43 Prominent Cryptocurrency Influencers to Follow on Social Media

Cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology may be a simple topic to crypto citizens but newbies have a hard time decoding the basics.

Hitting the bookshelves to dabble in this technology is certainly recommended. However, the only way to stay ahead of the game is to follow prominent cryptocurrency influencers on common social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Instagram amongst others.

Let’s take a look at some of the names worth following on Twitter and Linkedin.

Top 40 Cryptocurrency Influencers to Follow On Social Media

This list is made up of developers, founders, traders, analysts, and other distinguished cryptocurrency dealers. Just one pointer before we get rolling; this list is in no particular order.

1. Michael Novogratz

Novogratz is known for putting his money where his mouth is. According to his tweets, a large portion of his wealth is in crypto projects.

Michael owns Galaxy Digital, a cryptocurrency firm and may be the best person to follow for both short-term and long-term investment advice.

2. The Winklevoss Twins

cryptocurrency influencers

These guys are the Russo brothers of the cryptocurrency world. Some online rumors have it that Zuckerberg stole a huge social network idea from them. Nevertheless, they went ahead and created Gemini- a well-thriving cryptocurrency exchange.

When Bitcoin was in its nascent stages, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss bought almost 1% of it making them one of the few bitcoin billionaires of our time.

3. Tim Draper

Draper is a traditional venture capitalist and the man behind VC firm. He loves cryptocurrencies and has been regarded as one if its fervent evangelists. Even when the markets are crashing, he doesn’t see that as the cause for alarm. Draper owns a large amount of Bitcoin, Ripple and several other crypto coins.

4. Vitalik Buterin

cryptocurrency influencers

Vitalik is a programmer, entrepreneur and more, so one of the brains behind the Ethereum project and Bitcoin Magazine. Despite the current success enjoyed by ether, it has been through volumes of challenges but thanks to Vitalik and other members’ efforts, the project is now the second best with millions in market cap. If you want a crypto enthusiast who is always posting on social pages, you should follow this one.

5. Naval Ravikant

Naval is the CEO and Founder at AngelList, a firm dedicated to helping startups, Angel investors and job seekers connect with each other. Currently, he deals with many startups in the cryptocurrency field and thus making him quite a valuable resource for knowing what’s coming.In a featured article on Coindesk, Naval was recognized as one of the most influential individuals in the blockchain space.

So if you are into the fintech stuff and are looking for an angel investor or someone that can connect you to people with deals, follow Naval Ravikant.He’s got a whopping 387k followers on Twitter.

6. Adam Back

Adam is a programmer and the president of Blockstream-a blockchain-based venture. He loves toying around with programming algorithms and protocols that power online currencies. Before lending his services to Bitcoin and other blockchains, Adam was in charge of e-Cash protocols since 1995.

He is the best person miners should follow as he was the first to apply mining functions and algorithms in the Bitcoin network.

7. Michael Terpin

 Michel Terpin is a successful entrepreneur and marketer in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Some of his developments in this field include Coinagenda, Bitcoin Syndicate, and BitAngels. His PR company, Transform has dealt with over 30 Crypto coins. We will need a slightly larger page to describe all his accomplishments.

To cut to the chase, this is the guy to follow if you want someone with a clear picture of the cryptocurrencies.

8. Nick Szabo

is a computer scientist and one of the heads at the Ethereum foundation. He is majorly credited for his research about digital contracts (mostly called smart contracts) which is now the cornerstone of most blockchain projects. Szabo’s commendable work on ether platform made the members to name a sub-token in the network after him (Szabo).

9. Spencer Bogart

Spencer is said to be the first Wall Street analyst to have studied Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Judging by his twitter username (CremedelaCrypto), he must be outstanding in everything related to crypto projects. Spencer owns Blockchain Capital and usually shares his content on Medium blog.

10. Chris Burniske

All right, here is the man making the waves when it comes to unraveling cryptocurrency mysteries. Every crypto article (and books) this investor activist writes gets overwhelming views, likes, and shares across all the major social media arenas. He’s got videos on YouTube and top-selling books on Amazon to help anyone get a dapple of this field. Chris has over 32,000 followers on Twitter.

11. Tuur

Regarded as one of the crème de la crème analysts in the blockchain technology, Tuur normally studies the economic forces in play in cryptocurrencies and the technology underlying them. He’s got a mammoth of followers on Twitter-over 58, 000. He regularly shares his opinion pieces on Coindesk and prepares charts to help crypto traders easily navigate the volatile cryptocurrency waters.

12. Gavin Andresen

Gavin is a big name in the digital currency world but in case you are still blank, he is one of the original Bitcoin core developers. Yes, Bitcoin may be facing a lot of issues including scalability but you don’t want to ignore Gavin’s advice. This individual and other unknown Satoshis are the ones who brought cryptocurrencies to life and hence worth following closely.

13. Arthur from Bitmex

Arthur is the CEO of Bitmex, a cryptocurrency exchange platform with a sound reputation. Since Arthur watches the price trends and makes analytical graphs daily, he is the best person to follow when you want to learn how to identify a bearish or bullish market. He doesn’t have a personal account but his voice can be detected behind the company’s tweets.

14. Nicola Duke

Nicola is a London-based cryptocurrency trader and educator. She hosts discussions and price analysis on her Facebook page from 7 am to 7 pm daily. Since other people weigh in their ideas too, her page is literally a hub of cryptocurrency information.

15. Charlie Lee

Charlie is a former Coinbase Engineering director and Litecoin’s founder. If you want relevant information on Litecoin and how to navigate this extremely volatile asset class, you should follow him. He also deals with Segwit (Segregated Witness) which aims at improving the block size limit and allow for faster transactions.

16. John McAfee

Not much of an investor in cryptocurrencies but McAfee’s knowledge about cyber security and cryptocurrency mining improvement and protection makes him a valuable resource for miners. Besides his antivirus software, John is currently the head of Cybersecurity at MGT Capital.

17. Catheryne Nicholson

Nicholson is a crypto citizen who runs BlockCypher, a platform that is dedicated to powering blockchains in a cloud resource so they can build better and reliable decentralized apps (dapp). She also posts frequent investment advice and price analysis to help followers make profitable moves.

18. Jimmy Song

Talking about people who have their real skins in crypto ventures, Jimmy knows quite a lot about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies better than many experts. He is one of Bitcoin’s developers and the engineering VP at Armory. This guy can explain to you what cryptocurrencies are in Twitter’s mere 140 characters.

19. WhalePanda

If you love humor and display of witticism, follow WhalePanda. This pseudonymous investor has over 59 000 followers on Twitter and discusses cryptocurrencies, the politics, and people surrounding this nascent asset class. He also does write-ups on some of the best technologies even before they hit the market shelves.

20. Marc Andreessen

For a couple of years now, Marc has been featured on lists of the top cryptocurrency moguls to watch. He owns sizable shares in several altcoins and runs Netscape and Andreessen Horowitz, both successful online ventures. Unfortunately, Marc deleted his Twitter account and left a message that anyone who has a question can ask him for only $100.

Well, I know most of us are not ready to spend that kind of money on one question but it can pay to watch out for his posts in any forum.

21. Andreas Antonopoulos

Like WhalePanda, Andreas, a bitcoin scribe always has a unique way of explaining Bitcoin. He’s been studying cryptocurrencies for over 5 years now and provides concise write-ups for quick digestion. Check out his Tweet feed to see some of his tantalizing comments.

22. Brian Armstrong

Oh yes, how could this list lack Brian yet he heads Coinbase-the go-to exchange for every cryptocurrency newbie? Although he tweets about Coinbase mostly, sometimes he goes a notch higher to advise merchants against buying too much of certain coins when conditions seem unfavorable. It’s a good thing to keep tabs on his posts in order to be in the loop about useful information regarding crypto trading.

23. Ryan Selkis aka “The Straight Shooter”

Ryan runs Coindesk, a news outlet company with a huge readership. He literally knows everyone in the cryptocurrency space and may be a good source of information on what could happen in the near future. Follow him on Twitter for more valuable insider trading tips.

24. Preston Byrne

Preston, also called Marmot man is a loud-mouthed cryptocurrency advocator whose Twitter feed is choke full with valuable snippets. Mind you, most of his comments are considered obnoxious, and he spends much time talking about Marmot-a large rodent. Nevertheless, take note of the crypto-relevant stuff he posts.

25. Alex Sunnarborg

If you are looking for analysts to follow, Alex should be on your list. He is good at charts, stats, and other data analysis strategies that can help one make an informed decision. Sunnarborg was a former research analyst at Coinbase, and now runs Tetras Capital- a cryptocurrency company dealing with hedge funds.

26. Ronnie Moas

Moas is an independent researcher, analyst, and the CEO of Standpoint Research. He is the best person to follow if you want to know how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are likely to perform in the near future. His research is usually heavily detailed and backed up with concrete data.

27. Alvin Lee

If you are looking for investment advice-particularly how much you should invest in a certain coin then you need to follow Lee. He terms himself a pro cryptocurrency trader and most of his opinion pieces can be spotted on Aluna Crypto blog spot where he blogs.

28. Charlie Shrem

Charlie is one of the first Bitcoin evangelists and did spend some time behind bars for helping a client get Bitcoin to resell on now-defunct Silk Road. After the imprisonment ordeal, he dusted himself up and is now one of the few go-to individuals when one needs crypto advice. He has over 65,000 followers on Twitter.

29. Linda Xie

If you are a newbie and all you need is simple guides to various cryptocurrency projects, Linda is the one to follow. She often drafts guides on alternate currencies to help noobs learn the ropes of this game.

30. Arianna Simpson

As she fondly puts it “into cryptocurrencies before it was cool,” Arianna is one of the pioneer investors of Bitcoin. She also had prestigious roles at Facebook and Bitgo before plunging full-time into blockchain-based technologies. Simpson doles out useful investment advice every once in a while.

31. Juthica Chou

MIT graduates are held in high regard and Juthica is no different. She graduated with a degree in mathematics and computer science and thus quite useful in cryptography and programming world. She is the founder of LedgerX-a futures trading platform and also worked in cryptocurrency department at Goldman Sachs. Follow her for some undiluted advice regarding cryptocurrency mining and trading.

32. Erik Voorhees

Erik is another early investor in cryptocurrencies and has appeared in top publications several times for being a key contributor in the blockchain sphere. He was the marketing head at BitInstant and later on established Coinapult, and Shapeshift. He currently heads Shapeshift, a platform that facilitates cryptocurrency swapping.

Follow Erik on twitter to know what’s happening in the world of cryptocurrencies.

33. Barry Silbert

You may have the fire to evangelize blockchain and cryptocurrencies but that fire is nothing compared to Barry’s. As a crypto coin supporter, he advocates for the further adoption of bitcoin and other altcoins through his well-curated online content.

34. CryptoCobain

It’s surprising how some people can offer useful tips and technologies and yet hide under a pseudonym to never receive the glory for their work. Satoshi Nakamoto, WhalePanda, and Cryptocobain are examples of these characters. The latter got his alter ego from Kurt Cobain, a famous individual who quit Nirvana to deal with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocobain is a straight shooter who helps his followers with advice on portfolio allocation, risk management and coins that are overdue for a pump and dump.

35. ฿TF%$D!

Cryptohustle (as known on Twitter) is not much of a pseudonymous trader. He could be the best option for newbies who are trying to understand various coins and how to value them. He also publishes tricks and hacks on cryptocurrency trades for his followers to adopt.

36. Peter Brandt

 Brandt is a veteran trader who has enjoyed humongous returns on Bitcoin trading. Traders who are looking to make much by losing a little usually rely on Peter’s advice. Just watch how he schools Twitter trolls who spend much time bickering.

37. Willy Woo

Woo is one of the smartest people when it comes to cryptocurrency charts. Most of his works can be seen trending on Twitter, and Google searches. Check Coinbase if you want to have a look at his work. He’s one of their reliable publishers. If you follow Willy, you’ll be able to know price trends and even get a hang of how charts should be crafted.

38. Brock Pierce

Pierce is an advisor, entrepreneur, and investor in cryptocurrencies. He is said to have distributed a sizable of his capital in over 30 blockchain cryptocurrencies. As an advisor, he has helped several companies raise over $200 million in funding campaigns. He may be a resourceful person to follow as well.

39. Vinny Lingham

Vinny founded incuBeta, Silicon Cape, Gyft, and Yola. Each of these investments occupied a favorable position in their niches. His blockchain-relevant initiative is Civic and deals with data encryption especial account logins. As a believer in Bitcoin and other disruptive digital currencies, Vinny always writes useful posts that can benefit green investors.

40. Ari Paul

If you want to learn more about ICOs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, decentralized apps and generally how to invest your wealth in online assets, follow Ari Paul. His ideas are solid and usually spoken from an analyst’s point of view. However, you don’t need to agree with him as he is always looking for smarter people to prove him wrong.

Paul has a sizable number of followers on Twitter but this is not the only place you can wait to tap into his wisdom. He has over 8900 followers on Linkedin as well and has been covered on various financial and blockchain forums such as Forbes and Medium. Currently, this blockchain enthusiasts is the head CIO of Block Capital-a multi-strategy crypto hedge fund.

41. Laura Shin

Laura Shin is a former tech and business journalist at Forbes. Currently, she is an independent journalist who writes content and prepares podcasts on digital crypto assets through her website. In 2016, she won a blockchain award for being the most insightful journalist in this genre.

Although her forte seems to be the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, she also handles other subjects such as career, investing, journalism writing, personal finance, earning more money and freelancing. She is an alumnus of Stanford University and Columbia University. Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn to tap into her extensive fintech knowledge.

42. Marcus Aurelius/@TheStoicEmperor

We’ll have Marcus an honorable mention since his Tweets and comments don’t really revolve around cryptocurrencies but can help anyone brace the challenges of modern world. He names himself after one of the good five emperors who ruled the Roman Empire between 161 and 180 BC. As the modern “Stoic Emperor,” Marcus’ commentaries revolve around modern meditation.

So if you want to find the strength of will, mind over matter or just any form of inspiration to survive these troubling complex times, follower “TheStoicEmperor.”

43. Don and Alex Tapscott

Don and his son are some of the best people to follow if you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies. The father is a distinguished researcher and writer while the son, Alex, runs online ventures. They co-wrote Blockchain Revolution, one of the bestselling blockchain materials. Alex has also written so many articles that have been featured on Fortune, Havard Business Review, The Globe, The Huffington Post, Toronto Star, TIME, and Quartz.


This list is just but a meager representation of the best cryptocurrency enthusiasts, evangelists, philosophers, developers, analysts and traders out there. It’s through connections with these individuals that you get to make sober investment decisions. Follow some or all of them and see what impact they’ll have on your cryptocurrency investment’s bottom line.

What do you think of this list of cryptocurrency influencers? Did we leave out a name that qualifies to be here? Feel free to share in the comments section!

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