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Stellar (XLM) Review – Competition to Ripple and Ethereum?

The cryptocurrency currency industry has seen a rapid increase in growth. This growth in the deployment of various projects shows significant competition in the cryptocurrency space.

As each quarter progresses we will see the separation of wheat from the chaff. It is crucial to understand what sort of coins and tokens bring value to the industry and why they matter.

To understand the value, one must delve into the nuances, the history and the difference in ideology and technology of the project. Then, one must watch the project and see how it progresses.

Investors have to see if the project is meeting goals, deadlines and focusing on crucial tasks like creating an ecosystem and catering to real-world problems.

The same holds true for even established cryptocurrencies, that in one way or another, were left behind by stern competition.

An interesting cryptocurrency is the Stellar network and its native cryptocurrency, Lumens (XLM).

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