The Best ICOS to Watch Out for in Q3 2018

If you are an adept cryptocurrency enthusiast, then you would know that ICOs provide one of the best avenues to make a good amount of money within a very short time span. Established projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top altcoins are only attractive for long-term investment.

The proliferation of initial coin offering projects in 2018 led to the rise of scam deals resulting in many people losing their money.

Consequently, several major online companies were forced to pull the plug on all ICOs and cryptocurrency-related ads. Well, the good news is, there are still a couple of ICOs out there which are worth investing in.

But, here’s what I have to say to a newbie and an experienced investor alike- investing is a risky activity, a lot like gambling; only invest what you’re willing to lose.

Without any further ado, let’s talk about the best ICOs in 2018.

The 30 Best ICOs in 2018

  1. Neonexchange (NEX)

The one reason why NEX is so hot right now is that of the promise to introduce an NEO-based decentralized exchange.

Hackers are becoming good at their skill, but it seems centralized exchanges haven’t learned anything from the Mt Gox issue. Exchanges getting hacked are becoming a norm, and this could be chasing some people out of the crypto community.

With all the robust features of decentralized systems, NEX is destined to become the go-to exchange for crypto investors particularly those who have suffered at the hands of insecure platforms like Coincheck, Bithumb, and Conrail.

The token sale was expected to happen in June, but the exact date is yet to be announced.

2. Ubex

best ICOs in 2018

Ubex is a decentralized advertising exchange whose goal is to streamline online advertising. Their platform intends to automate advertisers’ activities and allow publishers to tokenize their ad slots.

Above all, the network removes the need for middlemen, and hence all the involved parties will be able to earn more from their efforts.

Digital advertising is still heavily controlled by the likes of Google and Facebook. Since Ubex gives power back to the real dealers, the trust will be restored, and more people will join the bandwagon thus increasing the value of Uber tokens.

The ICO started in May and will run until August 13th, 2018 14:00 UTC.

3. Elysian

Elysian is a decentralized platform that allows e-commerce stores to be built on the blockchain. The project is a team effort of established ecommerce and cryptocurrency specialists.

The purpose of this network is to secure customer data and e-commerce transactions through cryptographic algorithms available on the blockchain.

Other things like faster delivery and identity theft protection that come with Elysian will mark the beginning of a new, secure e-commerce business model.

The platform’s ICO project is among the top rated and has already attained its hard cap, but it’s running until July 9th.

4. Bethereum

This is a social betting platform that is built on the blockchain. As a decentralized technology, they aim to solve some of the structural challenges facing the betting industry as well as increase participation through gamification.

The platform aims to allow users a chance to bet on many activities and not just sports.

The team behind Bethereum is capable, and they have a track record of building startups that perform well. This could be the reason why this ICO has a good rating on most ICO review websites.

Their presale ICO target has already been achieved, but the main sale kicked off on 28th July and is to end on 31st July.


FTEC is a platform that uses intelligence services and neural networks to help traders execute profitable cryptocurrency moves. Currently, many exchanges offer very little assistance to new traders, and even their demos only provide a glimpse of the real thing.

FTEC comes with tools that both beginners and established traders can use to minimize losses.  Some of the resources available include latest market trends, trading strategies, broad databases and smart trading systems.

Since the crypto community is only beginning to expand, this makes FTEC one of the best projects to invest in as new traders will only pick them over other conventional platforms. Their ICO sale started on June 20th and will end on July 18th.

6. Vernam

Vernam is placing itself to become one of the best blockchain based insurance platforms. Through the smart contract, individuals who find themselves in a pickle are compensated through VRN tokens (the platform’s native cryptocurrency).

Well, here is the juicy stuff; since there are no middlemen (brokers), all policies will have zero commissions.

Blockchain-based insurance is on the rise, and since Vernam is one of the forerunners, it’s poised to benefit greatly.

Why choose this ICO?

A knowledgeable team, realistic roadmap, and relevant partnerships. The ICO sale runs from August 20th to September 20th.

7. Buddy

Buddy is a decentralized automation platform whose core mission is to reduce developer’s load by offloading anything that can be automated so these experts can use that time to do other important duties.

At the moment, this platform serves over 7000 developers across the globe. This project’s solid partners include Microsoft, Amazon, Docker, Github, and Google.

This decentralized platform has ties to powerful companies, their team is made up of talented individuals, and their advisory board is pretty expansive and currently houses more than ten experts. This means Buddy’s ICO and project are destined to do well.

The ICO presale is running and will end on July 15th. The main sale will take place between August 1st and October 29th.

8. Bitscreener

This is a blockchain-based financial data and content platform with over 1.2 million active users. This data screener can track over 5500 crypto trading pairs, harvest real-time data from over 100 exchanges and provide real-time volume and price alerts via mobile devices.

Like other sophisticated tools out there, Bitscreener also offers advanced charting as well as technical analysis. Given Bitscreener’s wealth of financial data, its ICO is going to be on the radar of most serial cryptocurrency followers. The platform’s ICO is already up and running till July 20th.

9. Quadrant

Quadrant is an app whose goal is to map decentralized data. Data is more like space-chaotic and without explicit boundaries. This is a huge problem for Big Data and other companies since it’s not possible to utilize data whose authenticity is unknown. With quadrant in place, one can trace the origin of data before using it.

Big Data is a huge topic right now, and markets such as supply chain are looking for ways to keep tabs on information flow and provenance.

This means Quadrant will likely get much hype amongst data enthusiasts resulting in massive sales. The project’s ICO took off on 26th June and will end on 26th July.

10. Phoneum

Cryptocurrency mining is a very lucrative activity, but unfortunately, only a few people can afford mining kits. To cater to the needs of those with less capital for mining ASICS, Phoneum is now introducing a mobile app for mining so anyone with a smartphone can partake in maintaining digital ledgers.

The app comes with a built-in miner, crypto wallet as well as personal transaction history. Thanks to its simplicity, Phoneum is likely to get massive adoption. The ICO sale kicked off on June 27th and will end on July 27th.

11. Etheal

ETheal is a blockchain-based global healthcare platform. Like supply chain, healthcare system lacks accurate and secure data storage systems, and data sharing is still a problem. As medical care facilities establish themselves on the blockchain, systems like ETheal are destined to attract a huge number of followers.

This project will focus on user experience and simplify everything so those who are new to the crypto world can tag along. Their ICO took off on June 25th and will end on July 22nd.

12. Find.Exchange


Find.Exchange is a blockchain-based aggregator and search engine tool that compares various exchanges, crypto/fiat pairs to help its users find the best international money transfer offers. Simply put, by comparing various entities, this platform will help people save money.

Why is it a big deal?

Because its services not only appeal to crypto fans but other individuals as well. Private token sale begun on June but the main ICO sale date is yet to be announced.

13. Universal labs

There are already personal cloud services, but the issue is they are centralized and hence not really individually owned. Universal Labs is introducing cloud services on the blockchain for improved security. Each person in this ecosystem will have complete control over their files and at affordable prices.

Many companies out there offer reliable cloud services, but their fees are a little high for premium storage.

With pocket-friendly rates in place, Universal Labs is likely to become the number one platform for secure cloud storage. This is a product that is likely to get the support of all individuals-crypto and non-crypto fans. Their main ICO sale is yet to get a date.

14. BitNautic

The beauty of blockchain contracts is that they cannot be faked, edited or deleted. Thanks to BitNautic, the shipping world can now sign contracts on the blockchain.

Their tracking system will allow customers to see the current status or location of their goods and all other details in real time. By cutting out brokers, a lot of money will be saved and perhaps utilize to drive other business projects.

The shipping industry is worth billions and employs millions of individuals. This means a disruptive invention like BitNautic is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention from industry stakeholders and lead to a successful launch.

Its ICO sale started on July 1st and will conclude on 30th July.

15. COTI

COTI(Currency of The Internet) is a Fintech brand that developed an assurance protocol called the Trust Chain. This protocol is meant to address issues plaguing the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The platform will ensure full-buyer/seller protection, low-to-zero fees and introduce a fully decentralized mediation system. Their goal is also to become an alternative digital currency to big brands like Paypal, Mastercard, and VISA.

COTI’s ICO will be a hotcake amongst crypto fans as it introduces a tech that will see mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Similarly, the team behind it is made up of top management officials, the blockchain, and marketing experts.

Its ICO will run from August 15th to September 1st.

16. Baanx


Baanx is a decentralized mobile crypto bank platform whose core mission is to ensure blockchain and cryptocurrencies are used in our day to day transactions.

Through Faster Payment Service, this platform will enable same-day fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat transfers with no trading limit. The project is owned by Baanx Group brands based in London.

This project is sponsored by companies with adequate financial experience and the fact that it plans to propel mass adoption of crypto platforms makes it one of the most targeted ICOs of 2018. The main sale kicked off in May and will end on 21st July.

17. Lapo blockchain


Lapo Blockchain introduces a revolutionary cryptocurrency that exhibits faster transactions, low volatility and a satisfactory level of security.

Since most cryptocurrencies don’t possess all these features, Lapo may take the top position as the most stable payment channel for online transactions. The sale of this ICO project started on June 15th and will end on September 1st.

18. Beat


Sports and health data has been lying around idle, yet some companies need it for observation. Welcome to Beat, a blockchain app that lets you share your health and sports data in exchange for the Beat cryptocurrency.

When you share your info, you don’t lose control over it.

This project may not be as big as Bitcoin, but it could have a larger population of supporters. How many people own sport and health devices?


And soon many of us are going to buy them. Rather than let that data go to waste, many people are going to exchange it for Beat. Their ICO sale began on 31st March and will conclude on July 15th.

19. Nauticus


This is a blockchain technology that provides efficient, user-friendly and secure crypto banking payments and e-commerce services.

The platform will allow smooth exchange between crypto to fiat and vice –versa without charging too much in fees. Nauticus exchange is regulated in Australia but accepts users from all the corners of the world.

Nauticus is a decentralized exchange and hence quit secure against hacking. This is one of its major selling points.

Their main ICO sale started on 31st March and will end on 18th July.

20. Viva


Viva is a peer-to-peer home loan financing platform. Rather than banks intercepting transactions, charging interest and deciding mortgage rates, this platform links individuals directly with financiers resulting in an affordable mortgage loan.

Viva offers exactly what most individuals are looking for, and this makes it one of the best ICOs to invest in. Its ICO sale will end on 16th July.

21. Datareum


This is a blockchain-based marketplace for data. The platform gives each person, group or company control over their data so they can securely sell it to anyone they want. This network will only be made up of two parties; data requesters and data providers.

Since this platform appeals to big data, their ICO is likely to attract the attention of many investors. Their main ICO sale will conclude on July 18th.

22. Datablockchain


This platform merges Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and blockchain to improve accessibility to premium data. By democratizing data, this will make it more available but at a lower price than what conventional platforms would charge.

All the world’s data from digital advertising, government records, health records, property data to credit bureau data will be available for use thus minimizing inefficiencies available in current data storage systems.

Datablockchain has a revolutionary idea, and this could attract investors from various industries to take part in its ICO which will end on July 21st.

23. Loyakk VEGA


Loyakk VEGA is a blockchain powered platform that fosters B2B engagement. Currently, B2B companies are plagued by issues such as poor data reconciliation, IP theft, and slow contract execution.

Loyakk will pull as many B2B businesses into the same loop to allow easy and secure file sharing while reducing operational costs.

This project has a powerful idea and judging the massive attention B2B companies are getting, its ICO and final product are likely to receive massive support from both crypto and B2B players. The main sale will end on July 22nd.

24. Etherisc


Blockchain insurance is a rapidly growing concept, and many companies have already launched their pilot programs.

Etherisc plans to build an open-source protocol so insurance apps can be built on it. With this insurance in place, clients can receive payouts in a short time and at a very small fee.

As a blockchain-based financial platform with a talented team behind it, Etherisc could get favored by many VCs, insurance moguls, crypto fans, and other individuals. Its ICO started on 25th June and will end on July 23rd.

25. Trustabit

This is a blockchain powered flight service that automatically compensates customers with a voucher when their flights have been cancelled or delayed.

Rather than the airline disrupting its activities to do this, Trustabit will use smart contracts to reimburse all the affected clients in a timely manner before they pour their frustration on social media.

Any airline that pays its clients for discomfort caused will win their loyalty and avoid losing them to competitors.

Trustabit’s idea is revolutionary and will help airlines keep most of their customers. Its ICO will definitely get the attention of angel investors, VCs and other individuals who often invest in ICOs that aim to solve real-world problems. This project’s main sale started on 25th May and will end on 25th August.

26. GSCP Blockshipping

Block shipping is a blockchain platform whose aim is to provide a registry for shipping container companies. Industry players will be able to execute all transactions related to the cargo including real-time tracking of their location.

The project will also help to reduce CO2 emission and improve shipping security.

The shipping industry is worth billions, and many investors have already shown immense interest in promoting this niche.

Blockshipping has already received private funding but to accelerate product development, they had to conduct an ICO which took off on May 14. The due date has not yet been announced.

27. MUXE

Real estate is one of the biggest markets where millions of dollars change hands daily. MUXE is strategically positioning itself as the go-to platform for all real estate needs. On this platform, you can rent, buy or sell properties to anyone anywhere.

You can even look around for maintenance experts to spruce up your interior.

By eliminating untrustworthy intermediaries and saving buyers and sellers from exorbitant fees, MUXE is solving some of the problems that discourage individuals from dealing with real estate agents.

If marketing is done well, crypto and real estate fanatics are likely to overhype this platform resulting in massive sales. The main ICO sale began on 5th June and will end on 5th October.

28. Dimensions Network

This is a platform that will allow individuals to trade cryptocurrency, coin pairs, Futures, Options and advanced derivatives. The exchange will also serve as an aggregator by allowing traders to find the best coin prices without having to sign any form.

Once up and running, Dimension Network will offer decentralized services so traders don’t have to worry about losing their data or coins to hackers.

This project directly serves the cryptocurrency community and therefore, it has higher chances of getting an endorsement from most industry players. Its ICO sale started on 28th June and will end on 28th July.

29. Papyrus

Papyrus is a scalable blockchain technology for digital advertising. Some of the problems it aims at solving include lack of transparency along the supply chain, brand safety issues, fraud traffic, and excessive middleman cuts.

This platform’s decentralized nature means most deals will be executed through smart contracts thus restoring trust in the digital advertising market.

Since Papyrus is one of the most anticipated blockchain projects, its ICO is hot, and any early investor can be assured of attractive returns.


Transacting with digital money can be very frightening in this age where double spending and hacks are prevalent. Thanks to platforms like Incremint, it’s now possible to send or receive digital funds in a trustless market.

Incremint is a multipurpose escrow platform that supports any financial activity from crowdfunding to buying and selling goods. However, since it employs smart contracts, the conditions in place must be fulfilled in order for money to be released.

Smart Contracts is one of the most sorts after features of the blockchain.

This makes Incremint a valid invention that could attract the attention of venture capitalists and other investors in a bid to support its ICO which will end on 31st August.

Bottom line

ICOs can be very lucrative to invest in especially for early contributors. However, they carry a huge risk.

Scam projects aside, a larger percentage of ICOs fail to make profits for early investors and some even fail to achieve half of their milestone’s goals. Since the companies and ideas around digital tokens are still new, it can be a daunting task to locate worthy ICOs.

While this article provides you with a list of potential ICO projects, it’s imperative that you research further about any project (including the team members) before investing with your hard-earned cash.

Good luck on your crypto journey. Would you like to add any other ICOs with huge potential?

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