Top 100 Cryptocurrency Blogs You Need To Follow

Just 5 short years ago it was fairly difficult to find cryptocurrency and blockchain resources. Oh, they existed, but only a handful, and some of the sites were very primitive and not user friendly. Jump forward to 2018 and we are spoiled for choice, with literally hundreds of blogs, vlogs, podcasts, tools and resources in the cryptocurrency space, with even more being added every week.

So, now the problem is in finding all these great resources and deciding which ones we need to use on a daily basis.

With that in mind I’ve gathered together over a hundred of the top cryptocurrency blogs and websites below, categorizing them and providing short descriptions to help you decide if you want to check the site out further. So, dig in and enjoy the list!

General Crypto

BitBuddy, @mybitbuddy

(Category: General crypto)

BitBuddy is dedicated to teaching newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency. Sponsored and supported by a non-profit organization, it seeks to provide the community with a free and unbiased resources that helps anyone to understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. They have guides dedicated to the basics, and then more in-depth information regarding smart contracts, mining, altcoins, scalability, and more.

Coin Sutra, @CoinSutra

(Category: General crypto)

Coin Sutra was started in November 2016 as a resource specifically for Bitcoin, but soon grew so rapidly that the founders realized they needed to expand to cover the world of cryptocurrencies. And that’s what they’ve been doing. In addition to getting great information and in-depth guides to the technology behind the cryptocurrencies, Coin Sutra also provides its users with discounts and deals from leading exchanges. Every day you’ll get a new article aimed at increasing your knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Blokt, @bloktcrypto

(Category: General crypto)

The Blokt site was created in September 2017 as a source of unbiased news and information about cryptocurrencies and the industry. The founders seek to address the undeniable bias they saw in the reporting on the top crypto news sites, providing free resources and information that doesn’t ignore the issues with the cryptocurrency, project or ICO they report on. Whether you want unbiased news, detailed guides, info on ICOs, or financial and technical analysis of your favorite coin, Blokt has you covered.

Crypto Minded, @cryptomindedcom

(Category: General crypto)

Crypto Minded is a manually curated list of the best resources in cryptoland. You’ll learn about tools, services and other resources that will help you maximize your crypto investments and guide you through the ever-changing landscape. Plus, you can get exclusive access to interview with industry leaders, and join the Slack channel for discussions about cryptocurrencies and personal finance with other Crypto Minded readers.

Brave New Coin, @bravenewcoin

(Category: General crypto)

Brave new coin delivers news and insights from the cryptocurrency space, but its main function is as a cryptocurrency and blockchain data company. They publish technical analysis and research, used by key decision makers across the industry. The superior Data-Engine created by Brave New Coin taps into every cryptocurrency exchange on the planet, tracking all tokens in real-time to produce API’s and blockchain data tools for Developers, Traders & Enterprise users.

99 Bitcoins, @99BitcoinsHQ

(Category: General Crypto)

99Bitcoins looks to explain blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the simplest manner possible. In fact, the site was started because the founder didn’t see any sites at the time that provided clear and easy to understand guides to Bitcoin and the ecosystem surrounding it. Since launching it has grown into one of the largest non-technical resources for beginners to the cryptocurrency space – including Bitcoin Basics, Bitcoin trading tips and techniques and even information about mining Bitcoins., @altcoins

(Category: General crypto) is a site for Bitcoin alternatives. Find out more about alternate cryptocurrencies, real alternatives to Bitcoin. This site contains useful information about every alt coin such as client download locations, mining guide, exchange info and more. Use this site to get familiar with live bitcoin alternatives. Use alt coins, mine and exchange them. Keep the alternate chains alive.

Token Economy

(Category: General crypto)

Token Economy is dedicated to keeping track of new developments in the distributed ledger technology space. The real draw of the site is their weekly curated newsletter which highlights some of the top cryptocurrency stories, along with bleeding edge technology stories from sources that probably aren’t on your radar. The newsletter does pull heavily from Medium blogs, but also includes stories from some of the thought leaders in the crypto and blockchain industry who may only post once every 60-90 days. You’d likely miss it, but Token Economy picks it up and lets you know.

Store of Value, @SovCryptoBlog

(Category: General Crypto)

Store of Value is written by a programmer, day trader and crypto enthusiast and always delivers well research and in-depth information. You may wait a week or two between posts, but you can always be sure that what you get from the Store of Value blog will be top-notch. The blog will help you uncover the fundamentals behind various cryptocurrencies, and highlight potential market opportunities and pitfalls.

Tony Sheng, @tonysheng

(Category: General Crypto)

Tony Sheng is a builder and investor in emerging technologies as well as a product lead at Decentraland. Current interests and blog topics are in crypto (NFTs and games especially), VR/AR, and machine intelligence. He doesn’t post often, but when he does it’s invariably insightful and on a topic that isn’t being beaten to death of other crypto related sites. Definitely worth subscribing and waiting for his next post.

Token Daily, @tokendaily

(Category: General Crypto)

Token Daily is a place for crypto enthusiasts, though leaders, token developers and anyone else interested in the growth of the cryptocurrency space to come together for discussions and deep-diving Q&A sessions with top industry professionals. This is not your typical blog, but is more like an old fashioned message board, where members are permitted to post their own information to be voted on and discussed by the community. A novel approach to the world of crpytocurrency information and discussions and a good place to find otherwise difficult to discover conversations.

Blockonomi, @blockonomi

(Category: General Crypto)
Blockonomi is a fast-growing blog launched in 2017 which aims to cover all aspects of cryptocurrencies, fintech and the blockchain economy. With a focus on creating information articles, news and tutorials to help readers gain an understanding of this new technology, their goal is to help understand the technology and the business behind this new economy and make cryptocurrency easy and accessible for everyone. Their guides are especially in-depth, and they do a good job covering the newer coins you may not have heard of previously.

Of Numbers, @ofnumbers

(Category: General Crypto)

This is the blog of Tim Swanson, former Director of Marketing at R3, and currently the founder and Director of Research at Post Oak Labs. His writings and speaking engagements are frequently quoted by mainstream media sources such as Wired, MIT Technology Review, Reuters, The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The New Republic, American Banker, and International Business Times.

Oleg Andreev, @oleganza

(Category: General Crypto)

You want to get to the inside circle of Bitcoin development you’ll need to become a top developer. Or you can follow the writings of top developers, like Oleg Andreev. His blog is infrequently updated, but always interesting and full of wisdom regarding the utility of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Subscribe and be happy when the next post comes out.

Money and State, @ErikVoorhees

(Category: General Crypto)

Money and State is the blog of Erik Voorhees, CEO of the digital currency exchange, creator of the viral Satoshi Dice game that did so much to further awareness and adoption of Bitcoin, and a firm believer that there is no such thing as a “free market” when the institution of money itself is centrally planned and controlled. This blog is about the human struggle for the separation of money and state, and about Bitcoin as the instrument by which it will happen.

Reddit r/CryptoCurrency

(Category: General Crypto)

While it isn’t a blog, Reddit is arguably the most visited site on the internet by people looking to consume or share cryptocurrency related news. Long before there were blogs on the subject, people were talking crypto on Reddit. This is the top cryptocurrency related thread, but there are many others such as: r/Altcoin, r/Best_of_Crypto, r/BitcoinMarkets, r/Blockchain, r/BitcoinMining, r/Bitcoin_Unlimited, r/BitcoinXT, r/CryptoMarkets, r/CryptoRecruiting, r/CryptoTrade, r/DoItForTheCoin, r/EthTrader, r/Jobs4Crypto, r/Liberland, r/LitecoinMarkets, r/LitecoinMining, r/OpenBazaar, r/XMRtrader, and r/GPUmining

CoinNoob, @CoinNoobCrypto

(Category: General Crypto)

CoinNoob is a recently started blog that aims to educate about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a simple and easy to understand way. They are combining basic guides with interviews and critical news stories to create an interesting take on the cryptocurrency space.

Cryptocurrency How-to

(Category: General Crypto)

The Cryptocurrency How-To site takes a unique angle as it posts other users YouTube videos and then explains them in a simple, no-nonsense manner. The combination of the actual video and the simple explanations is pretty brilliant, and a great way for beginning to intermediate crypto-enthusiasts to get deeper into areas of crypto and blockchain that might otherwise be too complex on the surface.

Bits on Blocks, @antony_btc

(Category: General Crypto)

Bits on Blocks is dedicated to the study and reporting of blockchain technology focused information. It was started by Antony Lewis in 2015, and has presented a wealth of information in the several years of its life. The site has a bias towards Asian reporting as Mr. Lewis is based in Singapore. The site strives for clear, practical articles that are accessible to business people. Most of all, Bits on Blocks believes that cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology can make the world better.

Crypto Names, @CryptoNames

(Category: General Crypto)

After seeing all these awesome blogs you might be thinking of starting your own cryptocurrency, blockchain, or fintech blog. You’ll need a great, brandable URL for your new blog, and Crypto Names is just the place that can help. Crypto Names specializes in everything financial technology domain name related, and has a huge inventory of domain names. Perfect for the aspiring new blogger.

CryptoClarified, @cryptoclarified

(Category: General Crypto)

Crypto Clarified is cryptocurrency simplified. In layman’s terms for the rest of us. They give unbiased coverage and news on the various cryptocurrencies as well as educational material on how to buy and store (safely) if you choose to do so.  If not, that’s cool too, stick around and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two. Winner of the Blockbliss 2018 Top 10 Cryptocurrency blogs.

Hackernoon, @hackernoon

(Category: General Crypto)

Widely regarded as one of the top technology blogs online today, it includes in-depth blockchain op-ed pieces, along with articles related to nearly every aspect of modern technology – from computers to mobile devices to social media and the internet to artificial intelligence – well you get the picture. If it’s tech you’ll likely find it on Hackernoon.

Crypto Hackers, @crypto_hackers

(Category: General Crypto)

Crypto Hackers is dedicated to what they term the “Inspiring success stories from Crypto Superheros.” This is where you go to learn the stories behind some of the biggest and best startups and entrepreneurs in the crypto space. I just wish the interviews were in audio or video format.

The Memory Pool, @nakamotoinst

(Category: General Crypto)

This is the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute blog and has wonderful content, but only posts a few times a year. Still worth subscribing to as you don’t want to miss those few posts, and you at least know that they won’t be flooding you with emails. If you have the time, go back through the older posts and have a read to see where they got it right, and where they got it wrong, and why things did or did not develop as forecast in some of those older posts.

CryptoBriefing, @crypto_briefing

(Category: General Crypto)

Crypto Briefing was created to help spread the word about the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. By growing the community of like-minded individuals they hope to bring this innovative technology into the mainstream. The site covers everything from the basics for beginners to advanced topics for more informed users. While the site does do ICO reviews, they are always factual and unbiased, independent, unsponsored and unpaid.


This is the first blockchain powered educational platform, where students are able to earn cryptocurrency tokens while they learn.

We Use Coins, @WeUseCoins

(Category: General Crypto)

The team at We Use Coins is dedicated to bringing information about blockchain technology to the average person in a non-technical and easy to understand manner. The site has a large number of useful guides, all well written and easy to understand. It also uses infographics and video quite a bit, which is beneficial to those who learn better in ways other than reading. Finally, the site has already been translated into 7 languages other than English in an effort to spread the word farther and faster.

Bitcoin Mining, @WeUseCoins

(Category: General Crypto)

Brought to you by the same people that run We Use Coins, The Bitcoin Mining site is specifically for those interested in ways to mine Bitcoin. It covers the basics of how mining works, how to get started and the hardware and software needed. It also goes into mining pools and cloud mining, as well as providing reviews of the various products and services in the Bitcoin mining realm. While the site is primarily about Bitcoin mining, you can also find guides to get started mining Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH and Dogecoin.

MyCryptopedia, @MyCryptopedia

(Category: General Crypto)

MyCryptopedia is a general crypto knowledge site, but it isn’t necessarily for beginners as it covers some pretty advanced topics in blockchain technology. That said, it does so in a fairly straightforward manner, and would be a good choice for someone who already understands the basics and is looking to gain additional knowledge about the ever evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Teo areas of the site that are quite useful for beginners are the Cryptocurrency Tutorial, and a Cryptocurrency Dictionary.

Local Crypto Events

(Category: General Crypto)

Local Crypto Events is a community website that shows you interesting crypto events. Find crypto events near yourself or add any event that’s happening nearby and is missing from the list. Local events a great way to connect with other crypto-enthusiasts who live near you, but they aren’t always advertised so well. With this site you shouldn’t have to miss out on any local crypto events.

Crypto Tutorials

(Category: General Crypto)

Crypto Tutorials brings you short, easy to understand tutorials on the most asked about subjects in crypto. How do I know they are frequently asked about? Because the site actually creates its tutorials based on user submitted requests. So, if there’s an answer you know someone else wanted to know how to do it, and if there isn’t a tutorial you need, you can go ahead and ask for it to be created. Pretty neat, huh?

Satoshi Answers

(Category: General Crypto)

A brand new cryptocurrency specific question & answers site. Think of Quora or Yahoo Answers, but only for cryptocurrency related questions. The site is just beginning to get traction, so why not head over there and ask or answers some questions.

Crypto News

Bitcoin Magazine, @BitcoinMagazine

(Category: Crypto news)

Bitcoin Magazine is the oldest and most established online source of news regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It attempts to provide expert commentary on the digital currency space, giving its readers news, opinion pieces, education, research and analysis for the crypto world. Bitcoin Magazine has been in operation since 2012, providing analysis and news on the intersection of technology and finance., @BTCTN

(Category: Crypto News)

At you can learn pretty much everything there is to know about Bitcoin, from beginners guides to mining or buying Bitcoin, to storing your Bitcoin. There’s also more advanced features for those looking into digging into the investment side of cryptocurrencies, or wanting to learn more about the blockchain technology that underpins almost all current cryptocurrencies. There’s a forum as well for social interaction, and information about events and conferences. Oh, and of course there’s news, helpful tools and real-time market price and chart information.

CryptoCoinsNews, @CryptoCoinsNews

(Category: Crypto News)

Crypto Coins News considers itself to be one of the leading cryptocurrency news sites, providing real time news and analysis of the entire cryptocurrency space. ICOs are covered extensively, and you’ll find market information as well. The real strength of the site lies in its news coverage, with some good opinion and editorial pieces as well. Definitely a good bookmark, but do watch for the sponsored stories as they are sprinkled quite liberally throughout as well

CoinDesk, @CoinDesk

(Category: Crypto News)

CoinDesk is one of the older news sites, having been launched in May 2013. As you might expect it sees millions of views each month and has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and subscribed to daily and weekly newsletters. It also has the most widely sourced Bitcoin Price Index, with The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and others incorporating the BPI charts into their reporting. In addition to its news reporting, it also hosts the world’s largest blockchain technology gathering, the Consensus summit, each year in New York City. Last May 2017 saw a sold out crowd of over 2,700 attendees at the summit, and the 2018 summit is expected to have 4,500+ attendees. Finally, it also hosts Consensus: Invest, an event designed to showcase the new crypto asset class to institutional investors across the globe.

CoinTelegraph, @Cointelegraph

(Category: Crypto News)

Cointelegraph is one of the older cryptocurrency focused outlets, having been founded in 2013. It is an online independent news publication covering the cryptocurrency space, blockchain technology, decentralized applications (dApps), as well as the internet of finance and generation 3.0 web development. They bring the latest news, cryptocurrency prices, technological breakthroughs and market analysis with an emphasis on expert opinion and commentary from the digital currency community.

NewsBTC, @newsbtc

(Category: Crypto News)
NewsBTC started in October 2013 with the goal of becoming a trusted site reporting on developments in Bitcoin. As the crypto industry grew, NewsBTC grew as well, expanding its coverage to the entire spectrum of cryptocurrencies. In addition to its focus on news it also brings technical analysis, reviews, and editorial information to the broad mass of cryptocurrencies adopters, both experienced and brand new. In addition to broad coverage of cryptocurrencies, you can also find information regarding blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, internet of things and more.

Live Bitcoin News, @LiveBitcoinNews

(Category: Crypto News)

While other news sites might bring you the same hashed over news, Live Bitcoin News strives to report on unique and cutting edge stories from the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, and they seem to mostly hit the mark with that. There are some very interesting reads, and some angles you won’t find anywhere else. With a reporting team that is young, energetic, curious and well versed in blockchain and crypto technology, Live Bitcoin News is a solid daily helping of news from around the cryptosphere.

Coin Report, @CoinReportNews

(Category: Crypto News)

The Coin Report is an unbiased cryptocurrency news site, bringing you the latest from the cryptocurrency world on a daily basis. The team behind the site has a deep belief in the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to change the status quo in the current centralized financial system, and the focus of the site emphasizes that belief. There are also guides for those new to Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies that can help when just getting started.

Bitcoinist, @bitcoinist

(Category: Crypto News)

Bitcoinist covers the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, with breaking news and guides for newcomers to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In addition to the blockchain space, you’ll also find coverage of the latest in technology for the financial space, as well as the latest news about hardware, software, and business applications of new technologies. Bitcoinist has proven to be both reliable and insightful over the course of its reporting.

Bitcoin Warrior, @BitCoin_Win

(Category: Crypto News)

Bitcoin Warrior is a crypto news site, but unlike some of the huge sites with full writing and editing staff, this site is more like a personal blog as it is the efforts of just one person, an American expatriate who had become disillusioned with traditional financial systems, and started Bitcoin Warrior to spread the word about cryptocurrencies, while also educating and maintaining a high level of integrity within the crpytocurrency space. With that being the case, you’ll find some interesting articles here that aren’t along the same lines as found on most every other crypto news site.

AltCoin Today, @altcointoday

(Category: Crypto News)

Altcoin Today bills itself as “Your daily crypto news”, and that’s exactly what you get. A solid dose of reporting on the cryptocurrency landscape, keeping you up to speed on developments within the space that could impact market prices and sentiment. Missing is the inevitable articles promoting ICOs and new coins, as this site focuses primarily on the major coins, and the most prominent figures within the cryptocurrency sphere.

The Bitcoin News, @thebitcoinnews

(Category: Crypto News)

Focused primarily on Bitcoin when it began in 2012, and later on Ethereum, The Bitcoin News has continued to branch out, and now covers the broader cryptocurrency space. While not as big as some of the other news sites, typically posting just one or two articles per day, the coverage is still solid. The Bitcoin News is a good addition, and is especially useful for those looking to keep up with the cryptocurrency world without being overwhelmed by 10-20 articles a day.

The Merkle, @themerklenews

(Category: Crypto News)

The Merkle has been providing the cryptocurrency sector with news since 2013. In addition to the ongoing news, there is an evergreen educational section where you can learn everything from mining an trading Bitcoin to how to create your own cryptocurrency. The site is also providing fintech news as well as news about machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3D printing, biotechnology and much more.

Crypto Insider, @CryptoInsiderCI

(Category: Crypto News)

Crypto Insider is dedicated to bringing serious journalistic standards to the world of crypto, but providing in-depth and carefully crafted news pieces. Here’s where you’ll find more long form content, op-eds and investigative journalism centered on the cryptocurrency space. They are also concerned with the frontiers of cryptocurrencies and emerging markets, but you’ll still get news from the developed nations as well.

Ethereum World News

(Category: Crypto News)

Ethereum World News is an independent crypto news provider focused on topics related to Ethereum, Bitcoin, Nano, Ripple, Litecoin dApps, start-off ICO’s and the whole Blockchain Ecosystem. Using the content covered on the site, you will be informed about the latest events, read detailed analysis, find breaking news, and get a general overview of what’s happening in the mainstream of cryptocurrencies.

CoinGeek, @realcoingeek

(Category: Crypto News)

Since 2017, CoinGeek has been part of the Calvin Ayre Media group. They relaunched the site after acquiring it, making the focus news about Bitcoin (BCH) and cryptocurrencies in general. The site runs its own conference, and has a focus on video as well as news stories, with solid reporting from many global blockchain conferences.

Coinspeaker, @coinspeaker

(Category: Crypto News)

Coinspeaker was created in late 2014 and has rapidly grown to be one of the leading online news outlets for everything dealing with fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, payments and internet of things. CoinSpeaker’s coverage spans every aspect of the bitcoin and altcoin markets, featuring a mix of regular Tech Wraps, daily and weekly Market Updates, features, interviews and much more, always delivering the core story in a simple and to-the-point factual style. If you need an all-in-one solution for your cryptocurrency news, I think Coinspeaker is one of the best options available.

CoinIdol, @coinidol

(Category: Crypto News)

CoinIdol is a cryptocurrnecy news site begun in May 2016 and focused on the latest news about Bitcoin and altcoins, blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology solutions, FinTech and financial innovations set to chance the global financial landscape.

Btcmanager, @btc_manager

(Category: Crypto News)

The stated goal at BTCManager is to provide information necessary to be successful in the Bitcoin space. Here are some site features you may want to explore: Daily news articles that give accurate and timely information about developments in digital currency and innovations in financial technology; Resources for newcomers to the space to help them navigate this new world; Information about new products, services, and companies, as well as safe and reliable ways to acquire Bitcoin (sometimes for free); Updates regarding Bitcoin exchanges and various cryptocurrency prices.

CoinGape, @CoinGapeMedia

(Category: Crypto News)

CoinGape is a crypto news site, but the team behind the site is more focused on investing and trading, both for existing cryptocurrencies and ICOs. This comes through to some extent in the news that is reported, making CoinGape an excellent news source for crypto traders. Those active in ICOs or looking to become active can also benefit from the reporting at CoinGape, which is unbiased and detailed. In a world that’s now filled with cryptocurrency news reports, CoinGape is a solid contender.

CryptoAnalyst, @cryptoanalystco

(Category: Crypto News)

CryptoAnalyst is a reliable and timely source of news and information on digital currencies such as bitcoin, and its underlying technology – the blockchain. They cover news and analysis on the trends, price movements, technologies, companies and people in the bitcoin and digital currency world as well offering editorials on key topics in the world of cryptocurrency. Most articles also include a form of price prediction, only if this does not come at the expense of accuracy or objectivity. New ICOs coming to market are covered with the aim of providing comprehensive and objective reviews. You’ll also find articles on how to build a strong portfolio and highlight coins that are doing well and potentially have a good future.

Bitrazzi, @bitrazzi

(Category: Crypto News)

Bitrazzi is a subsidiary of Webrazzi, the leading Turkish tech blog dedicated covering tech startups since 2006. As the leading source of tech startups in Turkey and the region, Webrazzi and its experienced team launched Bitrazzi in December 2017 to cover the development of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain ecosystem. As you might imagine, the reporting and story choices are solid, which comes as no surprise for a site operating with an experienced tech reporting team.

BitFalls, @bitfallscom

(Category: Crypto News)

Bitfalls is a crypto news site, with a focus on development and the technology behind cryptocurrencies. There’s also a healthy dose of reporting on possible scams and irregularities within the crypto industry. If there’s something questionable happening with a prominent figure, a company or a coin, you can bet BitFalls will be there to try and uncover any shady dealings. Rounding things out for the site is a solid set of guides and tutorials for those new to cryptocurrencies.

ZyCrypto, @zycrypto

ZyCrypto is a cryptocurrency news site, with a focus on daily news, coins analysis, reviews, opinions and so much more.

Coin-Specific, @ethos_io

(Category: Coin-specific)

Ethos is trying to revolutionize the world of finance through blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. They currently have a universal wallet in the works, which will be able to store ALL your coins. The wallet, and the API behind the network is controlled by ETHOS tokens. But that’s just the beginning of their vision as they work on creating a frictionless global investment and wealth management ecosystem that seamlessly connects consumers with investment advisors, wealth managers, broker dealers, custodians, digital asset exchanges, merchants and developers via the Ethos Platform.

Gavin Andresen, @gavinandresen

(Category: Coin Specific)

This is the blog of the first lead developer for Bitcoin, and while you aren’t going to learn anything useful for trading or investing today, you can walk away with a much better understanding of where Bitcoin came from, why some choices were made during its evolution so far, and where it could possibly go. At the very least it’s an interesting (and easy) read.

Jimmy Song, @jimmysong

(Category: Coin Specific)

If you want an inside view of what’s happening with Bitcoin (forks, scalability, development, etc) then go ahead and subscribe to this blog. Jimmy Song is one of the more vocal Bitcoin devs, though that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting daily or even weekly posts from this blog. You will get very well thought out posts that are accurate and explore the direction that Bitcoin is taking, and what might be the course of the world changing cryptocurrency in the future.

Reddit r/Bitcoin

(Category: Coin Specific)

Reddit is the original home of Bitcoin discussions, and this is the main subreddit for discussing Bitcoin. With hundreds of thousands of subscribers, it’s quite possible that this is the only Bitcoin resource you’ll ever need. And if you’re interested in other coins, there are plenty of altcoin related subreddits such as: r/Ethereum, r/Ripple, r/BitcoinCash, r/Litecoin, r/Cardano, r/NEO, r/Stellar, r/EOS, r/Iota, and many others.

ETH News, @ETHNews_

(Category: Coin Specific)

ETHNews is an emerging provider of Ethereum and Blockchain ecosystem news. You’ll find coverage of breaking news, announcements, information, and in-depth analyses on Ethereum, blockchain, and virtual currency developments. Those new to Ethereum and cryptocurrencies can take advantage of a comprehensive set of guides and tutorials. ETH News is an independent publication and a rarity in the crypto space as it is also a non-monetizing media outlet. The site does not publish any form of advertising, including sponsored content, and does not accept payment in exchange for publishing content.

A Crypto A Day

(Category: Coin Specific)
It’s a very interesting concept. A Crypto A Day picks a different cryptocurrency each day and emails you with the facts, purpose, underlying value, related news, team and price evolvements of that cryptocurrency. Here’s an example of the email sent, and as you can see it is quite detailed. Very useful for those who are interested in learning about new cryptocurrencies. Brought to you by

Crypto Forum

Bitcoin Talk, @bitcointalk

(Category: Crypto Forum)

Bitcoin Talk is the oldest, largest and most well known cryptocurrency forum on the web. Whatever you’re interested in, if it deals with blockchain and cryptocurrencies you’ll find it covered here in some form. And since this is a forum you’ll also find plenty of like-minded people to discuss cryptocurrencies with.

The Bitcoin Pub

(Category: Crypto Forum)

The Bitcoin Pub is a fairly new cryptocurrency forum that has seen impressive growth. That’s most likely due to the excellent beginners guides, and the extremely connected nature of the members. It’s a great place to go to learn about all aspects of cryptocurrencies (buying, mining, wallets, exchanges, altcoins, etc) and to converse with other crypto-enthusiasts.

Crypto Newsletters

CoinSheet, @coinsheets

(Category: Crypto Newsletter)

Coinsheet is unique in that it isn’t an online news or blogging platform. Instead it is delivered in newsletter format. Each day Monday through Friday, the Coinsheet is delivered to your email, providing a short and sweet overview of the top stories in cryptocurrencies from the previous day. The newsletter also covers market sentiment and technical perspectives for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin using a proprietary analysis method. It’s a good quick way to get a fix of cryptocurrency news when you’re too busy to visit your favorite blogs.

Crypto Birdie, @CryptoBirdie

(Category: Crypto Newsletter)

Three times a week you’ll get an email from Crypto Birdie highlighting the most important news and events of the week in cryptocurrencies. Rather than getting bogged down by the information overload out there on the internet, let the experts at Crypto Birdie curate the best content and send it right to your inbox.

Crypto Trading / Investing

Crush Crypto, @CrushCrypto

(Category: Trading / Investing)

The stated goal of Crush Crypto is to provide potential cryptocurrency traders and investors with objective and high quality fundamental research into cryptocurrencies. Covering both existing coins and ICOs, Crush Crypto can help you wade through the volatile and risky world of cryptocurrency investments. They also manage a Digital Asset Array (DAA), which is an Ethereum blockchain based actively managed portfolio of various cryptocurrencies and application tokens.

Coin Pursuit, @CoinPursuit

(Category: Trading / Investing)
Coin Pursuit has dedicated itself to remaining on top of all the latest developments in the cryptocurrency space and reporting them to members so no one misses out on potentially profitable investments in the space. It includes the SliceFeeds community, a blockchain-like social community that includes a confirmations system to qualify rumors and a cap algorithm which controls network growth and rewards users with more visibility based on their participation. It’s a great place to vet rumors and to make good connections within the cryptocurrency community.

Master the Crypto, @masterthecrypto

(Category: Trading / Investing)
From the basics of how cryptocurrencies work to detailed analysis of trading methods and new ICOs, Master the Crypto is bringing a wealth of information in an easy to read format. Plus you can get a free copy of the eBook The Complete Guide to Cryptocurrency Analysis and learn how to analyze and find the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now.

Coin Gecko, @coingecko

(Category: Trading / Investing)
The hub of the Coin Gecko site is its listings of over 1,000 cryptocurrencies, with prices, market cap, graphs, and metrics on developer, community and public interest in each coin. It also has a complete listing of the cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as an ICO calendar where you can find out what coin sales are getting ready to start and when, as well as ongoing and completed sales. It’s a good alternative to and the ICO calendar alone is worth bookmarking the site.

Node Investor, @nodeinvestor
(Category: Trading / Investing)
The Node Investor was built around the idea that the technology born of the blockchain presents an incredible investing opportunity as cryptocurrencies are only now at the beginning of a multi-year bull market for the asset class. The site exists not only to educate and inform about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, but also to provide market insights and technical analysis that will help others invest more effectively in the space.

Financemagnates, @financemagnates

(Category: Trading / Investing)
Financemagnates began as a forex site, but with the explosion in cryptocurrencies they are now covering crypto and fintech as well. As a long established brand, well known for the quality of its forex reporting, the articles from Financemagnates exceeds your run-of-the-mill news sites when it comes to in-depth reporting on issues in the fintech and cryptocurrency world. They are expecially focused on the global regulatory side of crypto and blockchain technologies, as well as economic impacts and use cases. Well worth reading.

Cryptovest, @cryptovestmedia

(Category: Trading / Investing)
While Cryptovest provides educational material for those getting started in the world of cryptocurrencies, it’s real strength lies in its market analysis and ICO reviews. It’s geared towards the investor class, and has gathered a team of cryptocurrency investment experts to ensure only sound ideas and recommendations are made for trading the safest coins with the greatest profit potential. If you have any plans to trade or invest in crypto, put this on your daily reading list.

Coin.FYI, @CoinFyi

(Category: Trading / Investing)
Coin.FYI is an Anonymous and easy-to-use crypto portfolio tracker with a related news feed. That’s nothing ground breaking in and of itself, but I really appreciate the streamlined look of the site. Information is presented clearly and in a very ordered fashion, making it easy to take in at a glance, rather than being a jumbled mess like some sites. In addition to the portfolio feature you can also create watchlists to track your favorite coin(s) and any related news. And there a Coinmarketcap like feature that shows all coins and their current values.

CoinFi, @coin_fi

(Category: Investing / Trading)
CoinFi offers crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis, trading signals, trading algorithms, and market-moving news to give cryptocurrency traders the real-time market intelligence needed to gain an edge. There are two parts to CoinFi. The first is the Cryptocurrency Financial Media component which gives users crypto research, analysis, and market moving news, overlaid on top of real-time price charts. The other is the Trading Technology platform, which brings Wall Street caliber tools to the crypto market, and makes them available to the everyday crypto investor.

Tradingview, @tradingview

(Category: Investing / Trading)
If you’re trading cryptocurrencies, you need Tradingview. They have quite simply the best cryptocurrency charts and charting tools available. By far and hands down. Just as important, the Tradingview community of traders are knowledgeable, experience, and passionate about trading and sharing trading ideas. There’s just so much to be seen and learned over at Tradingview, you have to check it out for yourself.


(Category: Investing / Trading)
The Vectorspace AI platform enables dynamically generated intelligent “token baskets” based on user-selected trends that exist in search, social media and news. Proprietary algorithms are based on machine learning and advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods. This has led to the Smart Token Basket: Top Cryptocurrencies trending in reddit, bitcointalk, news, blogs & social media.

Crypto Income, @livingoncryptos

(Category: Investing / Trading)

I’ve put Crypto Income under the Investing / Trading category, even though it isn’t pure investing and trading related. That is the main thrust of the site, although it also contains helpful guides for those just getting started in cryptocurrencies. Otherwise it does a very good job covering smaller coins, and new issues that haven’t been discovered yet. It’s also interesting to note that the site owner has been living entirely off of cryptocurrencies since the start of 2018.

Crypto Daytrader

(Category: Investing / Trading)

As you might have guessed from the name of the site, Crypto Daytrader is about locating and profiting from short term moves in various altcoins. The site doesn’t post every day, in fact it might only release 1-2 articles a month, but those are very well written and detailed, giving a prospective trader all the information needed to make a decision about the viability of the coin or token being discussed. I wouldn’t trade just on the recommendations without doing due diligence, but it’s a great place to get some new ideas about potentially profitable trades.

Coin Market Game

(Category: Investing / Trading)

The Coin Market Game site is a cryptocurrency exchange simulation, where you can start with $20,000 in fictional currency and try to trade your way to the top of the leaderboard. If you’ve ever played with stock or forex simulations you know that this is a fun and entertaining way to learn about trading. It is a very basic interface, and there are no charts or charting tools, but it is a good way to get familiar with cryptocurrency trading so you can later transition to a real exchange using real money. You are also limited to roughly 2 dozen cryptocurrencies in the “exchange”, some of which are quite obscure. Join and have fun!

ICO Specific

Token Data, @TokenData

(Category: ICOs)

ICOs have been a huge topic in the crypto space, but ICO related blogs and sites are in the minority when compared with sites focused on general cryptocurrencies. The Token Data site is a one stop for unbiased data and analytics regarding upcoming and completed ICOs. If you’re thinking of jumping into the ICO insanity head over here to get all the data available on the project of your choice.

ICO Whitelists, @ICOWhitelists

(Category: ICO Specific)

ICO Whitelists addresses a specific problem that many retail ICO investors face – difficulty finding ICOs before the whitelist has closed. It’s run by a Data Scientist as a side project from his day job, but for all that is very complete and provides detailed information. The site aims to be the #1 site for locating ICO projects with whitelists, and it is doing very well in that regard. There are also tools to see which ICOs are the hottest and trending right now, as well as educational material that teaches what to look for in a great ICO.

Smith + Crown, @smithandcrown

(Category: ICO Specific)

Smith + Crown is an independent blockchain ratings agency, focused on the ICO market. They do not accept advertising, and all their reports can be considered unbiased and factual, which is so refreshing in the current atmosphere of shilling new coins regardless of their actual value or the value of the project. Almost all of the research they do is posted for free on their website, although you will find a charge for some of the more detailed reports, or for those of very high profile ICOs.

ICO Tracker, @icotracker_net

(Category: ICO Specific)

While the website itself calls ICO Tracker a prototype project, it is highly respected within the cryptocurrency community. Founded initially on a whim, it has rapidly grown thanks to the solid reviews and ratings that have been given, and the very complete coverage of the world of ICOs. If you need information about an ICO, the ICO Tracker site is a great first stop off in your research.

ICO Bench, @ICObench

(Category: ICO Specific)

ICObench is a free ICO rating platform and a blockchain community supported by a wide range of experts that provides analytical, legal, and technical insights to the investors. The reviews and rating generated by ICO Bench are meant for informational purposes only, but can be a great way to learn about new and upcoming ICOs. In addition to being rated, so you can focus on the most highly rated ICOs, they are also broken down by category, making it easy to focus on health care or energy or any one of several dozen categories. It’s an excellent site for those who want to get involved with ICOs.


(Category: ICO Specific)

Are you familiar with the acronym TL;DR? It means “Too long; didn’t read”, and that’s how I feel sometimes when researching a new coin, or especially an ICO. Wading through the whitepaper, forum posts, Slack channels and every other source of information I can find seems just like that, TLDR. Now you can simply head to CoinTLDR and get the short and sweet version. Short ICO reports. What a timesaver.

Blockchain Development / Coding

Block Geeks, @Blockgks

(Category: Blockchain Development / Coding)

Block Geeks is an online educational portal providing blockchain knowledge to individuals looking to increase their knowledge and skills. If you have a passion to learn the nuts and bolts of development for blockchain technology, then Block Geeks is the place to check out. Note that while there is a free trial, the coursework at Block Geeks requires a paid subscription.

Distributed, @DistLedger

(Category: Blockchain Development / Coding)

Distributed provides professionals with the intelligence, support and expertise they need to understand the far-reaching impacts of blockchain technology. An exploration of the business cases, technical considerations, regulatory approaches and projects that will shape the future of industry. You’ll discover critical information with authoritative insight, bringing you closer to the people, projects and perspectives behind this digital revolution. Also the creator of the first print magazine covering blockchain and distributed ledger technology.


Crypto Data

CryptoCompare, @CryptoCompare

(Category: Crypto Data)

CryptoCompare was founded in 2014, but the site didn’t go live until May 2015, and it has been growing ever since, with over 790k members currently. CryptoCompare prides themselves in showing the most accurate live prices, charting and market analysis from 65 of the top crypto exchanges globally. You can find the best reviews and information regarding cryptocurrency mining and wallets here, and have forums to chat with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts. One of the more popular features is the CryptoCompare portfolios, which allow you to view other users crypto portfolios and performance, and to create your own portfolios.


Crypto Podcasts

LetsTalkBitcoin, @TheLTBNetwork

(Category: Crypto Podcasts)

LetsTalkBitcoin was the original podcast of Adam Levine, but since that time the LTB Network has grown to include 9 other podcasts, and along the way it moved to the blockchain as an LTBCoin was created on the network. Content creators and audience members who participate in comments on the site receive disbursements of LTBCoin on a weekly basis. All 510,000,000 LTBCoin’s will finally be disbursed as of June 2019, after which no more coins will be created. If you’re a fan of cryptocurrencies and podcasts this is the site you’ll want to check out.

What Bitcoin Did, @whatbitcoindid

(Category: Podcast)

What Bitcoin Did is a podcast that chronicles the accidental entry into cryptocurrency trading by Peter McCormack. In the podcast and on the website he transparently shares his crypto journey, including his evolving strategy, a beginners guide, a blog and the podcast, where he interviews some of the leading people in the Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and Blockchain space.

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast, @tracemayer

(Category: Crypto Podcast)

Trace Mayer, the first popular blogger to advocate for Bitcoin back in 2010, takes to the airwaves to interview some of the top people in crypto, blockchain, and fintech. Always interesting, the show is sporadic, sometimes published once a week and sometimes seeing gaps of 5 or 6 weeks between shows as Mr. Mayer’s schedule permits. Certainly worth following and waiting for each podcast however, simply to hear the unique and novel developments being highlighted.

Noded, @NodedPodcast

(Category: Crypto Podcast)

The Noded Bitcoin Podcast was created to provide current events, technical news, and commentary to the Bitcoin community. The two hosts, Michael Goldstein and Pierre Rochard, are the founders of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute and are heavily involved in the Bitcoin community. The bi-weekly podcast brings new information from thought leaders in the blockchain revolution.

Cashflow Ninja, @mclaubscher

(Category: Crypto Podcast)

Host M.C. Laubscher seeks to empower and inspire people to discover how to generate their own income and manage, grow and protect their own wealth in the new economy. While the Cashflow Ninja show isn’t dedicated specifically to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, there is a healthy dose from that area, and the other topics explored on the show are equally interesting for those looking to generate a passive income that is secure from centralized government interests.

Crypto News Aggregators

CryptoPanic, @CryptoPanicCom

(Category: Aggregator)

CryptoPanic was one of the first crypto news aggregators, and since its humble beginnings it has come to also include social signals for price action in the cryptocurrency markets, as well as a portfolio tracking feature and the ability for paid subscribers to add their own RSS/Atom feeds, Reddit and Twitter sources, and specify which cryptocurrencies they wish to follow. If you want up to the minute news from all across the web on a given cryptocurrency you need to give CryptoPanic a try. It’s brilliant!

Coin Spectator, @coinspectator

(Category: Aggregator)

Coin spectator is a real-time cryptocurrency news aggregator, pulling in data from hundreds of sources to keep you quickly and easily updated on all the happenings in the crypto world. Using the aggregator will help you to act on trends, project volatility, get investment tips, find ICO launches, follow projects milestones and even develop market indicators. The site also has a comprehensive ICO listing, and a blog that is updated every few days with news that the Coin Spectator team finds interesting in the cryptospace.

Coin Hooked, @coin_hooked

(Category: Aggregator)

Probably the prettiest news aggregator for crypto and blockchain, with a nice layout that isn’t cluttered and hard to read like some of its competitors. Also nice is the built-in ability to filter for cryptocurrencies, blockchain, ICOs, daytrading, Reddit and even YouTube. If only it had the ability to create your own filters and lists it would be nearly perfect. It’s worth checking out as is though, and could replace your RSS reader (if you still use one).

Bitcoin Agile, @bitcoinagile

(Category: Aggregator)

While I don’t think it has the prettiest interface, there’s no denying the power of the Bitcoin Agile aggregator. It pulls data from millions of sources, giving you an edge – theoretically. The reality is an information overload. There’s no way to effectively absorb all the information being given to you. That said, I do like the Insights and Trends sections of the site, and what seems like too much information to me might be ideal for you.

Crypto Vlogs

Bitesize Bitcoin, @bitesizebitcoin

(Category: Vlog)

Bitesize Bitcoin is an entertaining and often humorous look into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Peter, the host of the show, is on an exploratory mission to grow the Bitcoin network, invest, and innovate on this new nascent technology. He has an offbeat and unique way of looking at cryptocurrencies, and his outlook is long-term, so you won’t find any technical analysis here.

Crypto Tips, @blockchainchick

(Category: Vlog)

Crypto Tips covers everything crypto related in an easy to digest way suitable for everyone from beginners to those with more crypto experience. You’ll learn about current coin market dynamics, upcoming ICOs, wallet reviews, evolving blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency security, and a sprinkling of current news as well. There’s also good information on how to avoid hacks and scams, as well as discussions of how cryptocurrencies are changing the global economy.

Andreas Antonopoulos, @aantonop

(Category: Vlog)

Andreas Antonopoulos is the author of Mastering Bitcoin & The Internet of Money and in this vlog he discusses everything from the basics of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the future of digital money and the coming global financial revolution. His videos are easy to understand as he explains things in a simple and accessible manner. This is one of the top YouTube cryptocurrency channels, with 145k subscribers as of April 2018.


(Category: Vlog)

With over 100k subscribers to their channel you just know the pair at Crypt0 have been doing something right. That something is great cryptocurrency news and commentary, and a good mix of short, easy to digest videos and some longer (~30 minutes) videos that go into more depth on various cryptocurrencies and new technological developments. The creator is Omar, an Ethereum Miner, Bitcoin enthusiast, and stock investor who loves catching up on the latest news and sharing it with his viewers to help them develop their own opinions about cryptocurrencies.

The CryptoVerse, @ChrisConeyInt

(Category: Vlog)

The CryptoVerse is a popular vlog, detailing current news and events for Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. There is also a matching podcast at Cryptoversity where you can watch the videos and listen to shorter audio only commentary. Host Chris Comey does a good job presenting the latest from the cryptocurrency universe, and if video is your thing this is well worth watching.

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