15 Bitcoin Price Predictions From the World’s Leading Speculators

bitcoin price predictions

Bitcoin’s “Monetary Policy”

“What percentage of your wealth should be tied up in bitcoin? A percentage that is equivalent to your understanding of how the technology works and your ability to absorb the risks it entails, which for most people is a small percentage”- A. Antonopoulos

Bitcoin is the single grandest financial experiment of the 21st century. A decentralized, global digital currency backed by cryptography; created and owned by the people, for the people, giving access to a global financial market to millions of unbanked people around the globe.

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Who is Andreas Antonopolous, the Bitcoin Sherpa

“As the adage of the entire internet once went: I just replaced your entire industry with 100 lines of Python code, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with Bitcoin.”- Andreas M. Antonopoulos, The Internet of Money

The cryptocurrencies are one of the highest trending topics of 2018. The catchphrases “Bitcoin price” and “How to buy bitcoin” are both at the 5th place of the most searched phrases on Google in 2017. But how can this be? If Bitcoin is not a company or an organization of some sorts, who pays for all the marketing? Is there any advertisement at all?

How did Bitcoin get to be one of the most trending subjects in the world if there’s no one behind it? If we justify the skyrocketing rise in the price of Bitcoin by the “massive adoption,” and in turn, explain the massive adoption by the skyrocketing price — then we’re just creating a spiral leading us nowhere. It’s clear that we’re missing something, but what is it?

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Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash – A Comparative Study

bitcoin vs bitcoin cash

Clearing up the confusion


“Sorry to be a wet blanket. Writing a description for (bitcoin) for general audiences is bloody hard. There’s nothing to relate it to.”- Satoshi Nakamoto

If you’re just entering the cryptocurrency sphere in 2018, you’re in for a treat. The past year has been one of the most exciting years in the crypto-scene, full of drama, scams, forks, and new and often confusing regulations. If you’re just starting to read up on things, the chances are, you’ll encounter chaos as you’ve never faced before.

Booming and crashing markets, thousands of different tokens and coins, different block chains, scaling technologies, fake news, millions of new blogs popping up everywhere — all in all, it’s just one big mess. On top of that, after getting spammed about Bitcoin over and over again, you finally decide to see what’s all this fuss about, and you come to learn that there’s more than one Bitcoin?

What kind of sorcery is this? Here you go- a comparative study of Bitcoin vs Bitcoin cash!!

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The Complete Guide to Bitcoin Transaction Fees

As a matter of fact, the past year has been a really exciting one for Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency has become a trending topic in the general public but it is often condensed to a mere small talk.

On the other hand, crypto aficionados and experts alike have been faced with a series of arising problems and heated debates within the community. We have borne witness to the rise of altcoins and new regulations followed by numerous reports of hacks all over the world, and the problem with the so-called “hard forks”.

This translates into a hefty package, full of intricate technicalities with a pinch of drama. Of course, no such big phenomena goes unnoticed, and the media’s attention was caught by the buzzing discussions within the crypto-community.

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Who is Vitalik Buterin, The Mastermind Behind Ethereum?

Early Life of Vitalik Buterin

Born January 31, 1994, in Russia, Vitalik Buterin is the Founder and chief scientist of the Ethereum project. Just like Bitcoin has its mythical figure that is Satoshi Nakamoto, Vitalik is the skinny, geeky-looking techie behind Ethereum.

But don’t let the cute cat T-shirts fool you, Vitalik was introduced to Bitcoin in February 2011 when he was 17, and at that time no one at his age had even a remote idea what cryptocurrencies were. Initially, his father was more interested DLT and cryptocurrencies, whilst Buterin didn’t think much of it.

After hearing about it, repeatedly, he eventually got interested in it — so much so, in fact, that he quit playing World of Warcraft and got possessed by the potential power of this new technology.

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US Cryptocurrency Regulation: Policies, Regimes & More

us cryptocurrency regulation

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have gained maximum momentum. Their adoption rate is increasing exponentially with no signs of stopping. As a consequence, the Fintech enterprise is experiencing massive transformation, and its effects ripple across multiple industries.

Let’s just wind the clock back to 2009.

The inception of Bitcoin was just the primum movens, the initial force that triggered massive innovation in a field previously unknown to humankind. The success of cryptocurrencies has been such that today, the total market cap is equating $740 billion, with more than 1400 different crypto-coins and tokens, and tens of thousands, possibly even millions of new jobs created.

At this point, it’s safe to say that cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere.

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An Introductory Guide to Cryptocurrency Regulation


Right off the bat, this article has no intention of digging deep into the legal nature of cryptocurrencies or deconstructing specific national regulations, but rather it strives to paint a general picture of the regulatory approaches undertaken by governments all over the world, and the problems they’re currently facing.

More importantly, it aims to equip you with sufficient knowledge of the legal intricacies surrounding Distributed Ledger Technology frameworks, so you can get a general sense of the direction which government regulators are taking in regard to cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.

Hopefully, this will allow you to better manage your expectations and predictions about the pace and direction this stochastic industry is about to take in its future development.

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Nick Szabo: The Mysterious Blockchain Titan

Nick Szabo is a living legend in both the cryptocurrency and cryptography worlds. Although he’s not a household name, and if you’re new to the crypto games, you probably would have never heard of him.

However, Nick Szabo has godlike status amongst the sincere crypto enthusiasts.

The man’s extensive range of interest, extending from the origins of money, economic and legal history to cryptography and blockchain technology makes him a natural polymath and a one-of-a-kind man.

Both a computer scientist and a legal scholar, he married his two central interests and, in 1996, gave birth to the concept of “smart contracts.” Many years later, “smart contracts” became the central “feature” of the Ethereum blockchain protocol and gave rise to a whole new way of commerce on the Internet.

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The Ultimate Monero Guide

monero guide

First, Let’s Talk About Privacy

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”- Benjamin Franklin

In today’s world of advanced civilizational dependence on technology, one can barely make the case that today’s society, although declaring to respect and cherish individual freedoms, gives any value to one of the essential human needs- privacy.

Individual dignity, integrity, personal autonomy, and independence are one’s essence as a human being, and these values lay the grounds of what humans conceptualize as privacy.

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What is Ethereum: The Ultimate Guide

Ethereum is the next big technological step for humankind.

From a comparative standpoint, if Bitcoin is decentralizing currency, Ethereum is decentralizing the Internet.

Ethereum will change everything: the way we exchange value over the Internet, the way we use our computers, it will revolutionize the development of applications, communications, and ultimately our futures.

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