25 Under-the-Radar Crypto Enthusiasts You Should Follow

The age of cryptocurrencies brought to light some of the most bright minded individuals-usually traders, programmers, hedge fund managers, and designers worth following.

While most of us rush to follow the likes of Satoshi Nakamoto (whoever that is), Don and Lex Tapscott, Andreas Antonopoulos, Charlee Lee and other key members, there are small-time but effective crypto enthusiasts that could be worth following.

One of the benefits of following under the radar cryptocurrency enthusiasts is a faster response to queries. These individuals have fewer followers and can get back to you within a day or less.

If they do charge for their services, the rates cannot be as stiff as what you would get from veterans. This list only considers experts that have between 1000 and 10,000 Twitter followers- the cryosphere is just getting to know them.

Under-the-Radar Crypto Enthusiasts You Should Follow

1. Philakone

Philakone is a Canadian crypto follower with almost 10k followers on Twitter. This guy loves crypto-just as much as he loves Jennifer Lawrence (not that she has anything to do with crypto). His strongest skills are scalp trading, Elliot Wave signals, and RSI.

This humble trader started by making big calls on crypto signals that many people thought were foolish amateur moves, but they turned out spot on. As you can view from his profile, his primary goal is to help others succeed.

2. Oscar Williams-Grut

Oscar is a top-grade reporter who has worked for London Evening Standard and various independent newspapers covering stories around cryptocurrencies, retail, fintech, and stock markets. Currently, he is one of Business insider’s senior reporter covering crypto assets.

Just to give you a clear picture of why Williams is worth following, he covers interesting topics such as pump and dump, trading tips from old hand hedge fund managers and even points out scam projects. His research skills are so sharp such that he is able to inform you that Google banned crypto-related adverts yet they still show up. He is an eye opener you need to keep in your Twitter list of followers.

3. Chris DeRose

If blockchain is a religion, then Chris is one of its hardcore evangelists. He spends a better part of his day writing, tweeting and retweeting posts related to Bitcoin and the blockchain in general. If you are new to the crypto world, Chris’ sentiments can help you understand how this little (for now) crypto corner of the world functions.

4. Ned Scott

You will always hear about Dan Larimer, but very few crypto followers are familiar with Ned Scott. He collaborated with Larimer to form Steemit, a blockchain and cryptocurrency platform where authors monetize their content. Ned is also the brains behind SMT (Smart Media Tokens), and before all these, he worked at Gellert Global Group as an analyst.

5. Kris Marszalek

Despite being the CEO and co-creator of Monaco- a crypto payment platform with a cryptocurrency that is going for $7, Kris is still one of those under the radar crypto individuals to tag alongside. Their coin’s mission is to get cryptocurrencies supported by almost every wallet. Kris is an accomplished entrepreneur as well, and by following him, he might just rub that effect on you.

6. Crypto sky

Age is just but a number not only in love affairs but the crypto world as well. One of those young blood that deserves a pat on the back is this 18-year old known as the Crypto Sky. This kid’s mission is to empower his followers with crypto knowledge via podcasts found on his website and Twitter page.


In his podcasts, Crypto Sky interviews established crypto gurus like CryptoDonAlt, Mr. Backwards, and CryptOrangutan. Basically, this young cryptocurrency trader cum investor is a hosepipe through which experienced traders spew out their wisdom.

7. RentARocker

Some of the less vocal crypto enthusiasts but when they speak, only the facts are laid out. RentARocker can come off as an advisor, but he is a hodler at best. So how can you benefit from following him? Well, the guy Tweets and retweets the truth-something that is become scarce in the crypto space where everyone touts their projects as the best.

One thing that this Rockstar explorer keeps reminding his followers is that they should always do their own research and not take anyone’s advice at face value.

8. Silver Watchdog

Do you love charts and graphs? Or even better, do you have a problem drawing or decoding forex and cryptocurrency charts? Well, by following Silver Watchdog, your problem might just get a solution. This crypto lover is also good at pointing out suspicious ICOs and crypto projects.

9. CryptoRae

Another chart freak that helps his followers understand price movements especially when it comes to correlation. If you take CryptoRae’s advice seriously, you could be on your way to becoming an independent trader-not the one that waits for trading signals from established trader but rather the one that charts his way to accurate conclusions.

10. Hodlcrypto

You can tell someone is an expert at what they do by the number of followers they gain over the years. Hodlcrypto joined Twitter in late 2017 and hardly a year down the line, he’s got over 8000 followers. He is an artist and propagandist who spends all his time entertaining and educating crypto followers. If you love cryptocurrency but still need someone to refresh your faith over and over, follow this hodler.

11. FOMO₿Y

If you love people explaining concepts to you in video format and artworks rather than the mundane articles, FOMOBYDICK is the person to follow. He’s got a unique way of describing cryptocurrency events in an entertaining manner. His page has countless memes, videos, and retweets about John McAfee. As someone who’s been around for long, this guy’s wisdom may be worth tapping into.

12. Piece Of The Py

Still under the radar but those who follow Piece Of The Py get the chance to learn some tips that can help them get a piece of the wonderful and disruptive cryptocurrency. Like FOMOBYDICK, this intelligent lady informs through videos.

Named one of the top 10 women in the cryptocurrency space by ICO Journal, you should follow this lady for more informed crypto video tutorials.

13. The Juice

Although he joined Twitter in September 2017, The Juice’s already has 10k followers behind him, and he doesn’t give a damn about that, he appreciates his supporters for making that happen. As a crypto trader and miner who sometimes makes memes and gifs, The Juice is really at the top of his game. He normally gives general trading advice, rules to observe, mining tips, and lets his followers in on worthy ICOs to back up.  

14. CVM

If you are still wet behind the ears and are afraid of cryptocurrency tides taking you in all directions, you need to stay close to CVM. He’ll teach you all there is to crypto investing from the benefits of cryptocurrencies to things like private keys and even the individuals to follow. As a believer of time-tested methods, don’t expect get-rich-quick ideas from CVM. To him, the road to greatness is simply an addition to those small steps you make.

15. Luis Buenaventura

Luis is a Cartoonist whos spends most of his time illustrating ideas using graphic works. He is also the founder of BloomXorg, a crypto platform with a goal of connecting neighborhood moneychangers to the Stellar blockchain. He also teaches people how to use cryptocurrency safely.

16. Crypto Collective

This is a group of individuals with a vast collection of knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general. They are a reliable source to anyone looking for pre/ post-ICO guidance and Masternode training. Once in a while, Crypto Collective do retweet trading and cryptocurrency investment ideas from other experienced crypto followers.

17. Ðogecoin Millionaire (The Ðogedanoff Affair)

Do you trust in Dogecoin more than the dollar? Looking for some tips to succeed in trading or hodling this digital asset? If you answered yes to the questions above, then you must follow Ðogecoin Millionaire. They discuss other cryptocurrencies as well.

18. Altcoin Thoreau

This crypto enthusiast may not be under the radar for long considering he joined Twitter late last year and now has 10k plus followers. He is a versatile crypto trader and together with other individuals, they provide trading signals, charting and other services to other folks through Walden-a private Discord channel.

Altcoin Thoreau also writes about cryptocurrencies on Medium to help his followers get adequately informed.

19. Decentrl Agency

This is a consultancy firm that deals with marketing and strategy for blockchain tech companies. If you own a company that wants to implement blockchain, you will benefit more from Decentrl Agency than other ordinary crypto individuals. Blockchain students can also profit from various mentoring sessions they hold on a regular basis.

20. Cécile Baird

Cécile is an old hand in the cryptocurrency community. She’s got over 5 years of experience creating, supervising and marketing blockchain ventures. Baird’s recent projects include Blockchain For Good and Decentrl Agency reviewed above. So if you are running a blockchain for the first time or need to keep yourself up-to-date with the market changes, follow this lady.

21. BlockchainProf

BlockchainProf is exactly what his name says-a first-rate blockchain engineer with over 4 years of experience. So if you are struggling with blockchain projects or just need to be close to people who can respond quickly to your problems in DM, follow this engineer. Once in a while, he weighs down on issues affecting cryptocurrencies.

22. I Can Haz Crypto?!

I Can Haz Crypto is a bitcoin maximalist who specializes in crypto design, marketing, web design, and printing. Besides always reminding his followers to buy the f*cking dip (BTFD), this guy Tweets about every new ICO or cryptocurrency that is coming out. He may be one of the less common crypto individuals but following him can help you spot new projects to invest in.

23. ⚡️Crypto Euclid ⚡️ [Zen AF

Crypto Euclid is a fan of those who enjoy listening to podcasts. His tutorials talk about wonderful and amazing projects such as Litecoin, Monero, and other altcoins. He also retweets blockchain topics from other influential Twitteratis as well.


Viking is an artist, a curator and a designer at Bitcoingallery.art-a site he owns that distributes cryptocurrency art to crypto lovers. Besides selling precious artefacts, he also talks about the difference between various cryptocurrencies, their relevance and whether you should HODL them or not.

25. Coin Boys

Explaining the concept behind cryptocurrencies to an individual with zero programming or computer science knowledge is an uphill task. Thankfully, Coin boys have made that easy by teaching the fundamentals of crypto coin in a podcast for easier understanding. Daily news articles are also converted into podcasts and uploaded to iTunes or SoundCloud for followers to listen to.

26. Cryptokita

Cryptokita is a data scientist who focuses on meaningful data visualization. She joined Twitter in February 2018 and already has over 7000 Twitter followers. Drawing and interpreting charts and patterns may be hard, but when you follow Cryptokita, chances are high you may learn to do this well yourself.

The bottom line

These crypto enthusiasts can be resourceful especially in circumstances where you need an immediate response to your question.

Most of them are easily approachable and can deliver just as exceptional results as the famous one at the top. For easy learning, make sure to select only a few experts; don’t follow everyone. A huge number of followers will make it a hard task to read all the posts published.

Pro tip: Try creating a Twitter list with your ones you consider the best- that’s how I follow all of my favorite ones.

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