Kasse Hardware Wallet Review: Cryptocurrency Vault from Hyundai Pay

Kasse is a German word which means “small vault”. It is also a cryptocurrency hardware wallet developed by Hyundai Pay as a competitor to the more well known Ledger Nano S and Trezor hardware wallets.

The Kasse Hardware Wallet was designed to be your cryptocurrency vault, giving you the ability to put your cryptocurrencies into cold storage using a device that’s no bigger than a USB drive. The Kasse will secure your cryptocurrency assets using bank security grade hardware.

You buy a hardware wallet to keep your cryptocurrency safe from bad actors, right?

The primary purpose of the Kasse wallet, and the reason it was developed, is to ensure that no third party can access, view, hold or spend any of the private keys stored on the device.

The wallet was developed by Hyundai Pay, a South Korean blockchain based FinTech company that is also involved in the creation if Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, IoT device manufacture, automobile manufacture, and the development and manufacture of consumer electronics.

The Kasse Hardware Wallet App

The Kasse hardware wallet comes with a compatible app that allows users to easily store their cryptocurrencies on the hardware wallet. In addition to ease of use, the app also allows for security and convenience, and can also be used to securely send and receive supported cryptocurrencies.

The application is currently available for both Windows and Mac OS X in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. There are plans for a Linux version to be released, as well as mobile versions for both Android and iOS.

The Kasse app maintains security of the private keys by requiring the user to interact physically with the hardware wallet to conform transactions made in the app. This ensures that no one can generate transactions unless they also have physical control of the hardware wallet.

In addition, a PIN code must be physically input into the wallet, avoiding the possibility of an attack on the PC enabling theft of your digital assets.

Kasse Hardware Wallet Review: Features

The Kasse wallet comes with a number of features that make it an attractive choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are serious about the security of their private keys.

Let’s have a closer look at some of these features:

Multiple Cryptocurrency Support
The Kasse hardware wallet currently has support for ten different cryptocurrencies, with more being planned to be added. The current wallet supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Dash (DASH), Litecoin (LTC), Qtum(QTUM), Ripple (XRP), Zcash (ZEC). Additionally, the wallet supports nearly all of the ERC-20 compatible tokens.

BIP39 Universal Compatibility
You can use your Kasse hardware wallet to import, export and generate wallets for any BIP39 compliant wallets, such as passphrase, and 12-24 seed wallets.

Dual-Chip Hardware Configuration
The Kasse hardware wallet was designed with a complex dual-chip configuration that stores the private keys inside a CC EAL5+ certified secure environment. This environment also features a AIS-31 class PTG.2 compliant true random number generator. In other words, your private keys are as secure as possible using current technology.

Secondary Secure Chip
The secondary secure chip is locked by a user-generated PIN and keeps assets secure against the hreat of hackers and other malicious attempts to steal a user’s private keys. The secondary secure chip keeps the device immune from all types of malware, as well as securing it against viruses, hackers and key loggers.

Kasse Hardware Wallet Review: Setup

When you receive our Kasse hardware wallet the box will contain the HK-1000 hardware wallet itself, as well as a USB cable, a nylon lanyard, a user manual, and a blank recovery sheet for recording your recovery phrase.

To setup the wallet for use you first need to download the appropriate software client from the Kasse website. They recommend downloading and installing the software without connecting your Kasse hardware wallet.

Once the software is installed you can plug in the Kasse wallet and begin setting up your secure wallet.

Kasse Hardware Wallet Review: Benefits

One of the first benefits is the multiple cryptocurrencies supported by the Kasse wallet. Not only can you store up to 10 currencies at the same time, you can also add any of the ERC-20 compatible tokens as well. This makes the Kasse very convenient for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are also worried about the security of their holdings.

Because the Kasse hardware wallet uses the BIP39 standard, it is compatible with other BIP39 wallets and either passphrase or 12-24 word seed generation is supported. This allows for the import and export of a seed, and more importantly it allows for the backup of the wallet, and restoration of your wallet if something ever happened to the Kasse.

Kasse is imminently secure, using dual chip architecture and personal PIN codes to prevent the theft or loss of any cryptocurrencies held in the wallet.

Finally, the Kasse hardware wallet is convenient since it not only allows for secure storage, it also allows users to easily send and receive cryptocurrencies securely, all in one wallet.

Kasse Hardware Wallet Review: Conclusion

If you’ve been shopping for a hardware wallet solution, the Kasse wallet is secure and multi-featured. It may not be as popular as other hardware wallet solutions, but it is fairly new, and is gaining more widespread acceptance.

The dual chip architecture helps keep the wallet secure, and the use of BIP39 means you can always backup and restore your wallet.

Priced at $89 in the U.S. it’s an affordable way to ensure the security of your crypto assets.

Kasse Wallet Rating: 4.0 - Review by