GiveCrypto Review – An Online Cryptocurrency Donation Platform

With the continuing progression of technology, we have reached a fascinating age where the digital world has enabled us to better serve the physical one. The ability to crowdfund online has led to projects obtaining funding that otherwise would have been dead in the water, showing the world that when we care about a dream, we find ways to make it come to fruition.

From a kitten card game to a movie production, the success stories of internet crowdfunding are far too many to count. However, the popularity of crowdfunding does not only apply to commercial fundraisers but even to charitable causes, as noticed with the website On users can propose a cause which other users can donate to – be it a personal emergency or a non-profit in need of support.

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An Ethical Way to Sell NFTs as an Artist

This is a guest post by @justgoscha

Using NFTs to get some income as an artist is pretty daunting. What’s added on top is the heavy pushback from some of the art community online. In the following write up, I want to discuss some of the controversies surrounding NFTs, and then provide an ethical way of how they can be used.

There might still be better ways, so I would be happy if you provide your thought-out opinions in response.

There are known controversies surrounding NFTs. People claiming, it’s a Ponzi scheme, or the destruction to the environment it causes. With claims as high as one NFT burns as much energy as a 1-family household in a month. Depending on the NFT platform and blockchain these concerns are valid.

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Metamask Review – Full Guide to the Most Popular Ethereum Wallet

Your very first prerequisite to getting around the world of cryptocurrencies will be a reliable and secure crypto wallet. To help you in this task, we give you this in-depth Meatamask review, with all the bells and whistles within. Here, you will learn about the basics of this crypto wallet, its main features, pros, and cons.

Additionally, we provide some best practices for storing and sending ERC-20 tokens and collectibles on this versatile wallet. And finally, you will learn how to add various other blockchains onto the wallet other than the Ethereum network. This includes two popular solutions; the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon (Matic).

Let’s get started with an overview of Metamask and a brief explanation of crypto wallets for those less familiar with the concept.

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What Is Ethereum – A Complete Guide to the #1 Smart Contract Platform

what is ethereum

If you have ever wanted to get an answer to the question “What is Ethereum?”, you couldn’t have come to a better place. This article delves deep into the basics of the #1 smart contract platform. It will attempt to give you a good understanding of the Ethereum blockchain and its cryptocurrency, ETH.

So, what’s the big deal behind Ethereum? Isn’t it just another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin? Well, not exactly. There are actually some good reasons behind the hype. Ethereum is much more than just a digital currency for transferring value over the internet. The second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap provides us with a worldwide supercomputer that developers can use to decentralize almost every industry known to man, starting with finances.

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The Complete Guide to Solana (SOL)

the ultimate guide to solana

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, it is common for tens and even hundreds of new projects to come and go without a trace. But in the midst of these fleeting entities, it is also not unusual for some real success stories to make their presence known.

One such cryptocurrency platform is Solana, which has established itself as the next big project of the industry. With the project’s scalability, speed, and overall capability being touted as some of its selling points, it is not unusual for anyone to take an interest in it.

So exactly what is Solana and what does it do? Fortunately, the answers are not hard to find. To help you hold a firm grasp over this rising star of blockchain, here’s a lowdown on everything about Solana.

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Best NFT marketplaces to buy, sell and trade digital collectibles

best nft marketplaces

Approximately every four years, the cryptocurrency market undergoes a bullish cycle. In 2021,  however, things are a bit different. While previous bullish markets could be linked to just a couple of events, a wide variety of factors have contributed to this price increase this time around.

Institutional interest in Bitcoin, the rise of DeFi, and skyrocketing meme coins are just a few that are worth mentioning. One major catalyst is the explosion of the NFT ecosystem and the digital collectibles market. NFT marketplaces have recorded volumes of $10.7 billion in Q3 2021 alone, which proves the success of this cryptocurrency niche.

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What Drives the Price of NFTs?

what drives the price of nfts

Unless you live under a rock, you have likely observed how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the internet by storm. Whether you spend your time scrolling Twitter or browsing through Facebook, it’s not uncommon to see a news article or a random comment mentioning NFT at least once a week.

But there are many reasons behind this popularity. For starters, these digital assets can represent any property, allow the easy transfer of ownership, and give you bragging rights for owning creations on the web.

Due to these factors, it’s not difficult to determine why NFTs have become such a powerhouse phenomenon across the web. But what still remains a mystery to many people is exactly how do you value an NFT after its creation.

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The Ultimate Guide to NFTs

the ultimate guide to nfts

Whether you regularly scroll through Twitter or simply keep up with the news, you must have come across the mention of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). To say that these digital assets are the talk of the town would not be wrong. In fact, you can also call them the current cryptocurrency sensation that has taken the world by storm.

But even when you see NFTs being mentioned at every corner of the web, not many descriptions are available for them alongside said statements. Some call them digital assets, while others label them as collectibles. In either case, it seems difficult to understand what is an NFT, how does it work, and what purpose does it serve in the first place.

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Is Bitcoin Legal? Legality of Bitcoin by Country

As cryptocurrencies grab more attention from the media and ordinary investors, and the market capitalization has climbed into the hundreds of billions of dollars, global regulators have had an increased interest in the growing sector.

This interest has affected the entire cryptocurrency market, but it has seen Bitcoin facing the most scrutiny as the oldest and most valuable cryptocurrency.

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What is a Bitcoin Hard Fork? Here’s What You Need to Know

Software development has used the term “forks” for a very long time as a way to describe a change in protocol, and since blockchain technology is based on software code it shouldn’t be surprising to know that this technical term is used in connection with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Because forks are fairly common we should understand what they are and why they occur, and the logical place to begin with our study of forks is with Bitcoin, since it was Bitcoin that started the cryptocurrency revolution.

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