Stellar (XLM) Review – Competition to Ripple and Ethereum?

The cryptocurrency currency industry has seen a rapid increase in growth. This growth in the deployment of various projects shows significant competition in the cryptocurrency space.

As each quarter progresses we will see the separation of wheat from the chaff. It is crucial to understand what sort of coins and tokens bring value to the industry and why they matter.

To understand the value, one must delve into the nuances, the history and the difference in ideology and technology of the project. Then, one must watch the project and see how it progresses.

Investors have to see if the project is meeting goals, deadlines and focusing on crucial tasks like creating an ecosystem and catering to real-world problems.

The same holds true for even established cryptocurrencies, that in one way or another, were left behind by stern competition.

An interesting cryptocurrency is the Stellar network and its native cryptocurrency, Lumens (XLM).

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The Ultimate Guide to Request Network: Complete Review

The blockchain industry is growing at an exponential rate, mainly due to the security, transparency, and global access that the technology brings to the table.

Due to these benefits, while many use cases have been put forth for this sought after technology, its most apparent and primary utilization seems to relate to peer-to-peer transactions that make global payments easier than before.

However, it would not be incorrect to state that the current payment-based platforms leave a lot to be desired. The nuances relating to the sector also make it clear that there is a need for an effective solution for this segment.

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A Beginner’s Guide to CoinFalcon: Complete Review

CoinFalcon is a U.K. based cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in August 2017.

Since it is a fairly new cryptocurrency exchange, comparing it directly with industry giants such as Coinbase or Binance might not necessarily be fair to it, and may paint an inaccurate picture.

Therefore, we will focus more on what CoinFalcon offers to its customers and what it lacks in providing as an individual exchange.

We’ll be taking this approach, rather than comparing it directly with these industry behemoths in order to keep the analysis fair.

That being said, whether you call it unfortunate or pragmatic, the fact remains that CoinFalcon does have these entities as its direct competition.

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Monero vs ASICs New Coins That Came Out of the Hard Fork

We have all seen it happen with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Atom, Bitcoin Dark… the list goes on and on when it comes to altcoins that are just another name for the original Bitcoin with a few new features added to the offering.

While Bitcoin and almost everyone in the cryptocurrency industry has grown to be accustomed of such developments to the point where they are not considered to be lurid anymore, other coins have not been as experienced in this forking front.

That is why when news broke of not one or two, but three new coins originating from Monero all at once, it did send a sense of wonder through the Monero and general cryptocurrency community.

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Ethereum vs EOS: A Comparative Study

Supporters of EOS were able to breathe a sigh of relief when the recently publicized segment from John Oliver and its subsequent infamy finally died down.

However, it seems that the cycle of negative publicity has not yet ended for the blockchain development platform.

EOS has gained newfound traction across the cryptocurrency community after Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin shared his views on the delegated proof of stake mechanism used by EOS.

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Litecoin Review (LTC) – Can It Survive Bitcoin Lighting Network?

It is very likely that you’ve heard about Bitcoin’s “cousins”. These cousins that we speak of are hard forks that either separated themselves from Bitcoin’s family to find a place of their own or were just created on Bitcoin’s open source code to tweak it according to what they saw fit.

Some of them, like Bitcoin Cash, moved out in characteristic bitterness, while others left or parted ways somewhat amicably, keeping doors open for the holidays while they built their own life.

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Bitcoin vs Ethereum: A Comparative Study

This question may come up in many a discussion with newbies entering the cryptocurrency domain, but surprisingly, even some who have been in the cryptocurrency field for a while may still have some confusion as to the strengths of the individual coins.

The question above can bring about a look of bewilderment on the faces of some, while others answer the question with a sense of elderly wisdom, telling young grasshoppers that Bitcoin is to an apple what Ethereum is to an orange. The two are playing in different dimensions.

This extensive comparison is meant to provide a sense of clarity on the matter of the differentiation between the two prominent cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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Monero vs Zcash: A Comparative Study

The pressing talks of regulations and investigations by governments all over the world have caused users of cryptocurrencies to be concerned about the issues of protecting their privacy through these digital assets.

It is a widely known fact that while famous public blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum do not share their users’ personal information on the network, other details like transaction statistics are shared. These transaction statistics include the amount shared and the network addresses involved in the transaction. This information is published publicly to maintain a transparent ledger.

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Kraken Exchange: A Detailed Review

Kraken is a U.S. based digital currency exchange that was founded in July 2011 by CEO Jesse Powell, an entrepreneur who was known for his expertise in maknaging digital goods and assets.

According to Powell, the inception for Kraken resulted from his participation in helping the Mt. Gox exchange after a hacking attempt in 2011.

After seeing the poor way that MtGox was managed, Powell decided that there was a need for a digital asset exchange which could fulfil the requirement for high security standards and deliver services according to latest market trends of the growing industry. Powell envisioned an exchange that catered and appealed to proficient traders, designing implementations like the ability for margin trading.

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