30 Books on Investing You Should Read Before Diving into Cryptocurrency Trading

The cryptocurrency world can be so daunting for beginners to fathom. Currently, there are over 1500  cryptocurrencies in existence with countless articles about these printed on the web.

However, these articles don’t supply a novice trader with the relevant information to get started. If you’re thinking of becoming a trader, then the best choice would be to immerse yourself in one or several of the following cryptocurrency books.

Which are the best books to read before diving into cryptocurrency trading?

Written by Stephen Satoshi, Cryptocurrency Beginners Bible contains solid advice on how novice traders can make money through trading and investing in digital assets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and other alternative currencies. It also offers advice on the best investment strategies.




This book is not a how-to guide about cryptocurrencies. Rather, it tells you why cryptocurrencies matter and why you should care. The writer, Andreas Antonopoulos provides answers to some of the key questions about Bitcoin while also dispelling doubt about cryptocurrencies. This book will basically build your faith in digital currencies so you can sail through even when the markets are unfavorable.




Written by two expert fund managers-Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar-this book is an investment manual for both novice and advanced crypto traders and investors. It offers actionable tips for valuing crypto assets, `portfolio management techniques, a guide to exchanges, capital markets and valuable tips on how to navigate inevitable bubbles.





If you want to learn the ABCs of cryptocurrencies, this is the book to read. It teaches you about wallet technologies, how they differ from each other and their pros and cons. Through this Keizer Soze’s investment guide, you will be able to know the best cryptos to invest in and also how you can effectively manage your portfolio.

Keizer has several volumes on Cryptocurrency trading & investing; reading all of them may make you one of the best volatile assets trader.

Cryptocurrency 2018 is a crypto manual written by Abraham K White. Apart from delving into some of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, this book goes further to provide mining and trading advice. Abraham is also known for books like Bitcoin Unleashed and Blockchain.






This was the greatest investment book of the 20th century and some of the richest individuals alive today borrowed a leaf from it. Its Writer, Benjamin Graham was a distinguished professor with the famous nickname, ‘the godfather of investing. The book will not teach you how to mint millions but will show you how to avoid mind-blowing loses in volatile markets.





This book by Andrew Aziz takes you through the tools and tactics necessary for success as a day trader. It also teaches money management, how to pick stocks, as well as the psychology of trading. It’s suitable for those with zero knowledge of forex/crypto trading.





Andreas Antonopoulos’ Mastering Bitcoin takes one through the journey of Bitcoin creation and the technology behind it. The introduction is pretty broad, and its ideas are ideal for business executives, investors and other non-technical users. The deeper sections of the book are suitable for individuals who want to understand things like SegWit, P2P, lightning network and other developments that have happened.



This book by Michael Batnick explores the failures of some of the most successful individuals, lessons they learned and how they got back into the game. While experiencing failure can be a good thing, this book’s wisdom can help you avoid common investment pitfalls.





Written by Artemis Caro, this trilogy course provides valuable tips on how to profit from blockchain, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. It also takes a look at the challenges and limitations of the blockchain, the role of self-executed smart contracts, consensus algorithms and much more.




Like the one above, this book too only informs about blockchain, Ethereum and bitcoin and thence useful to newbies. It goes further to help you verify your account with an exchange as well as show you how and when to buy or sell your cryptocurrency.






This book covers a heck lot of topics that any investor who’s into cryptocurrencies would love to know. Some of the things covered include mining, ICO, Ethereum, trading, top crypto coins to invest in, the best exchanges, the blockchain itself and reliable strategies to make money.





If your biggest challenge is how to set up your portfolio with viable coins, then this book will smoothen things up for you. It further discusses the strength and weaknesses of the coins it proposes and supplies tips and strategies to navigate the volatile crypto markets.





Superbly rated on Amazon, this book shows you how you can invest in ICOs and cryptocurrencies without incurring losses that could make you lose your sleep. The best part about it is that it steers away from the technical jargon found in many crypto manuals.






A heavily detailed cryptocurrency trading book that shows you how to enter the market, stop-loss, market indices to track, profitable sell strategies, how to read charts and much more. The concepts are written in a simple language.






As every book struggles to tell you how to mint thousands and millions in cryptocurrencies, this Stephen Satoshi piece took a different turn. It tells you the mistakes rookie investors usually make so you don’t continue the trend.






This book contains a list of cryptocurrencies that are currently selling under a dollar and have higher chances of generating profits. The language is simpler, and the book takes you straight to the cryptocurrency list.






This starter’s guide by Paul McGlade touches on the basics of cryptocurrencies, how they function, how to separate genuine tech from scams, and how to buy them. There is a section with advanced tips for seasoned investors as well.





A brainchild of Andrew Aziz, Ph.D., this book describes the fundamentals of day trading, trading strategies, and how to successfully navigate the ever-changing markets.






This book is merely a collection of raw executive briefings on digital money, the blockchain, 30 cryptocurrencies, associated vocabulary and investment strategies.





Perhaps you already know the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum, but this book consists of several chapters touching on investing strategies, opportunities, rules to abide by and risk mitigating tips.






Every investor and trader has to learn how to chart. Otherwise, it would be hard to know what you are doing. This book is basically a beginner’s course to charting prices, analyzing and being able to predict market movement.





If you don’t know what moves to make when the market is in a bearish move, Matthew R Kratter’s book can help out. It’s got the strategies you can employ while buying the dips without getting crushed.






This book contains actionable tips, strategies, and advice that one can use for long-term profits. You will learn how to get your hand on crypto coins without mining, how to identify genuine and profitable ICOs and many other things.






Quite an exhaustive book that aims to teach new crypto investors how they can make money in volatile markets. Some of the lessons in it include how to buy, store, exchange, and trade digital assets safely. It also shows one how to read charts.





The Science of Cryptocurrencies is a course that helps newbies grasp the basic of these assets. It also lays out a systematic process of investing and mining some of the crypto coins.






As the name suggests, this book solely aims at educating you (the beginner) what Blockchain, exchanges, wallets, mining, Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies are and the purpose they serve. The good thing is that it explains the inner working of more than ten coins, unlike other books that talk about one or two.





Inside this book, you will find sections dealing with blockchain, easy ways to invest, recommended cryptocurrencies, how currencies gain and lose value, a stepwise guide to mining, tips for staying safe and a look at how regulatory bodies are struggling to contain crypto projects.





This book by Anthony Tu carries solid advice on how to get started with cryptocurrencies-especially the common ones. It also has a section that covers the important cryptocurrency terminology you need to know.





Some of the dangerous waters to wallow in while new to crypto world are ICOs. To avoid starting off on the wrong foot, this top-rated book on Amazon can guide you. A few of the sections you’ll find in include introduction to ICOs, evaluating a business model, technical aspects of investing and how to unmask scam projects.





This comprehensive list offers you some of the best cryptocurrency books you can read to widen your knowledge base. With the vast information available from these books, it’ll be easy to avoid most of the mistakes made by rookie investors while dealing with cryptocurrencies.

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