Why We Rebranded to unblock.net from Bitcoin-Price.com

Hello fellow blockchain enthusiasts!

These are interesting times, and it’s a blessing to be here while it all happened.

Many of you are familiar with the analogy of Bitcoin and Email.

When the internet began gaining traction in the 1990s, email was the first application of internet technology, which was just a P2P network of computers and intranets back then.

So first adopters and newcomers naturally thought that Email was the Internet.

And then it blew up and grew to what it is today.

About 2 decades later, Bitcoin and blockchain technology was invented and is being hailed as the next big invention since the internet.

And we’re in a similar situation again. Most people believe that Bitcoin is the invention.

They’re wrong. Bitcoin is the first application of the invention.

Blockchain technology and the process of mining is the invention. And I’d like to agree that Satoshi’s Nakamoto’s invention in 2009 is one of the most pathbreaking inventions since the discovery of the Internet.

Tech enthusiasts, economists, business owners, and literally people in all spheres of life around the world are learning and getting to know the advantages of decentralization and blockchain technology.

We’re a group of like-minded crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. At this junction, we’d like to participate in this movement not just as a publication that covers bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but as a media company that covers and provides information about blockchain technology as a whole.

And for this, we’ve rebranded from Bitcoin-price.com to unblock.net. It’s a difficult transition, but we know that in the years to come, blockchain technology is going to find applications that are much grander than Bitcoin.

Moving forward, we’ll be covering promising blockchain applications, startups, technological developments, ICO reviews, guides, besides our usual crypto news.

Blockchain technology is here to change the world, and we’re here to help speed it up!