint nfts

Non-fungible tokens, more commonly referred to now as NFTs, have seen an explosion in popularity in the past year. Art collectors and investors alike have seen the value in these unique digital artworks, with some selling for millions of dollars. This has led to something of a gold rush in the space as many investors have scooped up NFTs hoping for massive returns.

While some of these investors have been able to make massive profits on early investment in the space, the jury is still out on whether NFTs will become a long-term investment, or if they are nothing more than a passing fad. That said, NFTs are a very promising development for creators and artists, and as an added bonus they are being seen as an ethical means to approaching art investing.

The following article will define NFTs, and then provide you with a step-by-step guide to creating or minting NFTs. So, if you’ve become interested in the process of NFT creation sit back and learn how to mint NFTs.

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Orica Ethical NFT Platform Review – Can NFTs Really Do Better?

orica ethical review

Digital art NFTs have taken a critical significance in the current blockchain landscape. Their high-profile adoption from the jet-set community and incredible profit opportunities put them under the spotlight for the mainstream investor. They also enabled artists to reach a larger public and provided them with easy-to-use platforms to do so.

However, there are some very damning concerns that have arisen in this particular niche. First of all, the environmental impact of NFTs is very real, and many consider them a wasteful application of blockchain. Moreover, the countless number of scams and rug pulls that left both artists and collectors empty-handed have considerably damaged their image in the mainstream media.  And finally, many artists have been disillusioned by NFTs as a quick cash grab and a get-rich vehicle for the already wealthy.

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Ethical Implications of the Metaverse and the Role of Blockchain Tech Within

ethical metaverse

In the past year, you had to be living under a rock to not have heard about the Metaverse. Ever since Facebook (now Meta) announced its consequential involvement in this virtual world, an evolution towards a living, breathing virtual universe seems inevitable. However, the transition to a full-fledged metaverse seems to be filled with ethical challenges. 

In this article, we explore the metaverse, its use cases, and how blockchain technology perfectly fits in this narrative. Moreover, we will have an in-depth look into the ethical implications and pitfalls of the metaverse, and how decentralization might be the key to avoiding them. 

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Environmental Impact of NFTs – Should You Be Worried?

Environmental Impact of NFTs – Should You Be Worried

Every bullish cycle in the crypto markets, a new trend emerges that contributes to the seemingly unstoppable upwards momentum. In 2017, it was the advent of ICOs that made prices skyrocket. This time around, the market has been mainly driven by the rise of DeFi and the adoption of NFT by artists, gamers, and mainstream investors.

However, the latter has stirred up some controversies. While many artists have embraced NFTs as a better, decentralized way to distribute their art, a large part of the community hasn’t been very enthusiastic about them.

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Diatom DAO Review – Ocean Depollution powered by DAOs 

In this Diatom DAO review, we take a closer look at a blockchain project that aims to incentivize the removal of plastic from the ocean. With 14 million tons of plastic ending up in our oceans every year, it’s one of the most glaring issues humanity is facing nowadays. This junk disrupts ecosystems, kills entire species, and destroys biodiversity. Moreover, it is directly responsible for climate change as it removes the oceans’ ability to sequestrate greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

Although humans are working towards reducing our plastic output, getting rid of altogether is nothing but a pipe dream. We have simply become completely dependant on this material in every facet of our lives. However, focusing on ocean de-pollution is a much more palpable objective. But this is a colossal venture, which requires all the help that it can get. This is why projects like Diatom DAO are so essential.

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GainForest Review – A Blockchain for Tracking and Incentivizing Reforestation

gainforest review

The blockchain industry is an eclectic space. While crypto-financial platforms heavily dominate the market, there are a few projects here and there that stand out from the bunch. At Unblock, we love seeing projects that use blockchain tech to improve the world we are living in. GainForest is one of these blockchain platforms that aim for better sustainability and use the properties of the immutable ledger to provide us with a better tomorrow.

In this GainForest review, we will try to demystify some of the innovative concepts of this up-and-coming environmental initiative. To this end, we explore the basics behind the GainForest idea, but will also delve deeper into token economics to assess the project’s viability.

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OpenSea Review – One of the Largest NFT Marketplaces Worldwide

opensea review

With steady growth in the NFT market, all marketplaces are flooded with buyers, sellers, and creators. One such marketplace where you can get millions of NFTs is OpenSea. This OpenSea review guide will tell you every little thing you can do on this platform. In the end, you’d be able to create your own NFT if you’re an artist or buy NFTs via OpenSea marketplace if you’re a seller.

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The Ultimate Guide to NFTs

the ultimate guide to nfts

Whether you regularly scroll through Twitter or simply keep up with the news, you must have come across the mention of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). To say that these digital assets are the talk of the town would not be wrong. In fact, you can also call them the current cryptocurrency sensation that has taken the world by storm.

But even when you see NFTs being mentioned at every corner of the web, not many descriptions are available for them alongside said statements. Some call them digital assets, while others label them as collectibles. In either case, it seems difficult to understand what is an NFT, how does it work, and what purpose does it serve in the first place.

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