Beginner’s Guide to Disciplina ICO – Complete Review

One of the best ways of describing one of the core principles of cryptocurrency technology is a form of unifying users with a currency based marketplace.

In order for any cryptocurrency to succeed, there must be a strong community built around it. Therefore, as new blockchains are being introduced, there is a natural inclination to develop them around certain demographics, interests and problems.

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What is Ethos? Complete Review

The exponential growth of the cryptocurrency industry automatically translates to an increasing number of solution providers that are attached to this sector.

While this promises the existence of new businesses and in turn better solutions for the end users, it also means a more saturated space for said startups, who find themselves in a highly competitive environment. Anything they do could be easily outshone by the next provider, making their own growth a very difficult feat to achieve.

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A Complete BitBay Review for Beginners

BitBay is a cryptocurrency exchange that initiated its operations from the city of Katowice in Poland.

From its roots in Southern Poland to its new home in Malta, the exchange aims to power the local economy while serving a global audience in order to demonstrate the true meaning of a borderless business, especially when it operates in a medium which is built upon the same notion.

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Blockchain Week Got – Lambos, Snoop Dogg & Jack Dorsey

After the persistent lull around Bitcoin through 2018 to date, a New York event is trumpeting cryptocurrency again in a manner reminiscent of December 2017. Although the Bitcoin price still far from its heyday at just under $20,000, celebrity Bitcoin is but one aspect of a cryptosphere event like Blockchain Week.

A three-day blockchain bonanza started on May 10, 2018 and attendees can expect to see young technology enthusiasts debating the future of digital currencies with some big names in fintech. Startups will also be pitching their concepts to anyone who passes by. The New York City Economic Development Corporation is a principal partner in Blockchain Week, launched as a showcase that presents the city as a great destination for blockchain companies. A concurrent job fair has been scheduled for May 16, 2018.

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Germany’s Second Largest Stock Exchange Launches Crypto Trading Platform

Sowa Labs, a subsidiary of Börse Stuttgart, the second-largest stock exchange in Germany has developed its own cryptocurrency trading app called Bison. This was made known via a press release on Friday, April 13, 2018. Börse Stuttgart acquired a 100 percent stake in the Ulm-based Sowa Labs in December 2018. Exact details of the deal remain unknown but there are reports that put the acquisition in millions of euros. Sowa Labs now functions as the fintech arm of Börse Stuttgart.

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How to be Mindful while Trading, Mining or Learning about Crypto

This is a guest post by Kaira Jewel Lingo, a mindfulness teacher and spiritual mentor I’ve met last year at a wonderful retreat in Devon, UK. However, I have been using her guided meditations for many years in order to get some calm and ease in the middle of a busy day, or at the end of it. So it’s a great pleasure to invite Kaira Jewel to teach us how to slow down and enjoy life around our screens:

Many of us spend much of our day on the Internet, focused on things like web development, design, trading, mining, or learning about the ever-fascinating world of cryptocurrencies. Already surfing the Internet in our downtime for pleasure, shopping, or to read up on news can be quite addictive, all the more so when we must be online all day for our jobs and our income depends on rapid responses and quick decisions to market trends. It’s so easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole and lose ourselves.

There are practices we can learn to help us to regain perspective, maintain our balance, joy, relaxation and ease and engage mindfully with technology. It’s not easy, but it’s extremely worthwhile.

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