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Monero Price and Guide

The Ultimate Monero (XMR) Guide: Complete Review

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In today’s world of advanced civilizational dependence on technology, one can barely make the case that today’s society, although declaring to respect and cherish individual freedoms, gives any value to one of the essential human needs- privacy.

Individual dignity, integrity, personal autonomy, and independence are one’s essence as a human being, and these values lay the grounds of what humans conceptualize as privacy.

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Best Monero Mining Hardware

Monero has risen to be the top privacy coin in cryptocurrencies, with a market cap large enough to make it the #13 largest crypto by market cap as of early July 2018. One of the reasons it has risen so far is the highly engaged community of developers and users.

In addition to the privacy feature, many have been attracted to Monero because it is very user-friendly to miners. It remains as one of the coins that can be efficiently mined using the CPU or GPU on any computer. That means anyone can mine Monero, even without any special hardware. What makes Monero so user-friendly for mining is its consensus algorithm, which is currently Cryptonight v7.

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