Best NFT marketplaces to buy, sell and trade digital collectibles

best nft marketplaces

Approximately every four years, the cryptocurrency market undergoes a bullish cycle. In 2021,  however, things are a bit different. While previous bullish markets could be linked to just a couple of events, a wide variety of factors have contributed to this price increase this time around.

Institutional interest in Bitcoin, the rise of DeFi, and skyrocketing meme coins are just a few that are worth mentioning. One major catalyst is the explosion of the NFT ecosystem and the digital collectibles market. NFT marketplaces have recorded volumes of $10.7 billion in Q3 2021 alone, which proves the success of this cryptocurrency niche.

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Navalism – Quotes & Perceptions by Naval Ravikant

More than just a businessman, entrepreneur, and investor, we consider Naval Ravikant to be a sort of a modern philosopher. As an influential thinker, he has changed the way people perceive their surroundings and the business world. His famous tweet thread on “How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)” contains some of the great pieces of wisdom on how to succeed in the cutthroat business world, without compromising on your ethics.

Generally speaking, his content is an invaluable resource to enlighten yourself on a wide variety of subjects, including business, money, society, spirituality, just to name a few. Every time you see him participating in a discussion, podcast, or interview, you simply know that you will be learning something new and valuable.

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