100 Companies That Accept Bitcoin Payments

Have you wondered how easy it would have been if you could book a flight with just a few clicks? I’m not talking about an online booking feature which directs you to a payment gateway. It’s 2018 and the Internet is ever expanding.

Super responsive designs, AI, and virtual reality have made a mark and many websites are adapting to these technologies. But one major phenomenon that jolted the whole world was cryptocurrencies and more importantly, the most famous one – Bitcoin.

Did you know that hundreds of famous or companies accept Bitcoin payments, either as one of the different forms of payment or as the only way to exchange goods? And the fact is some of these websites have been doing so for quite a while.

Whether they be non-profit or profit generating, these institutions still view Bitcoin as legitimate legal tender and show no signs of stopping.

1. aBitSky

Offering deals for flights, hotels, and even car rentals, aBitSky is owned by a Lithuanian-based company that has been in business since 2002. aBitSky accepts primarily bitcoin for most of its services.

2. airBaltic

This Latvian-based company has been accepting bitcoin since 2014. Flying airBaltic will allow you to get to most major cities in Europe and a few in the Middle East.

3. AirTreks

Are you planning your next around-the-world trip? Make use of their Trip Planning tool to find instant prices for complex trips. They’re a distributed travel company with employees working from different parts of the world with one goal – providing the best travel experience.

4. AirVPN

Beginning as a project by hackers in 2010, AirVPN became a full-fledged company in 2012 that boasts more than 200 servers and 35 “datacenters” in 19 countries and spanning three continents. According to AirVPN, its services are used “exclusively by activists, privacy, data protection, and security issues aware persons, [and] law experts.”

5. Aloha Tuners

Based in Honolulu, the textbook “Ma and Pa” company began distributing tuning devices in 2014 for musicians (starting with the wife’s violin students). A year later in 2015, the couple expanded their efforts in selling the colorful tuners.

6. AntiWar.com

This website is dedicated to educating its readers on all the global issues regarding wars and rumors of wars. It is a project funded by the Randolph Bourne Institute to fight the “next information war” and claims a bipartisan readership.

7. Arrowhead Beef

Proudly boasting their “direct grass-fed beef,” the company is a run by a group of farmers and processors called Market Ambassadors. Founded in 2010, the Florida-based company seeks to raise the best grass-fed cattle.

8. Bees Brothers

Based in the quaint Cache Valley of Northern Utah, the family-run Bees Brothers began as a curiosity project to learn more about bees. Now the family is a staple at farmers markets and creates a wide variety of foods incorporating their homegrown honey (one such product being Honey Caramel).

9. BigFishGames

BigFishGames offers low-cost games for PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone and Android. Nearly all of their games can be purchased for less than $5 (or the equivalent in bitcoin).

10. Bitcoin Coffee

Bitcoin Coffee started in 2016 with a mission to provide customers “uniquely smooth, perfectly roasted” coffee. They offer premium and organic coffees along with various world coffee blends.

11. Bitcoinshirt.co

Want to show your support for Bitcoin? The founder of this website wanted to do exactly that and, finding new creative designs he made of his own. Now the company accepts more than 30 different types of online currency in addition to Bitcoin to help further the work of “disruptive technology” that has changed the modern world.

12. BitGive

Founded in 2013, BitGive works with local and international charities (including Save the Children) to provide relief and create better and more stable communities. But unlike most charities, they accept Bitcoin for donations.

13. Bitkee

Bitkee started as a way to help family and friends keep their money safe. The company is striving to be a leader in manufacturing “secure, physical cold storage wallets” for everyday people. One of their main products is a “Bitkee card.” Essentially, it’s a debit/credit card for the use of “saving, gifting, and/or transferring” of bitcoin.

14. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is an online newspaper that specializes in providing financial news for the U.S. and the world. It also provides everyday news with a focus on issues pertaining to the continental U.S.

15. BTCTrip

The mantra of this company is “fly with bitcoins” and they have been helping the users of cryptocurrency travel around the world since 2013.

16. Cheapair

Based in Calabasas, California, the sub-100 employee company works to give its customers the cheapest flights possible. Boasting an average ticket price below $400, CheapAir has sold 3 million airfares since 1989 and is one of a few airlines to accept bitcoin.

17. Cheap Bizz Class

Tired of sitting in economy class when you fly? Want to upgrade to business class or first class at cheap rates? Cheap Biz Class is your go-to solution. They will find the cheap business class ticket or cheap first class ticket that will meet your needs, and at a deep discount compared to what you could get on your own.

18. CJS-CD Keys

Since launching in 2009, this company has risen to become a worldwide game distribution company. They do so digitally through Steam, Origin, and Battle.net Keys and Ultraviolet Movie Codes.

19. CoinTracking

With the growing number of cryptocurrencies, one will need a way to keep track of them all. CoinTracking is a website and app that allows you to do just that. The service has even been mentioned by Forbes as a way to keep track of your crypto.

20. Coincards.ca

The mission of Coincards.ca is to create a way for Canadians to spend their bitcoins even when some companies are hesitant to accept the virtual currency. Coincards.ca sells gift cards and accepts bitcoin as payment for the cards.

21. Crypto Asylum

Owned by the same company that owns Coincards.ca, CryptoAsylum sells hardware wallets to store bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

22. CryptoArt

This Texas-based company puts a modern spin on the classic “hiding money behind the picture” tactic. CryptoArt sells real art that doubles as a sort of piggyback that can store your bitcoin safely. Once stored, it can be accessed anytime or more can be added.

23. CryptoJaunt

CryptoJaunt is an Australian based crypto only travel agency. They accept over 140 different cryptocurrencies. It’s a one-stop shop for booking flights, accommodation, holiday packages deals, cruising, adventure travel, honeymoons and family holidays.

24. CyberSSL

Online retailers need a way to ensure their customers trust their websites and having an SSL certificate will do the trick. CyberSSL offers these certificates to ensure confidential information will not be stolen by outside parties during transactions between the customer and retailer.

25. Destinia

The Spanish online travel agency has helped many users to easily book flights and hotels using Bitcoin. The company works with more than 150 providers throughout the world offering services like flights and hotel bookings, cruises, apartments, rental cars etc.

26. Dish Network

The cable TV giant began accepting bitcoin in 2014. The move made them the largest company to accept the cryptocurrency at the time.

27. eGifter

eGifter takes buying gift cards to a whole new level. Customers can purchase eGift cards and send them to friends and family. They can even send an animated greeting card with it.

28. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace where businesses can list their products for a small fee. While not all products can be bought with bitcoin, some sellers do accept the cryptocurrency in exchange for their goods.

29. Expedia

Founded in 1996, Expedia began as a small division in Microsoft seeking to revolutionize travel through their online travel booking site (Expeida.com if you hadn’t guessed). Now it has become an internationally recognized travel site.

30. Eye Boot

Eyeboot began as a manufacturer and designer of high-end electronics and other consumer appliances in 2013. However, five years later, the company has expanded to other products such as power supplies, adapters and various and related electronic products.

31. Fancy.com

Fancy.com is a website where you can buy and sell a wide variety of products. And since 2014, one form of payment has been bitcoin.

32. FastTech

Are you a gadget geek? Then FastTech is the right place for you. They are committed to being the most loved electronic marketplace as they provide the best shopping experience, timely delivery, and excellent customer service.

33. Fat.com.tw

FAT or the Far Eastern Air Transport is a Taiwanese Airline that followed the Bitcoin trend and has started to accept cryptocurrencies for payment. Passengers can now use Bitcoin in a convenient and discounted trading experience to pay for more than 20,000 flights.

34. Fetch Portraits

A one-woman company, Fetch Portraits is a company for photographing dogs. This experienced photographer has photographed over 3,000 animals for owners and also in an effort to find homes for some of the animals.

35. Fierce Edge

The mission of Fierce Edge is to make workouts fun. Its founder, Lester, wanted to make exercise outfits that help make mundane exercises more like video games with their style, flair, comfort, and creative design.

36. Flight Gift Card

Flight Gift Card is a popular service that lets you buy tickets from 300 major airlines to any of 980 destinations in 70 countries across the globe. It’s the world’s first cross-airline flight gift card brand. Gift cards can be purchased for yourself or as a gift.

37. Future Travel

Travel around the world using digital currency via Future Travel. The Vietnam based travel agency offers the best deals on flight tickets and hopes to become one of the top 10 travel agencies in the world in a few years.

38. GeoRarities

Owned by S.E. Goller and M.D. Goller, this company makes “Redacted Modern Sculptures.” Products offered include various furniture carved from petrified wood as well as interior decor items created from various minerals.

39. GiftOff

Want to buy gift cards for your loved ones? Giftoff offers gift cards from more than 80 retailers. They accept over 30 digital currencies, so almost all digital currency users can purchase from them hasslefree.

40. Give Track

A subsidiary of BitGive, GiveTrack is similar to a GoFundMe. Anyone can begin a project in an effort to raise funds for a wide variety of causes or charities. These can be anything like foreign relief or local efforts.

41. Gyft

A gift card service, Gyft sells gift cards to top retailers including (but not limited to) Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Target, and Dominos.

42. HaasOnline

Naturally, one involved in bitcoin will likely want to involve himself or herself in the trade of cryptocurrencies. HaasOnline is a service that, since early 2014, has offered to automate those trades to maximize the profit of one’s investment into bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

43. HosterBox

HosterBox is a web hosting and design service with roots as far back as 1998, though officially beginning in mid-2005. This service offers a guaranteed 99.9% uptime and 24/7 monitoring and support for the websites of its customers.

44. Hipptee

Hipptee is an online retailer focusing on clothing and merchandise for the cypherpunks, programmers, and the nerds in all of us. The main highlight is that they only accept payment via cryptocurrencies.

45. Intuit

The owner of well-known companies such as TurboTax and QuickBooks doesn’t so much accept bitcoin as they allow businesses to accept bitcoin. The free add-on to Intuit’s service allows small businesses to use a PayByCoin option in the QuickBooks Labs service.

46. Invisible Browsing

Being anonymous on the web can be a valuable tool. Invisible Browsing was created in 2003 by a team of 15+ people to help people be more anonymous online but also while using various applications and services. It offers compatibility with most operating systems including Windows and MacOS.

47. Invizbox

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Invizbox exists to provide customers with a range of devices that can offer VPN protecting at home, in the office, or on the go. Invizbox has been given several awards, including National Enterprise Award for Innovation and Fingal Dublin Chamber Award for Innovation.

48. IronSocket

Since, 2005, this company was initially known by its website titled “HideMyNet.com” and offered VPN and DNS Proxy technology. In 2013, the company evolved into a larger company with more services and a more worldwide presence in the VPN arena.

49. Ivacy

Ivacy has had its eyes set on building the best VPN service since its inception in 2007. In 2010, it introduced to the world a feature called “Split Tunneling,” allowing more control over what data sent through an ISP or Ivacy’s VPN service.

50. Jettly 

Jettly is Canada’s first and fastest growing private jet club. Jettly has joined the line of private aviation companies that are accepting Bitcoin. Its members will now be able to use the cryptocurrency to fund their accounts and pay for their ongoing travel.

51. Kaiko

Named for the most successful mission to date to the deepest part of the Mariana Trench (the deepest known point on Earth), Kaiko collects, keeps, and organizes information and digital assets for businesses to give them a leg up in the modern, digital world.

52. Tarriss

Tarriss are creating wireless signal blocking RFID and Faraday Cage products that protect your electronic devices from damage and your privacy from being compromised.

53. More Stamps Global

A Crypto-enthusiast travel agency for the crypto world. More Stamps Global brings a kind of sophistication to your online bookings that you won’t find elsewhere. You can book cheap flights to your desired destination with over 40 cryptocurrencies.

54. Keys4Coins

This progressive website doesn’t make or sell physical keys. They sell online “keys,” or more accurately, codes, for video games. The site thoroughly believes in cryptocurrency, even having the rhetorical question “Why are Cryptocurrencies better than ‘real money?’ on their website.

55. KoDDoS

Even though the company is less than two years old (founded in 2016), it offers premium, high-end web hosting. KoDDoS uses only the latest technology to give customers the fastest speeds possible for web pages.

56. Lionsgate Films

While the motion-picture company responsible for films such as The Hunger Games (and its sequels) and The Day After Tomorrow won’t take your bitcoin at the ticket booth, it will accept the cryptocurrency at its online store where you can obtain merchandise for the films you paid to watch with cash.

57. Lynx Art Collection

Lynx Art began as a vision for conversation pieces, engineered to generate emotion. The artwork they create will “ spark a conversation” just like their slogan says. They are very happy to announce that they will now be accepting BTC for crypto art prints and all of their inventory.

58. Mary Jane’s Nutrients

Bitcoin is one of the preferred methods for his fertilizer company. If you use bitcoin, you can get a 7.5% discount on one of their all-in-one fertilizer products. The fertilizer comes in powder form which dissolves in water for maximum mobility for the product.

59. Microsoft

The computer giant behind the Surface Pro and the world-renowned Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The company had temporarily stopped accepting bitcoin but has since resumed its acceptance of the cryptocurrency you can redeem bitcoin to add money to your microsoft account.

60. Minku

The philosophy of Minku is threefold: there is beauty in the handmade; a love of aso-oke, leather and paper pulp; and building delight through design. For seven years, this clothing company has created leather goods (clothing, notebooks, and other accessories) for men and women alike.

61. Mint


Owned by the financial powerhouse Intuit and created by the creators of TurboTax, Mint is a budgeting tool that gives its users a full spectrum of options. You can get a free credit score, create budgets, see bills and money in the same place, and even receive alerts for suspicious charges to your account.

62. Monster Megs

Since 2010, this Wisconsin based web hosting service offers reliable, affordable Shared, Enterprise and Reseller hosting services to private citizens or businesses. The staff boasts more than 14 years of experience and worldwide reach.

63. NameCheap

This company dates back to the turn of the century in 2000. In 2018, the company is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar and has more than five million web domains that it manages for approximately two million customers.

64. Newegg.com

Newegg is an online retailer that offers state-of-the-art resources to give customers peace of mind when looking through and buying one of the estimated 10.5 million products offered on their website.

65. Nothing Fishy

Nothing fishy was founded because its founders thought fish-based Omega 3 products are fishy. They sell a natural alternative to a health product they say is “filled with harmful toxins” and harms the environment and oceanic ecosystem.

66. Opendime

The product offered by Opendime is meant to be a way to physically move bitcoin around without carrying a larger bitcoin wallet. The device emulates a USB drive and can be used to gift people bitcoins by mailing it to them or use it to pay on the go.

67. Overstock.com

Based in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, this company is an online retailer with humble beginnings dating to 1999. The rapidly growing online business offers a wide variety of quality merchandise.

68. Pathways to Education

An education is necessary in the modern world but some are unable to get that. Pathways to Education has the vision to break the cycle of poverty by giving impoverished citizens of the Earth an education that will allow them to get quality work.

69. Pizzaforcoins

Famously, the first product ever purchased by bitcoin was a pizza (for 10,000 bitcoin). Now, this website allows you to buy pizza anywhere, pay in bitcoin (for much less than 10,000), and have it delivered fresh to your doorstep.

70. Posterburner

Pictures look nice in albums, on phones, and on computer screens. But if you want your photos converted into posters, Posterburner can convert that photo into a movie-size poster for under $20 anywhere in the U.S.

71. Premium Jet

Premium Jet is a Zurich based business aviation company that offers aircraft management, charter flight & aircraft sales solutions round the clock. They believe that accepting payments via Bitcoin will provide their customers yet another option for easy payment and faster booking. Another huge advantage is that the payment can be made at any time of the day, on weekends or during public holidays.

72. PrivateFly

Four years ago, PrivateFly became the first global private jet company to accept payment in Bitcoin. Since then Private Fly has always had a positive approach to the growing trends in cryptocurrencies. Their first Bitcoin customer was a Belgian tech entrepreneur named Olivier Janssens, he flew from Brussels to Nice in January 2014, booking and flying at a short notice. Since then they’ve had a number of other clients who like to pay this way.

73. Private Internet Access

This company specializes in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels to create layers of privacy and security for internet browsing. Private Internet Access boasts an influence reaching across 28 countries and 43 regions.

74. Pure VPN

This VPN service offers a content filter, web filter, and ad and virus blockers. The service has been given positive reviews in The New York Times, Mashable, and CNET and currently boasts a community of customers more than one million strong.

75. Purse

Purse is a company dedicated to making cryptocurrencies useful by matching online shoppers looking to exchange their Amazon gift cards for bitcoin. This process also allows customers to get discounts on Amazon products at a claimed average of 15%.

76. RE/MAX London

Since 2015, the London branch of the real estate giant has accepted bitcoin for their services. So to those looking for property in London that also has bitcoin to spare, RE/MAX is your company.

77. Reeds Jewelers

Reeds is a company that dates all the way back to just after the Second World War, being founded in 1946. Still strong in 2018, the family-owned company sells diamonds, rings, diamond rings, and any other fine jewelry one can reasonably think of.

78. Save the Children

A well-known charity in the business of helping impoverished children, this non-profit believes every child on Earth “deserves a future.” And like many charities worldwide, Save the Children currently accepts donations in the form of cryptocurrency.

79. Shield N Seal

Founded by a native of Honolulu, this company offers a wide variety of vacuum sealer bags that are either black or clear. These sealer bags can be used in food preservation for gardeners, chefs, hunters or any other food enthusiast.

80. Shirtwascash

Shirtwascash offers unique clothing designs for both men and women with a number of unisex products as well. The company boasts a manifesto of being brave, authentic, optimistic, and taking ownership of one’s life (with the help of their products of course).

81. Shopify

Shopify began as a store that sold snowboard equipment. Now it has become a tool for businesses across North America to sell their own products and services. Shopify offers a hassle-free platform for people to build a retail business.

82. SimpleNode

SimpleNode offers high-performance disk space in their VPS servers. The company uses the latest hardware and HW RAID10 and Xeon CPUs to give customers the best performance possible.

83. Singing Tall Grass

The premise of Singing Tall Grass is “staying true to Mother Earth.” Found at farmers markets in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the company handcrafts organic GMO-free health, home and beauty products.

84. Sky-tours

Planning your next big vacation? Sky-tours has got it covered. They offer different services at cheap rates and will always be available as your personal online travel agent.

85. SpectroCoin

SpectroCoin is a service where you can obtain a free bitcoin wallet buy bitcoin card. You can also manage your exchanges and investments in bitcoin.

86. Spokester

Spokester is a product with a very simple mission: make your bicycle sound like a real-life motorcycle. You can buy them in bulk or just one and they come in an assortment of colors to match the color of the bike.

87. Square

This company, whose CEO sits on the board of The Walt Disney Company, is a service dedicated to helping businesses manage their finances with the most convenience possible. From sending invoices to paying employees, Square is there to make money easier for small-time business.

88. Surfair

Private Airlines like Surfair has started accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin as payment for its monthly membership and charter services. Surf Air offers an innovative all-you-can-fly membership that empowers you to travel quickly, simply, and comfortably. It means that you can arrive just 15 minutes before your flight and take off.

89. Swagnets

Swagnets are magnetic-like decals used specifically for Mac computers. Though they are magnets, they won’t harm your Mac like a lot of other magnets would. With Swagnets, you can give your computer its own swag style.

90. Synergetic Press

Synergetic Press is based on the premise of the “Every one of our actions has the power to shape the planet.” The company publishes books that help spread ideas that focus on “sustainability, creative expression, humanism, environmental science, and psychedelics.”

91. Tap Jets

Tap Jets is the world’s first truly on-demand private jet app. TapJets Inc. is now accepting Bitcoin cryptocurrency as a form of payment for private jet charter flights. TapJets clients can now book a private jet in less than 30 seconds and pay using Bitcoins in their digital wallet.

92. Tenacious Toys

These are not your ordinary toys for the average little kid. These action figures, models, and other toys can top $200 but can also be as inexpensive as $20 if your budget for toys doesn’t go that high.

93. Tens

Tens sell sunglasses that are literally meant to change your view of the world. These high-end sunglasses offer a much clearer picture of the world while offering the protection your eyes need from the sun’s’ harmful and deadly rays.

94. Tesla

Not only does Tesla sell high-end, environmentally friendly rich-people cars, they allow you to buy them with bitcoin. Now it’s just a matter of saving up enough to buy these high-end cars.

95. TorGuard

TorGuard offers anonymous or business VPN service along with “stealth” VPN and anonymous proxy and private encrypted email. And it offers these features on iPhone and Android among other platforms.

96. Tortuga

Traveling abroad in cities requires a good backpack to carry cameras, snacks, and all the other travel essentials. The founders of Tortuga noticed a lack of quality bags fit for city travel and created what The Wirecutter now calls “the best carry on travel bag.”

97. Trick Mugs

For the prankster wishing for an opportunity for some amusement at the expense of his/her guests, Trick Mugs are a great way to get a laugh. The company offers a variety of mugs that change color or reveal creative messages when hot liquids — such as coffee and tea — are poured into them.

98. Travelbybit

Australia has been in the news recently as the Brisbane airport became the first airport to accept Bitcoin. It’s the end result of a partnership between Brisbane Airport and TravelByBit, an Australian startup focusing on payment platforms designed to help travelers pay for trips using cryptocurrencies.

99. TripWitz

Do you spend hours on the Internet planning your vacation, booking your hotels and flights and basically doing the job of a travel agent? Stop right away and book with TripWitz where you can easily book everything online incorporated with the convenience of a travel agent but without the costs. Worry no more and let TripWitz do the planning and enjoy your perfect vacation.

100. Undead Coffee

One might feel like the undead in the morning without coffee, but Undead Coffee offers what they simply call “coffee worth coming back for.” The online company offers various coffee products as well as tea.

101. Virgin Galactic

Few things are cooler than a service that allows you to travel into space. Virgin Galactic plans not only to do that but will accept your bitcoin in exchange for fulfilling your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. However, the company has yet to deliver on its promise to provide affordable space travel, having yet to fly a single commercial flight into space.

102. VPN.ac

More than just your average VPN service. This company, launched at the end of 2012, offers a VPN service, pen testing, security audits, and consulting (bolstered by the 15 years of experience in the information security industry).

103. Wikipedia

Often when visiting the internet’s most well-known encyclopedia, you’ll be given the prompt to donate an amount equated to that of a single cup of coffee that helps keep the service free (and just as important, ad-free). But if you’d rather donate bitcoin than, they’ll gladly accept that too.

104. WordPress

WordPress, one of the most preferred services for bloggers and small-time news websites, offers its users a variety of plugins that help them accept bitcoin. This way retail websites using WordPress can accept the cryptocurrency from customers without a third-party service.

105. Zen Magnets

These are not your stereotypical fridge or cartoon horseshoe magnets. These magnets are small, ranging from 5mm to 0.01mm in diameter but are 30 times more powerful than the aforementioned fridge magnet. They can be made into chains, put in fabrics or arranged into as many shapes as the imagination can come up with. Be warned, they can be very addictive.

106. Erin Plewes

Erin Plewes

This one is for the art aficionados. This website sells creative art which is a combination of picturesque backgrounds and super motivational quotes that can heal your wounds. It’s a Shopify store that accepts payment in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

107. R+Co

In the day and age where nearly every consumer product is made out of toxic chemicals and with innocent animals tortured, R+Co is a brand which makes an array of hair products ranging from shampoos to hairsprays in the right way. They are formulated without parabens, sulfates (SLS or SLES), mineral oil and petrolatum. Also, they are all vegetarian, cruelty-free, gluten-free and color-safe.

108. Mobisun

Mobisun is a developer and producer of high quality portable solar energy and battery solutions for personal empowerment.


109. GoDark Bags

GoDark Bags is a signal-blocking products brand. We create wireless signal blocking products that protect your electronic devices from hacking, location tracking, and EMR damage.


Companies That Accept Bitcoin Occasionally


1. 1-800-FLOWERS


Anyone needing flowers can simply visit this website and get flowers for any number of occasions. Get them for a loved one, send as a “get well” or sympathy gift, or any other reason. There’s even same-day delivery.

2. 4Chan


companies that accept bitcoin

The website responsible for the development of a great number of online trends is free to all users. But premium services are available for a fee.


3. Badoo



This “social discovery network” lays claim to a worldwide community of more the 377 million people (and counting) with 350 million messages sent between those users daily. Their goal is to stay ahead of the curve and continue to find better ways to connect people online.


4. Choetech


CHOETECH is a company for Android and iOS phones and tablets. They offer a variety of chargers from wireless to USB cord chargers.


5. CJP Art



CJP is the product of an art director turned photographer. The company offers original art along with other products including greeting card designs.


6. Essential Oil Wizard



This company dedicates itself to using “certified organic or wildcrafted extractions” in all of their essential oils and CO2 extract products.


7. Famsa


Famsa is the largest furniture provider in Mexico but also services customers in the United States. They offer just about any sort of furniture, from living room sets to dining sets, and bedroom sets.


8. Hotmaple



Hotmaple is a home-grown product of Portland, Oregon crafted from “dark maple syrup” and habanero peppers to create a truly unique hot sauce. Plus, it’s all natural and gluten-free. But be careful, it’s really, really hot.





Launched in early 2013, this global company was started to give private citizens and the like security when it came to their cloud-stored data. According to MEGA, millions of businesses and private users rely on MEGA for secure and reliable storage of their data in the cloud.


10. MIT Coop Store



Known as The Coop, this MIT bookstore is the one-stop shop for all MIT gear and for students, textbooks are also a prominent product offered. And being a leading school in technology, they are on top of the cryptocurrency trend, allowing customers to pay with it.


11. On the Fly



Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, this company offers a variety of services to relieve customers of some of their mundane, everyday errands and chores. This gives customers more time to slow down and enjoy the pleasures of life.

12. Peach Aviation



This Japanese company doesn’t quite accept bitcoin yet, but it is planning on it. The move would make it the first of any airline in Japan to accept any form of cryptocurrency. The plan as of this month is to begin accepting bitcoin in March.


13. Roadway Moving Company



Roadway became the first U.S. moving company to accept bitcoin as payment. Based in New York, the company offers commercial moving, local and long-distance moving as well as storage services and claims to be the #1 rated NYC mover.

14. San Jose Earthquakes



Fan of the San Jose Earthquakes and bitcoin? Good news, the professional soccer team of the American-based MLS became the first professional soccer team to accept bitcoin in their stadium when they began accepting in a game against the Houston Dynamo in May 2014.

15. Subway



Famous for making a footlong sandwich just $5 (though not anymore), the fast-food giant accepts bitcoin in exchange for the delicious six-inch or footlong sandwiches.

16. Zynga



This online mini-game website offers loads of free games. There are also some games made by Zynga that you can buy virtual tokens or goods in, such as FarmVille. The gaming giant began accepting Bitcoin in exchange for the virtual bling in 2014.

Bitcoin has paved the way for future transactions with the ease of access and usability.

With this list, I’ve covered almost all the major companies that accept Bitcoin. There might still be more so if you know any, please share them in the comments below.

Featured image by Sofi Dubinska