What is Shapeshift – Complete Review

The increasingly stringent requirements by most popular cryptocurrency exchanges that require users to go through weeks of verification processes before they can properly use the provided services make the trading experience too daunting, at least initially.

That is why, whenever there’s a solution that promises to eradicate those issues in an established manner, it is no wonder that users lean towards it in order to benefit from its services.

ShapeShift.io is one such solution which has recently gained significant traction due to the services that it provides and how popular it has proved to be among the cryptocurrency community.

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A Complete Evercoin Review

Evercoin is a cryptocurrency exchange service that lets its users exchange between a variety of cryptocurrencies without having to go through a registration process with the platform.

By eradicating the need for registration, Evercoin presents its users with the ability to use a sort of “pay as you go” service when it comes to buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Established in mid-2017, Evercoin was based on the idea to provide users with a platform where they would be able to exchange between cryptocurrencies without having to go through weeks of verification before they were able to use any exchange services.

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What is Switcheo – Complete Review

The growing number of hacking incidents against cryptocurrency exchanges and the subsequent need for stronger security measures has raised a question on the business model of these institutions. Despite dealing with blockchain technology through the cryptocurrencies that they trade every day, exchanges remain wary of using the technology within their own systems to stand against malicious cyber attacks.

The same line of thought originated the idea of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), which operate solely on blockchain technology and could remain far safer than their “centralized” counterparts.

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The Ultimate Guide to Poloniex: Complete Review

While cryptocurrency exchanges seem to be an overpopulated sub industry all over the world, they seem to be scarce in the U.S. market, where it gets difficult to find companies that are trustworthy, efficient and not intending to break the bank for their customers when it comes to using their services.

However, even with the increasing talks of regulations within the country over the past few years, there are exchanges that have not only been operating within the territory, but which were born in the midst of uncertainty to go on and achieve new heights of success.

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Ripple vs. Stellar – A Comprehensive Guide

Competition seems to be an integral part of any industry.

Whether it is between products, services, or the very providers behind them, it seems that the sense of rivalry is ubiquitous among any entities that are vying for the same stature in a respective segment.

Therefore, it is no surprise to read or hear arguments when it comes to cryptocurrency networks.

For instance, when it comes to development, people argue whether Ethereum will be killed by EOS; or when it comes to privacy based cryptocurrency transactions, whether Monero would be able to maintain its superiority over Zcash.

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A Beginner’s Guide to EOS (EOS): Complete Review

When Bitcoin debuted in 2009 as the world’s first cryptocurrency, it was deemed to be a technological marvel due to its usage of blockchain technology.

Being the first in utilizing blockchain and thus establishing itself as being profoundly unique for its time, Bitcoin maintained its status as the standard in decentralized blockchains for years to come.

However, a few years down the road, we have reached a point where decentralized blockchains centered on cryptocurrencies do not seem to be enough of a use case to leverage the full potential of blockchain technology.

Projects such as Ethereum and NEO have come to light in the past few years, and have pushed the envelope. These projects have established themselves as fully-fledged developmental machines, allowing for more use cases and potential.

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The Ultimate Guide to Bitfinex: Complete Review

Whether you have been trading in cryptocurrency assets since a long time or have just delved into this world, chances are that you have heard about Bitfinex.

Ranking over the fifth spot on the list of the world’s top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume and being the largest Bitcoin trading exchange, Bitfinex has made a name for itself when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.

While carving that niche should have been a milestone, the exchange does not seem to have had the opportunity to translate it into credible operations and has been riddled with controversies.

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Stellar (XLM) Review – Competition to Ripple and Ethereum?

The cryptocurrency currency industry has seen a rapid increase in growth. This growth in the deployment of various projects shows significant competition in the cryptocurrency space.

As each quarter progresses we will see the separation of wheat from the chaff. It is crucial to understand what sort of coins and tokens bring value to the industry and why they matter.

To understand the value, one must delve into the nuances, the history and the difference in ideology and technology of the project. Then, one must watch the project and see how it progresses.

Investors have to see if the project is meeting goals, deadlines and focusing on crucial tasks like creating an ecosystem and catering to real-world problems.

The same holds true for even established cryptocurrencies, that in one way or another, were left behind by stern competition.

An interesting cryptocurrency is the Stellar network and its native cryptocurrency, Lumens (XLM).

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The Ultimate Guide to Request Network: Complete Review

The blockchain industry is growing at an exponential rate, mainly due to the security, transparency, and global access that the technology brings to the table.

Due to these benefits, while many use cases have been put forth for this sought after technology, its most apparent and primary utilization seems to relate to peer-to-peer transactions that make global payments easier than before.

However, it would not be incorrect to state that the current payment-based platforms leave a lot to be desired. The nuances relating to the sector also make it clear that there is a need for an effective solution for this segment.

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A Beginner’s Guide to CoinFalcon: Complete Review

CoinFalcon is a U.K. based cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in August 2017.

Since it is a fairly new cryptocurrency exchange, comparing it directly with industry giants such as Coinbase or Binance might not necessarily be fair to it, and may paint an inaccurate picture.

Therefore, we will focus more on what CoinFalcon offers to its customers and what it lacks in providing as an individual exchange.

We’ll be taking this approach, rather than comparing it directly with these industry behemoths in order to keep the analysis fair.

That being said, whether you call it unfortunate or pragmatic, the fact remains that CoinFalcon does have these entities as its direct competition.

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